here’s the video! 



I really loved Germany’s actor, the subtle care Germany’s actor added in (as small as the thumb rub was) was SO good. It’s no wonder Italy’s actor wasn’t afraid to fall because Germany’s actor was always going to catch him (honestly its amazing how they staged that so well, I can only imagine how the trust fall sessions before officially hitting the stage went) 

guys have i ever told you that this one time in class my teacher asked a question to which the answer was “sigmund freud” and i knew it so i proudly raised my hand but i accidentally blurted “sigmund freund” and that’s how obsessed i am with this sport

But imagine Spain seeing Germany let Italy drawing all these hearts on him so when he goes home he’s like “Romano you can draw on me if you want” and he gets so relaxed while Romano is drawing on him that he falls asleep and when he wakes up it’s just a bunch of dicks