Speaking of Next Gen Harry Potter kids, one thing I love is when people come up with middle names for them. One I’ve seen lately is Rose Nymphadora Granger-Weasley. The more I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t it be more logical for George to name Roxanne after Tonks and not Ron and Hermione? Okay here me out:

• Ron did treat Tonks with respect, but he thought she was annoying
• Hermione barely interacted with Tonks
• Ginny was a lot closer with Tonks, but we already know her children’s names
• George went to school with Tonks
• Tonks was definitely was friends with Charlie but, he doesn’t have children (he probably has 3 dragons, one for her first name, another for her middle name and another for her last name)
• George and Tonks got along really well
• Tonks probably was a bit freaked out to see how much the twins have grown
• It just makes sense

So I definitely stand for Roxanne Nymphadora Weasley!


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Brumation crew (sans hornet)! These kids are all headed into brumation starting thursday! I’m a little sad I won’t get to take pictures or handle them for two months but I could use a break tbh. Hopefully this will reset everyone’s clocks and I’ll have lots of babies come spring!