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Hey all, here’s my new character!

Meet Flinn; a biologist, and chemistry hobbyist who’s a sea-fairing genus of nymph I think? He works with a lab titled Biofin Industries, which mostly serves remedies for disease, and that’s his main profession. He’s remarkably stuck-up and doesn’t believe there’s anyone as dedicated as him to his line of work, and though he’d go above and beyond to get what he wants accomplished, he’s very far from the best

greek mythology au

- give me son of athena hamilton and wood nymph burr

- like seriously athena’s the goddess of wisdom and war who else could hamilton be child of

- hamilton going on a quest and bumping into burr like “listen im really sorry i tried to use your branches for kindling but youre pretty and can probably help me find a way out of the forest”

- OH and thomas “haha im a son of zeus, aka better than you” jefferson who is hamilton’s bitter rival during quests

- which gets kinda weird because athena’s also a child of zeus?? so jefferson and hamilton’s mom are half siblings and it’s…Uncomfortable all right

- omg and then naiad madison who guards a river that jefferson almost drowns in while chasing some monster and madison has to save the idiot’s life

- angelica is also definitely a child of athena

- while we’re at it: eliza and peggy are demeter’s daughters, laurens is a son of ares, lafayette is a son of hermes, mulligan is a son of hephaestus, maria is a daughter of hecate

- maria and the schuyler sisters using their combined talents to create living plant temples that magically dont need to be watered and are always in bloom

- washington is a centaur probably?

- plus imagine nymph burr growing his own flower crowns

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Do you know what references Ms. Björnson might have used for the Sylvan Glade backdrop? I believe she took some inspiration from Claude Lorrain's "Apollo and the Muses on Mount Helicon," but I wonder if there were any other sources.

The Lorrain painting from 1680 is a very plausible source. I’ve actually had that as a reference in my files for the Il Muto backdrop.

But that kind of composition is quite common in neo-classical art from the 17th and 18th century, with a temple on a height, the silhouette of trees against the sky, and nymphs/pretty ladies/heroes/peasants in the foreground. Here’s another one I’ve saved as reference, by Savery from the 17th century:

And another by Francois Boucher from 1762

I have a vague memory of Maria Bjørnson basing her design on an actual one from a Palais Garnier production. But I couldn’t find the source for it, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, it’s not unlikely the Garnier set was based on art of previous era, which makes the Lorrain painting and/or similar compositions of the era a likely candidate :)


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My first attempt at a comic and I can’t even finish it. I had issues with perspective with the last page, I didn’t know how to drawn the point of view.

I wanted to I ended up just giving up. The last scene was supposed to be a far away flying shot of the dragon calling out to her parents meanwhile behind the grass she’s hidden in the corpses of eastern dragons were strewn in the grass.

Bluh, but there’s better news! I made myself a brand new signature, sort of as a commemoration for starting down the path of making art a job.