the signs as types of nymphs

aries: Napaea (valleys)

taurus: Dryads (forests)

gemini: Acheloids (from the river Achelous)

cancer: Hamadryads (trees)

leo: Leimoniads (meadows)

virgo: Meliads (ash trees)

libra: Naiads (springs and rivers)

scorpio: Oceanids (the sea)

sagittarius: Nereid (the Mediterranean)

capricorn: Oreads (mountains)

aquarius: Alseids (groves)

pisces: Hydriads (water)


Rare Roman Hekate & Nymph Altar Pillar, 2nd-3rd Century AD

An Eastern Empire marble altar with rectangular base three figures of females dressed in peplos representing triple goddess Hecate (Hekate) surrounded by four smaller figures of nymphs, three dancing and once playing aulos; inscription to one side: “In the 7th (?) year. For the continuance of Kl(a)udios. ……akos (the name of the dedicator). At the behest of Artemis …..”; provincial workmanship.

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