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prompt for linctavia: “we work out at the same gym and you always look super legit but i know you sing hannah montana in the shower and you know i know” au

This is my first time writing linctavia as the sole focus so I’m a little nervous about it, but I really hope you enjoy this. 

Octavia was sure of two things in her life. The first was that Bellamy Blake would do just about anything, the scary sort of anything, for her or Clarke in nearly any situation. The second was that Lincoln Trikru was one of the most physically fit nerds she has ever met. Also she was kinda in love with him, but she was positive he didn’t know that yet… or ever would for that matter.

Despite the fact that she had a wealth of knowledge on his life, she was sure he knew nothing about her. She met him for the first time after only a week of working out at Grounders Fitness (she agreed, the name needed work) when she walked past the men’s locker room to hear a gravelly voice singing loud enough to penetrate the walls.

The memory of Hannah Montana’s Best of Both World was also startlingly impressive.

Octavia loitered after that, standing by the bubbler for far too long as she waited for the singing to stop and a freshly laundered male to walk out of the door. Her curiosity had always gotten the best of her, and the mysterious closet-Hannah enthusiast was no exception. When he finally walked out, all bulking muscles and a composed mask of a face, he was by far the most beautiful mystery she had ever seen.

His gaze made her feel almost like it could burn right through her if he would just look long enough, and she wanted to make him just so she could feel his intensity focused solely on her. He nodded at her as he passed, throwing his gym bag over his shoulder like it was nothing, and walked out.

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