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Nymph’s A/N: Honestly, Dottie is the only reason this got written. Sue us, we’re lazy. (and busy). Thank you also to everyone who’s been leaving wonderful feedback and sending us some amazing asks, we appreciate each and every single one! Enjoy this Mean Queen’s chapter (it’s the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning), it’s not going to be fun for much longer.

PureCAMP’s A/N: This one goes out to Dottie who WILL NOT STOP BUGGING US. HERE IT IS YA FILTHY CUNT. Anyway, have more of the only reason I currently eat and sleep - mean queens. <3 thanks for all the love!!

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how to look like A Delicate Angel
  • wear light colors, like white or cream or dusty pinks and blues
  • thrift flowy skirts and dresses
  • sport small gold or rose gold jewelry 
  • wear pastel velvet chokers 
  • lounge in satin nighties even when you’re alone 
  • wear lace bralettes even when you’re alone 
  • leave your hair down and pin straight or loose curls
  • keep a natural hair color 
  • wear ankle socks with lace 
  • apply shimmery pale eyeshadows 
  • apply light colored lip glosses 
  • buy shimmery lipsticks 
  • use pink blush 
  • wear matte nail polishes
  • put small amounts of body glitter on collarbones 
  • spray airy perfumes on your neck and inner forearms 
  • apply floral scented lotions 
  • be yourself 🌟
music that makes me feel like floating

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  • psychocandy - the jesus and mary chain
  • just like honey - the jesus and mary chain
  • baby sleep - lisbonne
  • friend crush - friends
  • strawberries - honeyuck
  • stolen dance - milky chance
  • casual party - band of horses
  • american money - borns
  • this is no war - electric lazy lake
  • baby - she & him
  • cruel world - lana del rey
  • forget me not - cocorosie
  • eyes on you - hey marseilles
  • bad girl - a b & the sea
  • home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes
  • swan song - lana del rey
  • california - metro station
  • lost in my bedroom - sky ferreira
  • colors - halsey
  • coming down - halsey
  • dollhouse - melanie martinez
  • haunting - halsey
  • werewolf - cocorosie
  • un beso - cocorosie
  • m.o.n.e.y. - the 1975
  • i can’t get enough - the jesus and mary chain
  • dayglo reflection - bobby womack ft. lana del rey
  • sweater weather - the neighbourhood

Lychee Stink Bug Nymph (Tessaratoma papillosa, Tessaratomidae)

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

See more Chinese true bugs and hoppers on my Flickr site HERE…..

See more images of the nymphal forms of Tessaratomid Giant Shield Bugs in my Flickr photostream HERE. And adult Tessaratomid Giant Shield Bugs HERE.

~cheeky nymph tips~

take a walk outside every morning
keep a journal for writing and sketching
scented bubble baths
eat lotsa fruit
baby powder
brush ur teeth twice a day
eat meals with ur best friends
learn to play an instrument
sing and dance badly
its okay to be selfish sometimes
eat strawberries before u make out
hair ribbons
flavored lip balm
think deeply
do whatever u want