My rendition of the beautiful song Brothers from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. This was a very challenging song for me and took me a long time to record, and making the video was not easy. In the end I chose to include scenes from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, even though this song is from the original anime, because Brotherhood is my favourite by far and means a lot to me. Still, I think Brothers is such a lovely song! 

This song is for my beloved Ani <3

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i’d like to open a discussion about this scene in
fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

because im freaking stumped. i forgot this was even here. i thought i just somehow magically acquired the fact that bradley chose his wife. but as a fourth year film school student avoiding her screenwriting homework rn,
i need some help, man. because there’s so many layers to this
 my head is hurting. 

basic level: it’s a scene that shows bradley knows riza had a run in with selim, something he would know probs immediately and i guess should be addressed maybe? but kinda doesn’t have to be… …

hear me out: like wtf, let’s talk about bradley asking the lieutenant what he thinks of him. obviously, this scene makes bradley a more complex character, you know. you feel for him a little. maybe a part of him feels bad? but then he knows they’re gonna slit riza’s neck. so…he does not care. the Wrath part of him, the absolute majority of him, is evil. so why oh why are they even talking about this. finding out he picked his wife is sweet, super sweet. but why the heck would he tell riza this. and also we revisit this like once after this reveal. it’s not really a major plot point? so, why are they even talking, you know? on surface level it seems like a scene that should have been cut in pencil.

so here’s what im thinking:
Riza essentially says that everything she’s ever fought for is bust now. She’s a hostage. The Fuehrer’s family is fake. She can’t do her job and protect Mustang. She’s basically the reason the Colonel can’t fight back, which I’m sure she would hate with every bone in her body. So, I don’t know, like nuts and bolts she’s saying there is so much bad in the world my head’s going to explode. and all I hear is Bradley saying  well, there’s still love. 

so here’s the issue: i’m so bias. i’m a Royai nut. they have poisoned my brain in the best possible way. if i can write a pair that complex and incredible once day in my life, i could die happy right then and there. so, naturally, primed to hear royai in everything, I jump to the conclusion that this is what bradley is talking about. 

that’s all i get. like i can only hear that in this scene. so, I need a discussion. i feel like that may be a layer but what the heck is going on okay. it’s obviously significant or they wouldn’t have even drawn it. so, let’s talk about it
and maybe reassure me that it could be some way 
could be related to Royai

bc we love this story, 
and i think this is important
and fun to talk about???

and im procrastinating
also i have crippling perfectionism
i must understand

the smallest words (FMA, 3/3)

Okay, so I know I said that there were only two parts to this, but I unintentionally lied. I didn’t plan on writing a third, but then it was just begging for it and it didn’t feel concluded to me. I have to end on a happy note with this AU and it was really important to me that Aidan speak with both Riza and Roy. So yeah, here is the unexpected third installment to part one and part two.

we’ll give the world to you
the smallest words

The morning is as unforgiving as Aidan is. He wakes up the second the sun begins to light up the living room, despite having fallen asleep a mere five hours before, wide awake all things considered. Of course, no one else in the house is awake, even though he was the last to drift off, and so Aidan spends a few minutes contemplating on whether or not to try falling back asleep. It’s sorry attempt. He knows his own sleeping patterns and so falling asleep is out of the question, especially as his mind begins to run again.

Extricating himself from Ally is difficult, considering that she’s somehow not only to get his hand in a death grip but wrap herself around him. She gets cold when she sleeps and tries to find the easiest way to get warm. Apparently the son of the Flame Alchemist is a natural heater. Aidan manages to separate himself from her without waking her up and she tightly grips onto his pillow as he tiptoes off the mattress. After making sure she’s properly covered with the blanket, he leaves the living room in search of his clothes from the previous night. They’re in the dryer, just as he suspected Rebecca would put them, and he hastily switches Bran’s clothes for his own, putting the clothes he wore last night in a laundry bin.

Many people have remarked on what an excellent houseguest Aidan is. He’s so terribly polite, perhaps in fear that a person will reject him if he steps out of line. Aidan knows why that feeling comes over him now. He was rejected so often before in his childhood. He just wanted to make his mom happy.

By the time Uncle Havoc stumbles to the front door in full uniform, grumbling under his breath about the ridiculous hours the Fuhrer has to put in, Aidan is already sitting patiently by the door on top of a chest filled with winter coats. Havoc stops when he sees the young boy waiting for him, his hands dropping from fixing up his military jacket.

“Can I ride with you?” Aidan asks flatly, eyes focused on the front door rug.

Havoc smiles gamely. “Sure thing, bud. I’ll get your bike back to you tonight.”

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So I read Until Tomorrow by @rizascupcakes, and it’s an amazing young Royai fic that I would 10/10 reccommend. Here are the adorable young nerds.

a more recent doodle. still getting used to clip studio.

an idea from my “Greed Lives and Befriends Ed” AU. during their travels in the west, Ed and Greed have a run-in with Cretan (or some kind of) military and Ed is fatally wounded in the crossfire. without his alchemy, his only option to stay alive is to let Greed give him a drop of his stone and become part-homonculus.

it goes against his better judgement, but Ed’s more dedicated to his research here and promises to use the stone’s benefits for a good cause.

of course it comes with some interesting side effects, besides the regeneration and extended lifespan…