[BAD BITCHES blares so loudly that you can feel each word in your teeth and you fucking love it. they have come to fist ass and destroy picts, and they’re all outta picts. The men on the uppermost picture can only stare in envy (and lust) as their female counterparts arrive to fuck shit up and look hella fine while doing it. this is the screen redraw to end all screen redraws]

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IT’S TIME FOR MORE DOODLY HEADCANONS WITH … ME.. water-you-wont-drink.. water? Donna! It’s time for headcanons with donna.

IN MY HEAD this is how their first date started, with Norway slamming the door on Denmark’s face, she never offered any explanation, like.. ever. (She was just really nervous.)

I’ll doodle their dates after they’ve been living together for years some other time. maybe tomorrow, who knows!

I love Nyo!Dennor with a passion.

Where do you work??

This is part 4/10 of the conversation unit, and today we are dealing with the workplace and professions!

Лікар/Доктор (likar/doktor) - Doctor
Вчитель/Учитель (vcheetel’/oocheetel’) - Teacher (I’ll explain the у/в prefix in a different lesson)
Фермер (fermer) - farmer
Солдат (soldat) - Soldier
Полісмен (poleesmen) - Policeman
Пастор (pastor) - Pastor
Касир (kaseer) - Cashier
Президент (prezeedent) - President (country or company)
В офісі (v ofeesee)
I can’t think of any more but If you’d like to know more leave me a message

Де ви працюєте? (De vee pratsyuyete) - where do you work?
Я.. (ya) - I’m a(n)
Я працює… - (ya pratsyuye) - I work as a (n)..
Ви маєте роботу? - (Vee mayete robotoo) - Do you have a job?
Так я маю - (tak ya mayu) - Yes I do
Я не маю - (ya ne mayu) - I don’t have (one)
If you want more sentences let me know which ones!