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ask-cosplayukraine-please  asked:

How many nations do you think you could bench press?

So far it’s five of my bros!!

My goal is that at some point I can lift all the members of The Bros


((Ah Oh my god it’s been so long! Sorry these are so terribly late, but here are the finished products from the Christmas event I posted about long ago;;

Thanks to everyone who submitted ships, and I hope to finish other Christmas-related asks and get back on track with this blog!

Ps since there were 2 rushun requests, heres another one I made a while back and never posted;))


{ Hetalia Icons | Nyo!Boys Appreciation }

Just a little thing to show my love for these awesome guys!
They definitely deserve more - come on, just look at them! They are gorgeous, aren’t they?

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Edit by me | Art by Hidekaz Himaruya

pokeperson12  asked:

Did you have yandere Headcanons for nyo! Ukraine? Thank you 😀

-Shy bean feels guilty

-Thinks you’re the greatest thing ever

-Paranoid that you're going to get hurt/ leave him

-Probably tries to flirt with you and runs away crying

-Probably leaves you food and secret admirer notes 

-Kidnaps you after a while when he works up the courage

-Apologies all the time

-You may be kidnapped but he treats you like royalty

-Tries to be charming and fails


-Wears loose pants because he is fucking giant, easily aroused, and shy about it

anonymous asked:

A normally monotone s/o laughing for the first time

Here we have a surprise third none of you ever expected to appear! :D

2p! England/Oliver:

  • No one really knows how this relationship works, with one person brightly cheerful and the other a monotonous believer of life
  • It does, and Oliver has many sweet things to say (though no one is quiet certain if it’s true or not as you comment in the background in the most dead sort of tone. Should they laugh? Is this real? What should they DO?! Just nod and smile, boys. Just nod and smile)
  • The one thing he has never spoken about is your laughter, it’s not out of a desire to keep it to himself. Honestly, he’s just never really heard you laugh before.
  • That’s why he is so beside himself with shock when you see someone walk straight into a stop sign and laugh.
  • It wasn’t any sort of weird, broken laughter that Allen always joked about. Nor that quiet hum that he has heard from Kuro once or twice.
  • It was an honest to God laugh.
  • Pure and unadulterated as your whole frame shook, lips pulled into a giant smile, and eyes almost glittering.
  • Oliver cried and begged for you to do it again so he can tape it and show it off to everyone (you quickly switched the video with a scripted, painful laughter and watched as Oliver gushed to confused and uncertain friends. Ah. Chaos.)

2p! Japan/ Kuro:

  • Kuro and you are a surprising power couple, or as Lutz likes to say it: “the freakishly silent, mysterious couple you just know are going to murder you and rule the world”
  • It might be the eyes. It might be the silent stare. It might also be the monotonous sort of voice you both seem to answer with and watch gleefully as people wonder if this is an odd joke or you both really are just that strange.
  • One day you laughed.
  • No one knew why, one moment there was blissful chatter and then laughter.
  • It was a pleasant sort of laugh. The sort of laugh that made one pause and want to join in, to feel that same warm filled feeling of joy only laughter can bring.
  • A beautiful laugh.
  • That still didn’t stop people from wanting to ignore that single moment for the rest of their lives, and wonder (on the days when they just couldn’t help but think) if it was just a nightmarish figure of their imagination when you glimmered with joy next to Kuro.
  • Obviously if you ever laughed that happily and prettily, it must be because something had gone right, but horribly wrong for the victim (Kuro refused to mention he was showing off funny dog videos).

Nyo! Ukraine/Taras:

  • This is a relationship most are puzzled about.
  • Taras is like an overgrown puppy. Absolutely adorable.
  • So it was quite strange to see a peaceful, sort of person next to someone so… monotone, just shades of grays, you are.
  • But Taras loved you dearly, even when some of your humor went straight over his head – uncertain if you were joking or being truthful. Sometimes he got it, sometimes he didn’t. It was a long game of “I’m going to believe this until I’m proven wrong by Google”
  • The one thing Google could not help with was the wonderful, happy feeling he got when you laughed.
  • The first time it happened it was because Taras had accidentally tripped over his younger brothers dog, Marshmallow, and ended up falling face first in a comical spin of try to catch yourself with everything and everyone before hitting the floor.
  • It was a pretty laugh, the sort of laugh he wanted to listen to all day as it lit up your face, the sun in the background haloing the crown of your head.
  • He loves hearing your laughter, especially if he was the one to cause it.

anonymous asked:

Baltic, plus nyo Belarus and nyo Ukraine, with a chubby s/o? ( if there's too many characters, just don't do Estonia)

Nope, that’s not too many characters.


-He doesn’t really care what your weight is, as long as you’re happy. Of course, he won’t deny that he likes the way you look, and he compliments you as often as he can. 


-He loves how soft and cuddly you are, which only makes him cling to you even more. You are his absolute favorite pillow, and bluntly states that he adores your body.


-He’s not as touchy-feely as the others, but he doesn’t shy away from you, and keeps an arm wrapped around you every time you go out. If asked, he’ll just say that he wouldn’t change a thing about you.

Nyo Belarus:

-He’ll still cling to you 24/7, and he tends to quietly run his hands over your plush body, mapping out every inch that you’ll allow him to touch. He buries his face in your neck and mutters that you’ll look beautiful standing next to him at the altar.

Nyo Ukraine:

-This man absolutely adores you, and lets you know with compliments and affection. He loves to pull you down on top of him so he can feel your weight against his body.