It wasn’t often that Nathalie found herself alone. Not that she welcomed it. Nathalie hated solitude. It left her with far too much free time for her mind to run wild with her. Instead of searching her mind for some unconsidered stressor, the Lady of Estrees decided to take a stroll through the gardens. Perhaps she’d run into someone. If she didn’t, she figured she could make her way to the kitchens to pester whatever poor soul she found for some apple fritters. She was hardly paying attention as she wandered – her eyes setting on a pair of chipmunks scurrying about. As she rounded a corner, she halted suddenly to avoid walking head first into someone coming toward her. Gotcha! she thought. “Forgive me,” she said, with a slight bow of her head and sidestep. “I’m afraid I wasn’t watching where I was going at all.”


do you like fics? do you enjoy talking about said fics with your peers as well as making life long friendships along the way? well this is just for you buddy ol pal. here at the larries fic rec club, we yanno read fics together and like talk about it. so if you wanna do that and it seems interesting to you and you wanna make some fic loving buddies, come join us :) thanks. 

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Hiked a total of 12 tough miles into the canyon in 100+ degree heat, slept in a very uncomfortable hammock, had a squirrel ruin and eat through my backpack and it was alllll worth it for this unreal view of the canyon and Colorado river.

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I’m almost over you. It’s been a long and tough journey but, I’m now half way through. I’m slowly accepting the reality that whatever I do, you won’t come back to me anymore. You found love, happiness and solace in someone else’s arms. And now, I became an unfamiliar warmth. I’m slowly detaching myself on the things that made me blind before. I’m learning to remove the excess baggage for me to walk faster. Memories make everything harder. Heavier. It makes me keep looking back to the place where you left me. It’s like a familiar voice that invites me to turn around and retrace my steps. Back to you. I’m learning how to walk again, without you. I’m starting to stop creating visions of you. Because it gives emotional pain to my heart whenever I see you. Whenever I remember you - your face, your scent, your laugh. I’m forcing myself to stop talking to you, in my mind. I’m telling to myself that I should not cry anymore and stop myself from missing you, thinking about you and loving you because you don’t care about me anymore and everything changed. Everything was damaged. I keep telling to myself that I can move on and forget you, even though it’s hard. Painful. Even though it keeps knocking me down. I can, I must. For the betterment, for myself. I’m almost there, almost.

If you’re a cool person (or at least your mom says you are) and you like 1d (when they’re not being lying assholes) then this is the groupchat for you!!!! We wanted to create a gc for people who love ot4 and can’t wait for them to come back. p>


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  • you’ll have a drama free place to talk about ot4 without idiots being like ‘lol one direction who? they broke up’ 
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  • people who will reblog the dumb stuff you post 
  • safe place for EVERYONE 
  • memes (cause who doesn’t love those) 
  • no sleep bc 1d never stops. ever. 

We’ll start picking people once there’s a lot of entries. If we pick you we’ll need your phone number and will message you if you’ve been picked. I hope we can choose you!!!