nymine draws things

OC INKtober 10

Primrose. Lancer Extraordinaire. Slayer of Bugs. Queen of Cute. Attempt to convince her that she isn’t the most adorable warrior of all, and she’ll pound you until you say otherwise. Here she is, screaming at someone the tactical advantages of wearing a dress under her leather armor. And also, it’s hella cute. Just check them embroidered butterflies. 

OC INKTober day 6

This is Felicity, magus extraordinaire. Well, more like magician for now. She hasn’t quite passed the test to gain the status of magus. Mostly because she hasn’t picked a school of magic yet. Felicity doesn’t like to be tied down to groups, which, honestly she should have thought of that before electing to study magic. But does she study! Too much, honestly that girl needs sleep. She’s leaning toward either spiritual communication or necromancy.

OC INKtober no.3

This is Lynn, the other half of the…you know what? They’re thieves. Basically grave robbers. Sure, Wynona and Lynn don’t just skulk in caves and pick up loot left by people who forget to bring enough light to scare away the bugs, but. Thieving and thieving-like activities is what they excel at.

Lynn is much more polite and well-spoken than Wynona. In negotiating jobs, she usually attempts to do the talking. However, she does tend to wear her emotions on her sleeve, and has a nasty habit of unflapping her frills whenever perturbed, upset, or excited. She’s fast, and because of that, carries the most bags for a better, loot filled get-away. Not that Lynn would ever leave Wynona.

After all, Wynona is her other half.

OC INKtober no.4

This is Pomeroy. 

He’s a bit of a busy body, using his short stature and job as a janitor to eves-drop on conversations and then parlay in his own opinion. The only thing he enjoys more than sharing ‘pearls of wisdom’ is musicals and plays. New number touring? The latest scuttlebutt on the top players? Pomeroy is your source of the juiciest theater gossip. Also, surprising not a bad dancer or singer. If you’re lucky, you can hear him warbling a few of the classics while cleaning. If you’re adventurous, you can ask him to perform the hit from South by South-South-East.

OC INKtober 8

Oh Percival. You little problem child. Percival had a bad case of hero worship. Like he is starry eyed one hundred percent smitten with the Lamplighters. He runs away as a kid, gets himself into a whole bunch of trouble, and eventually winds up being Red’s travel buddy//’please stop getting into trouble’ buddy//protege. Here he is, starting to be come more competent with his prosthetic arm and actually pretty decent with a sword. His scarf is what’s left of the green turtle neck he was wearing when he ran away from home. 

INKtober/OC October/OC INKtober 2

Meet Wynona. She’s one half of a pair of thiev-uh….treasure hunters. Yeah. Nothing nefarious here. Just….treasure hunters, who usually like to stake out and explore caves. For posterity’s sake. Not because the caves are full of dangerous insects and they can easily scoop some loot from the misfortunately deceased. Nah.

Wynona is loud, bubbly, and has problems identifying personal space. She also has a habit of shooting off at the mouth, literally and figuratively, spitting out the first thing that comes to her mind, or using that sticky tongue to snag whatever it is she’s decided she wants. Her partner in crime is Lynn.

OC Inktober 5

Matie the tracker. She grew up with Percival, often defending him from bullies. When he ran away and the searches for him were unsuccessful, Matie kept moving forward, eventually joining the Lamplighters; a guild of skilled hired hands that safeguards the roads, protects the defenseless, and returns the lost. She has a reputation of being able to track anything with footprints. The only one to this day she hasn’t found is Percy.