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For nine years Mors fought King Yorick Yronwood. When he fell in battle Nymeria herself took full control of his forces, and after another two years Yorick was forced to submit to the princess. Nymeria married twice more and had both sons and daughters, but it was her eldest daughter by Mors who succeeded her reign. A precedent was set; the Rhoynar tradition of equal inheritance became rooted in Dornish culture and remains so to this day. (TWOIAF PG 25)

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It irks me when people say that Dany is nothing without her dragons. GRRM described her as a warrior Queen some years ago. He compared her to Nymeria the warrior queen from Dorne. I can't find the source but I do remember reading it. I wonder how Martin feels when people try to deminish one of his favorite characters? He must take some offense or something.

Hey anon,

I’m sure GRRM is used to it by now, but I think he probably laughs to himself when people are so off about one of his characters. 

Regarding Dany, her dragons are in a way a symbolic representation of her own power. People who say she’s nothing without her dragons don’t understand the character and quite frankly have a really shitty memory. Her dragons did not make her strong enough to survive and get the respect of Drogo, or to cross the Red Waste, or to come up with the entire plan to sack Astapor without anyone’s help, or her plan to make Yunkai put down their swords with minimum bloodshed. He dragons are not what inspires her people or keeps them loyal to her, it’s her and fight to free the slaves and to treat them like people. 

It’s funny that you mentioned Nymeria because I was discussing with a friend the many similarities Dany shares with her. GRRM has compared Dany to Nymeria (who is Dany’s ancester from her great-great-grandfathers marriage to Mariah Martell) on a couple of occasions. Here is one

In particular, given that Nymeria was a warrior-queen, is there a certain amazon tradition?

“The Rhoynar did impact Dorne in a number of ways, some of which will be revealed in later books. Women definitely have more rights in Dorne, but I would not call it an “Amazon” tradition, necessarily. Nymeria had more in common with someone like Daenerys or Joan d'Arc than with Brienne or Xena the Warrior Princess.”

I found this fantastic comparison between Dany and Nymeria, I’ll quote my favorite parts but you can find the discussion here: (The bolded are quotes from the books.)

The refugee, the nomad, the woman wearing the literal skirt and metaphorical pants

“In the songs, Nymeria is said to have been a witch and a warrior; neither of these claims is true. Though she did not bear arms in battle, she led her soldiers on many battlefields, commanding them with cunning and skill.”

Dany is doing the exact same thing. She’s a warlord that’s not a warrior. And yes, you can be a warlord with absolutely no skill at arms, else Dany wouldn’t be called Aegon the Conqueror with teats.

Now let’s skim over Nymeria’s general history as it applies to Dany so far.

“Only Princess Nymeria of Ny Sar spoke against him. “This is a war we cannot hope to win,” she warned, but the other princes shouted her down and pledged their swords to Garin.”

In AGOT, Viserys is dreaming his fool dreams about re-taking Westeros with Dothraki. Dany knows better. She’s also somewhat skeptical of the Dothraki taking Westeros from the start, mostly thanks to Jorah Mormont educating her.

“The same fate awaited her own city, she saw.”

Nymeria runs for it after Valyria massacres the Rhoyanar men.After Drogo dies, Dany hatches her invaluable dragons. She’s also left with few Dothraki, and she has to flee from various Khals (on top of her constant running from Robert).

“Nymeria’s voyage was long and terrible.”

The difficulty of the Red Waste corresponds to this.Then, Nymeria had her Odyssey: Rhoyne -> Basilisk Isles -> jungles of Sothoryos -> Isle of Naath -> Summer Isles (Isle of Women).She couldn’t stay in any of these places, because~

“(…) arrived at Yeen to find that every man, woman, and child in that haunted, ruined city had vanished overnight.”

Haunted (to the eye) ruins, like the House of the Undying?

“The sullen wet heat oppressed their spirits, and swarms of stinging flies spread one disease after another (…)”


“On Naath, the Isle of Butterflies, the peaceful people gave them welcome, but the god that protects that strange land began to strike down the newcomers by the score with a nameless mortal illness”

Illness, like the Bloody Flux outbreak? Also, Missandei - one of Dany’s main helpers - is a friendly girl from Naath Dany finds somewhere at the halfway point of her journey.

