Hetalia Characters as Quotes from my Theatre Experiences

Italy: *plays out of tune guitar* “that was a c.”

Germany: “Make ballet masculine.”

Japan: “Salvation and greetings to you all.”

Romano: “Why are you holding a guitar it IS THE NEXT SCENE.”

Prussia: “Can I have some whiskey in this scene?”

Spain: “The first scene I’m in and I’m already stealing food.”

America: “Spoiler alert! You’re a nerd!”

Canada: “Spoiler alert! You read comics too.”

France: “You can call me daddy anything.”

England: “I’ve successfully broken into my own home.”

China: “Come check your boyfriend’s pants.”

Russia: “You may be wondering: where is my water bottle?”

Ukraine: “Removing your boobs? Okay.”

Belarus: “I do it to show dominance. Duh.”

Hungary: “ALPHA WOMAN.”

Austria: “I will pay you to stop playing We Are Number One.”

Pictures for some Project

So I have an animation project. So here are some pictures I drew

@ask-2p-italy-luciano-vargas‘s version of Chibitalia - This is N from Individuality. Kind of ironic in a way…

D for Individuality. Which is Dedication. I was trying to draw Nyotalia Italy.

@ask-florist-feliciano‘s character - U for Understanding! 

I think I have Italy problem..

@ask-cardverse-2pitaly-luciano‘s character and also my friends favourite character, Kongou from Kantai Collection. I literally love this and how it turned out

@askthe2pkingofhearts‘s character… I feel that he would feel kind of smug seeing that he represent ‘T’

Me and my friend in Irish colours, me being orange and my friend being my friend

  • Alaska: Dad, how was I born?
  • America: I saw this giant alien ship come from the sky and then got all the natural resources trees, ice, animals, and water it was taking off but it was malfunctioning and then drop something from the ground and flew off! I came to looked at what it drop and saw you wrapped up in a blanket. I was gonna pick you up but Russia was spying on me and got you before I can pick you up. I told Russia if we can make a deal and she said yes or да as she puts it and then I was able to keep you and that's it.
  • Alaska: ... Really? Because California told me you and mom were-