Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPdrawit

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags. For a chance to be featured, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal of last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPdrawit, was to make photos and videos that spring to life with your own original drawings. Each week, we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.


A chemise and two aprons

This type of costume can be found in many countries from the Balkans to the Baltic sea. Along with the chemise + one apron type, it is considered very archaic and is associated with the Slavic cultural influence and agricultural practices. There is evidence that it used to be more widespread in the past, but by the 19th and 20th centuries it had been replaced by other forms of dress in many regions.

Hetalia characters in middle school /highschool
  • <p><b>N. Italy:</b> The one who goes through a goth phase in junior high and surprises everyone in highschool when it's over because they're actually a sweetheart<p/><b>Germany:</b> The one who takes gym a bit too seriously<p/><b>Japan:</b> The really smart one everyone wants to be friends with since they're smart and do your homework for you<p/><b>Prussia:</b> The guy who was a big bully and picked on others constantly but ended up a loner in highschool<p/><b>America :</b> really popular kid who gained their popularity from bieng the class clown and picking on everyone who was considered a weirdo or a freak but realised they were an asshole when they went to highschool and made peace with everyone they bullied and became their friend<p/><b>England:</b> The edgy snowflake who thought they were better than everyone since they listened to the emo trinity and was into superwholock and were the only person in class to use tumblr<p/><b>France:</b> The kid who was obsessed with who liked who and dated a new person every week<p/><b>China:</b> The kid who was always playing video games smelled of dorritos and had mountain dew in their bloodstream<p/><b>Russia:</b> The kid who everyone was scared of and labelled a freak although they were really nice and all they wanted was to make friends<p/><b>Spain:</b> The kid who the "don't call anyone ugly in middleschool " meme was made for<p/><b>S.Italy:</b> Homestucker<p/><b>Hungary:</b> The stereotypical tomboy who hated everything girly but cleaned up their act in highschool and allowed themself to wear pink<p/><b>Austria:</b> The band geek who turned into a hot band geek in highschool<p/><b>Lithuania :</b> The really nice kid who nobody took interest in because they were too quiet so they had like one friend and two acquaintances and didn't deserve to put up with all this junior high bullshit<p/><b>Poland:</b> The horsegirl<p/><b>Canada:</b> The kid who was always absent so everyone forgot about them and were surprised to find them on the days they showed up<p/><b>Ukraine :</b> The girl who developed early and all the mean girls talked shit behind her back since they were jealous<p/><b>Belarus :</b> The kid who everyone was scared of since they hung out with highschool burn outs and had rumors spreading about them that they could kill a man with a toothbrush<p/></p>

There are two kinds of werewolves: some are born, who sometimes change into a wolf and join packs of the animals, and some are cursed - and then they stay in their animal form until someone recognizes them, and lifts the curse. People say, such a wolf will have his knees forward, like human, or that his reflection in the water will be of a human face.

If a pregnant woman sees a wolf, or eats meat of an animal killed by one, her child will be born a werewolf. Also, the child will be a wolf if a man sleeps with a woman the night before Sunday, and they have a male child. 

When the right moment comes, a werewolf turns his skin inside out, so he is a man on the inside, and a wolf on the outside. Sometimes, he can spend a whole month as one, and a month as the other one. 

If a man forgets God, a witch leats him to a hill top, sticks a knife into the ground, and tells the man to jump over it thrice. Then fur grows all over his body. When, after three years of being a wolf, such person is returned their human form, he can not be cursed that way a second time. 

A cursed werewolf will have his human form back if you lead him three times through a horse collar, or hit him three times with a rope made of straw, or take the skin off of him together with the fur, or cut a rope around his neck if he has one.