nymph heart

Matters of Pride

This is my half of a fic-art trade with the amazingly talented @savaage-nymph, who made the most GORGEOUS illustration of knight!Riku and dragon!Sora for me. Seriously, love, I can’t get over how perfect it is! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The 7:05

Sora wasn’t sure when he’d first seen him, whether it had been when the guy started riding the same train as him daily, or some time after, the familiar finally detaching itself from the rest of the world. However, once he noticed the fall of silver hair and brilliant aquamarine eyes, he couldn’t not notice.

Without fail, when Sora boarded the 7:05 for his morning commute, he was there, slouched in a seat or standing with a hand wrapped around a support bar. Sometimes, when Sora was staying late, he saw him on the way home—always sitting, then—although the time in the evening was much less reliable. It was quieter at night, less crowded, giving Sora a better view of the silvery head.

He’d never seen someone look so removed from their surroundings; sure, everybody lived in their own bubble while riding the train, but when Sora looked at him, it was more like he was on a different plane of existence.

Of course, that could have just been Sora being dramatic.

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