Approval from the Kiseki no Sedai.
  • Kagami:So... um... yeah, I called all of you here so all of you can help me.
  • Kise:I'd like to help, Kagamicchi, but if you kept on hesitating, we won't be able to finish until the sunrise.
  • Aomine:That's right. Hurry up and tell us.
  • Kagami:I'd like to date Kuroko... but knowing you guys had been close to him, maybe you can give out some tips for me?
  • Midorima:You called all of us for that?
  • Murasakibara:No snacks present, though. I'll head home now.
  • Kagami:Wait! Hold on! I beg of you! I really like Kuroko and I wish to date him! But knowing Kuroko is dense and oblivious to this kind of stuff, I bet he wouldn't take it that way.
  • Kise:If you knew that from the start, aren't you exaggerating? Kurokocchi is not dense, I hope?
  • Aomine:Just how stupid can you be, Kagami?
  • Kagami:Shut up!
  • Aomine:Oh-ho, don't talk to me like that or I won't help you to win Tetsu's heart.
  • Midorima:Stop it. You guys are embarrassing me.
  • Kise:Says the guy who brings his lucky item all the time... and today is a wall fan, huh?
  • Midorima:Cancer is first thus I brought this wall fan with me.
  • Kise:I really don't get you.
  • Akashi:Enough with that. Kagami Taiga, would you mind continuing?
  • Kagami:Uh, yeah... sure.
  • Midorima:You're calm as ever, Akashi.
  • Akashi:I do things in the right order and never panic upon the situation.
  • Aomine:Well, if Tetsu is our main topic, isn't it going to be hard?
  • Murasakibara:Kuro-chin never became popular because none of his classmate notice him. They thought he was a ghost.
  • Kise:Aha-ha! I remember that-ssu!
  • Midorima:Kagami, don't you think asking us is the most regretful?
  • Kagami:Huh?
  • Midorima:We are quite protective over Kuroko.
  • Akashi:Thus resulting us as Tetsuya's parents. I'm the father, just saying.
  • Midorima:Hold on, Akashi!
  • Aomine:Hey, Kagami, hey, don't forget, I'm the big brother of Tetsu.
  • Kise:I'm Kurokocchi's puppy-woof!
  • Kagami:...
  • Murasakibara:...
  • Kagami:W-well, Murasakibara seems the nor---
  • Murasakibara:Kuro-chin is the youngest, I'm the second child, Kagami.
  • Midorima:Wait!!
  • Akashi:So... Kagami Taiga... do you have wealth to bring happiness to my dear Tetsuya?
  • Aomine:Tetsu is such a rich brat and he has never dealt with poverty.
  • Kise:Woof! Woof-ssu!
  • Murasakibara:Kise-chin, bite Kagami!
  • Kise:Woof!
  • Kagami:Stop! Stop!
  • Midorima:Hold on a second!? What are we playing?!
  • Akashi:Don't you get it, Shintaro? We're playing Kiseki no House. I'm the father and you are the mother.
  • Kagami:That's a weird combination...
  • Midorima:Why am I the mother?
  • Akashi:I'm not allowing you to be the father because you are a Tsunderima.
  • Midorima:Stop!!! Even if I'm Tsundere, I can be a father!
  • Aomine:We don't really care whoever is the father, though.
  • Murasakibara:As long as the mother knows how to cook.
  • Midorima:I don't!
  • Kise:Now that you mentioned it, Akashicchi can cook.
  • Akashi:No! I'm not gonna be the mother! No heck no!
  • Aomine:Come back here, Akashi-oka-san!
  • Kise:Wooof~ Woof---sssuuuu!!!
  • Murasakibara:Uwah, Kise-chin, wait! You forgot your leash.
  • Kagami:....
  • Kuroko:Ah? Kagami-kun, it's unusual for you to be in this kind of place.
  • Kagami:Kuroko... Can I go to your place to ask your real parents about some important things?
  • Kuroko:Hah?

{ goddamn rock lovers }
  → for noijakupls i present your one and only bae

AU: Summer, Neighbors
Pairing: Kagami x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Words: 1552
A/N: Kagabae deserved a longer one (not rlly I just got really carried away), enjoy Mai!
WARNING: Profanity

Rhythmic, pulsing beats vibrated through your walls. Jesus. You glanced at your bedside clock as the red numbers blinked repeatedly, telling you that that goddamn rock lover next door was insane.

2:01 AM

You waited, one minute, then five, then thirty. He still didn’t switch off that goddamn thing. That’s it. You had to stop this nonsense. Shrugging on a thick robe over your thin pajamas, you marched down the stairs and to your neighbor next door.

As if it wasn’t bad enough already that your parents had decided to abandon you for the summer for their nth honeymoon, you had to face a neighbor who seemed to be obsessed with playing The Rolling Stones all night. Unbelievable. Could things get any worse? No, don’t ask that.

Knocking on the door, you waited for whoever the hell that was to come down and to shut off that music. You liked rock music to a certain extent but at 2 freaking AM? Seriously? Footsteps grew louder as whoever it was approached the door. The wooden door swung open to reveal a huge guy with red hair.

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like a fire

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: KiKasa
Words: 7546
Notes: this is v long and i am v sorry, but it was fun to write o h mygod. it was also supposed to be just a silly mayb 4 page thing but then it got sad and angsty and like quadrupled in size and i have absolutely no excuse for myself. title shamelessly nabbed from shinee. thanks guys.

Apparently, Kasamatsu cannot hold his liquor to save his life, and nobody thought it was a good idea to tell Kise. Not even when he was given the task of accompanying him home and had to keep his heart rate from skyrocketing while Kasamatsu openly flirted with him.

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