nymphomaniac 2


My top 10 favourite films:
1. Blue Is the Warmest Color
2. Forrest Gump
3. It’s Such a Beautiful Day
4. Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 & 2
5. Enter the void
6. American Beauty
7. A clockwork orange
8. Grand Budapest hotel
9. Into the Wild
10. La la land

(I’ve never done this kind of post before, I might keep doing these for different topics and genres)


Nymphomaniac Vol 1 + Vol 2  | 2013 | Dir. Lars Von Trier

“That empathy you claim is a lie because all you are is society’s morality police whose duty is to erase my obscenity from the surface of the earth so that the Bourgeoisie won’t feel sick. I’m not like you. I am a nymphomaniac and I love myself for being one, but above all, I love my cunt and my filthy, dirty lust.”