What would have happened if Hamilton had had access to social media XD

EDIT: Soooo I’m really floored that this has gotten so many notes! It’s kinda cool. I didn’t really expect my fifteen minutes of tumblr fame to be a 30 second crappy doodle I did for my fiancee who got me into Hamilton in the first place, hahah. Look, as far as the XKCD thing goes, neither she nor I actually read it nor had we ever seen that comic strip (well, I mean NOW we have, obvs). But yeah they made a similar joke in 2008, so i guess credit goes where credit is due…even though I truly and honestly had never seen that strip when I did this. It’s weirdly ironic that some people are calling me out for potential plagiarism when I’m a huge proponent of giving credit to artists??? But whatevs. :) Regardless of it all, I still think this is pretty funny, and its cool so many people do too. :)

I was attempting to organize my art folder and find my damn sketch files for my Fanime art project-omfg where the fuck did I save them to? and I came across stuff I’m 90% sure I haven’t posted before.

This was funny to me at the time I made it. I think.

I just got my spring order of professional inking tools from JetPens! I’ve got some old favorites and several new products to try out. JetPens offers a huge variety of pens for various purposes and inking styles, so I thought I’d review some of the ones I’m trying out in the hope that the feedback and test lines might help some other artists out when deciding what to order.

Inking Pen Reviews

Zig Mangaka 05

A quite substantial inflexible liner nib. You have to go over a line multiple times to get any kind of noticeable variation. Water-proof, Copic-proof

Zig Mangaka Flexible (F)

Same line of pens as the previous but this one is quite flexible. You can get a lot of line weight variance just with pressure. If you draw very very quickly, the trailing edge of the stoke can get a bit rough as you pull away. It’s sort of a cross between a brush and a felt tip. Water-proof, Copic-proof.

Zig CocoIro LetterPen SuperFine Brush

Stiffly flexible tip that gives an incredibly fine line. It’s so fine as to almost be invisible from a distance unless you apply substantial pressure or go over the lines multiple times. A bit scratchy for a brushtip. Not waterproof, semi-Copic-proof.

*Kuretake Pocketbrush Pen-Fine

This is one of my favorite pens! It’s a felt-type flexible nib that gives excellent line weight with variable pressure. You can pull a nice point on a tapering line. Good for lettering as well. Not waterproof, semi-Copic-proof.

*Kuretake Pocketbrush Pen-Extra Fine

Very similar to the previous brush but with a much smaller tip that gives a much finer line. I personally like this one a little better than the CocoIro for superfine work. A little stiffer, but stiff very responsive to pressure. Good for detail or background linework. Not waterproof, semi-Copic-proof.

Kuretake No. 14 Pocketbrush –Hard

Large brush tip that is quite squishy. Very sensitive to pressure-I’m a slightly heavy handed inker, so this model is almost too gooshy for my day-to-day use but it would be good for a light handed artist or for filling in small black areas. I sometimes use for gesture sketching in ink as well. Not waterproof, semi-Copic-proof.


*Kuretake Fudegokochi Brushpen- Regular

This is a new model for me but I like it already! It’s quite responsive as a felt-like brush tip, a lot like the Kuretake Pocketbrush above but with a bit better inkflow. Lovely line thickness! Not waterproof, semi-Copic-proof.


Kuretake Fudegokochi Brushpen- Super Fine

This one looks like a brush tip but it’s super hard and almost inflexible unless you press pretty hard (which I didn’t do much, as I don’t want to bend it).  The ink flow is not very good, since it’s such a fine tip, so you have to draw slowly and carefully if you don’t want it to skip a bit. Not waterproof, semi-Copic-proof.

*Pilot Futayaku Double-sided Brush Pen-Fine/Medium

What a great double-sided tool! This is another new pen to me. Both tips are nicely responsive to pressure and they compliment each other well. The thicker side is going to be lovely for sketching, outlines, and filling in blacks easily. The thinner side is great for details when used lightly and interior ink lines when used more substantially. Nice juicy ink flow initially. Not completely waterproof or Copic-proof on testing.

*Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen with Ergo Grip-Extra Fine

This is another one of my all-time favorite pens! It’s comfy to hold and the fountain pen nib gives an incredible ink flow-no spotting, very consistent, the finest line I’ve ever gotten from an inking tool, good quality line no matter how fast you draw. Excellent for ink sketching and gesture (although if you use it extensively for this purpose you’ll blow through a lot of prefill cartridges and might consider investing in a converter to fill it from your own choice inkbottle). Superb for really fine detail work in comics! Waterproof, Copic-proof (if you get an adapter the ink type could be changed at will)

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen-Fine Nib

Another new one for me-so far really nice in terms of ink flow and delivering a nice consistent line. There is no flexibility here as it is a metal fountain pen tip. The pen body on my model is a bit heavier than I’m used to. I expect I’ll love this for sketching and it would probably work nicely for ligne-claire comics as well. Not waterproof, Copic-proof (if you get an adapter the ink type could be changed at will)

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen-Extra Fine Nib

Nice grip with indents for the fingers on this pen-slightly lighter body than the previous one. Good consistent line, the flow doesn’t seem quite as juicy as the Pilot but it’s still very useable for sketching work. Not waterproof, Copic-proof (if you get an adapter the ink type could be changed at will)

*Models that are starred are my personal favorites for use in my comics.

Angel!Francis and Demon!Arthur from the AU that has exploded all over tumblr. Credit and kudos to Uro, and Qichi, and Annie and all of them who created this ‘verse.

I like Francis <3 He makes the best sort of Angel!

Took a break from studying to draw a derpy little minicomic inspired by watching Princess and The Frog earlier and that part where they accidentally kiss and then get stuck together.

I designed a series of buttons based on the book Good Omens (on of my favorites of all time)!

For those who don’t know, one of the authors of the book, Terry Pratchett, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I will be donating the proceeds from these particular sales to Alzheimer’s research.

They can be purchased here


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