B2 Monika (Romano x Fem!Germany)

A request from that cute meme of outfits….

It supposed to be only Monika with a wedding dress but I couldn’t resist….. Germano is one of my favorite OTPS and I couldn’t resist but draw Romano like the groom <3 <3. still, I like to design dresses, I think Monika looks really cute….

Male!Germany is so fucking confused….

Fun fact about Russian language - it has 3 genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. And it just so happens that most country names (especially the European ones) are feminine! In fact, out of the 8 “main characters” of Hetalia the only one with a masculine name is China (Китай)

so when i watched Hetalia with Russian subs i couldn’t stop imagining China as a harem anime protagonist %D

anonymous asked:

Squealling because i love your nyo!prussia?? Like she's so-- fleshed out and real?? And your hc for her. Omg. So much love.

thank youuuuuuuu!!!!! i think she’s growing on me too tbh. i never planned for this but!!! there you have it