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Angel aura quartz necklaces 🌙💗🌹💎

A little sneak preview for all my mermaids, wood nymps and faery children out there. Stay tuned untill the next shop update, magickal babes ^_~



“Qualities which Jove [Zeus] himself has given bees [i.e. to be social animals], I will unfold–even the reward for which they [the bees] followed the tuneful sounds and clashing bronzes of the Curetes, and fed the king of heaven within the cave of Dicte.”

Nymp in the water by pnup65 About the photo,Behind the fabulous work of photographer it’s always someone behind.I would like to say big thanks to my beloved model Montse who dedicated nearly 4hrs free dive without mask and fin go up and down follow my command without any moaning.Thanks for understand and try to bring my imagination become reality.Thanks to Whan Whan and Eva Villagrasa Aurinlara lovely friend in Bali who help me out about the costume.Without you I can’t do such a thing like this.Big big thanks