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The Lion and the Wolf

Sansa was walking with her golden prince wen they stumbled upon Arya. Dirty as always, her little sister was training sword fighting with that horrible butcher boy. 

Joffrey laughed at them. He taunted the boy who wanted to be a knight, before he asked him for he duel. He cut the boy’s cheek with his sword. 

Arya yelled at the prince but he didn’t stop.  Suddenly the direwolf Nymeria appeared, savaging Joffrey’s sword arm and forcing him to drop his sword. Arya called Nymeria off while Joffrey lied whimpering on the ground.

Hope, I got the Anon right who requested a Sansa/ Joffrey scene from the 1st book. Thanks for asking!!!

And I have to mention @danjaley who created these poses at the moment I needed them What a coincidence! Thank you for your brilliant work!

my favorite moments of character hypocrisy in no particular order (feel free to add)

Stannis “the Iron Throne is mine by rights” Baratheon offering Jon Snow Winterfell

Catelyn Tully: frees Jaime after he slays Lord Karstark’s sons in battle

Catelyn: Lord Bolton, I hope you are not suggesting that we free the man who killed my sons?!?!?

Jaime Lannister killing the mad king to stop his mad plans and then fathering the next mad king

Nymeria Sand wanting to kill Tommen to avenge her father’s murder but then is shocked to find that Cersei would want to kill innocent little Trystane

Literally anything Tywin says

Best Game of Thrones Moments

Because occasionally this show takes a break from boobs, balls, and blood, and gives being cute and comedic a try.

  • Anytime Lyanna Mormont is onscreen
  • Jon Snow giving Arya Needle because he’s the best big brother you could ever ask for. 
  • Podrick losing his virginity to a bunch of prostitutes, but they refused payment because he was apparently that good 
  • Nymeria being shit at following directions
    • Arya: Nymeria, gloves! 
    • Nymeria: *Blank stare*
  • Jon Snow Knows Nothing (About Sex)
    • Jon: I’ve never been with a girl 
    • Sam: You didn’t know where to put it? 
    • Jon: No! I didn’t want to get her pregnant with a bastard like me 
    • Sam: So you didn’t know where to put it. 
  • Yara Greyjoy being a shameless flirt
    • Dany: And your offer comes with no demands of marriage? 
    • Yara: I won’t demand, but I’m up for anything ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Tormund Giantsbane trying to sexually eat a chicken leg and Brienne looking at him like he’s lost his mind
  • Stannis Baratheon has better grammar than you (x)
  • Arya, an eight-year-old child with no training in swordplay, disarming Prince Joffery, heir to the throne, and throwing his sword into a river.
  • Every time Tyrion tries to speak High Valyrian.
  • Every time Tyrion slaps Joffrey.
  • Edmure Tully trying to light his father’s funeral pyre with a flaming arrow and missing. Twice Three times.
  • Shireen teaching Ser Dadvos Davos how to read.
  • That one scene where Tyrion drags his chair across the floor for two minutes
  • When Tywin Lannister’s horse takes a dump onscreen before entering the Throne Room (x)
  • That one scene where Pycelle sharts himself on screen.
  • Missandei and Grey Worm not getting jokes in the cutest way possible. 
Sansa I, AGOT

So I read a theory once that the reason a lot of people hate Sansa (or hated her at the beginning of the series) was because the first chapter from her point of view was so late in the book.

So let’s recap: So far, we’ve had

  • Three Catelyn chapters
  • Two Eddard chapters
  • Two Bran chapters
  • Two Jon chapters
  • One Arya chapter
  • (Making it a total of ten Stark chapters)
  • Two Tyrion chapters
  • Two Danerys chapters
  • (And four non-Stark chapters)

Anyway, my thoughts on Sansa I are below the cut.

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