Uuuh, my hand hurts so no more doodling for me today.

I went to visit my grandma yet i just couldn’t get these two out of my head, so i doodled a little more (also added some color to the previous one) 

 ANYWAY, more domestic Nyo!dennor.

In my head, the first one is when they started dating, one of their first dates maybe (Denmark totally wants to be holding hands)

In the second one they’ve been together for years and that’s just a normal morning, Den is ready for work, she’s waiting for her morning kiss but she’s standing between Nor and coffee. Bad idea. 

(I like to think Nor sleeps in underwear and sweaters and roams the house like that until she’s finally awake and ready to take a shower and get dressed.)

Bonus Norway trying to put on her sweater.

Ludwig has some serious trust issues about his government. He keeps a very close eye on everything and does all the work himself. Government corruption nearly destroyed everything, and it’s his personal job to keep it from happening again. It’s the thing that’s closest to his heart, the most precious part of him. So when he asks Gilbert if he wants to come work with him, it’s a heavy question.

Gilbert’s been out of work since forever and he’s itching for something to do, but joining Ludwig’s government is special, intimate. When he gives an answer it’s paired with a meaningful kiss and Ludwig lets him know there’s an empty office across from his own with a wide window and leather furniture. Gilbert gets the feeling that Ludwig has been thinking about this for awhile.

In celebration to this, heres a follower forever. ꒰´꒳`∗꒱

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There will be a second part to this its just my phone is going to die ahahh

 look at them! they’re so cute!

this appears to be part of a special event that’s taking place in somewhere called Namjatown. I’ve come across the place when I was in Ikebukuro (Tokyo), and it’s rather cat themed, so if you’re in the area, do give it a look! the event’s taking place from september 18 to november 8th, so a little in advance!

Look at Russia though…i’m imagining him go ‘nyan!’ as he raises his cute little arms <3

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.namco.co.jp/tp/namja/news/000547.html