“Basilisk Isles (…) only to fall afoul of the corsair kings (…) carrying off hundreds into slavery.”


“new towns on Basilisk Point were raided by slavers,”

Well, what do you know, Dany’s slave liberation campaign isn’t working out so well. In fact, seemingly half of the slaving Essos is sending armies against her in ADWD - Yunkai, Qarth, New Ghis, Tolos, Elyria, Volantis, the Harpies within Meereen itself.

“In the Summer Isles (…) its thin stony soil yielded little food, and many starved.”

As Dany approached Meereen, the slavers put the land around it to torch to starve her out. She still took the city, but many of her people are nonetheless starving.

“The battered, tattered remainder of the ten thousand ships sailed west with Princess Nymeria. This time she made for Westeros.”

Dany at the end of ADWD:

“Meereen was not her home, and never would be. It was a city of strange men with strange gods and stranger hair, of slavers wrapped in fringed tokars, where grace was earned through whoring, butchery was art, and dog was a delicacy. Meereen would always be the Harpy’s city, and Daenerys could not be a harpy.

Never, said the grass, in the gruff tones of Jorah Mormont. You were warned, Your Grace. Let this city be, I said. Your war is in Westeros, I told you.”

The once and future queen

Back to Nymeria and why I think Dany will do well in Westeros~

“Dry, desolate, and thinly peopled, Dorne at this time was a poor land where a score of quarrelsome lords and petty kings warred endlessly over every river, stream, well, and scrap of fertile land.”

Wet, desolate and overflowing with corpses, at the end of ADWD Westeros is a fucked-up continent where a score of quarrelsome lords and petty kings war endlessly over everything. Euron, Tommen, Aegon, Stannis, KINGINDANORF? are just the Kings we have. (Does the Night King count?)

“Most of these Dornish lords viewed the Rhoynar as unwelcome interlopers, invaders with queer foreign ways and strange gods, who should be driven back into the sea whence they’d come.”

Yeah, Dany will have barbarians, slaves (you think Westerosi can notice they have no collars?), the infamous Imp, dragons, a trail of burning enemies behind her. She won’t get warm reception from most.

And they lived happily ever after

Well, probably not. I don’t see how GRRM will keep Dany on Nymeria’s track without breaking his tone.

“Though she married twice more (first to the aged Lord Uller of Hellholt, and later to the dashing Ser Davos Dayne of Starfall, the Sword of the Morning), Nymeria herself remained the unquestioned ruler of Dorne for almost twenty-seven years, her husbands serving only as counselors and consorts.”

I suppose that in a certain way, Mors can also work as Drogo, old Lord Uller as lame King Hizdahr, and the Sword of the Morning as… Jon NOT DARKSTAR, because I refuse to contemplate the possibility of Darkstar (she already did Bad Boy Daario). The husbands as consorts works for Hizadhr, and whomever her prophesized 3rd husband is, Dany will be leading in her own right - Drogon, Dracarys! helps there.

“She survived a dozen attempts upon her life, put down two rebellions, and threw back two invasions by the Storm King Durran the Third and one by King Greydon of the Reach.”

Dany already survived at least 4-5 attempts on her life - AGOT wineseller, ACOK manticore and arguably Undying, ASOS Titan’s Bastard, ADWD Poizdar do Loqust. I also don’t see Stannis bending to Dany, same for Tyrells who’ll stay with Tommen Lannister. Other possibilities for revolting kingdoms are Dorne (the irony!) and Iron Islands.

That was pretty awesome, there are more quote at the link if you want to read all the parallels between these awesome women. 

I will add one thing regarding Nymeria’s 3 husbands vs. Dany’s 3 husbands.

Nymeria’s first husband (Mors Martell) came from a people who are famed for their horses (Dorne), Dany’s first husband came from a people famed for their horses (Dothraki). 

Nymeria’s second husband came from Hellholt (Lord Uller), which is symbolized by a sort of fiery yin-yang thing, it’s half this and half that, it’s divided basically. Dany’s second husband was symbolized by the Harpy, half woman, and half bird. 

Finally, Nymeria’s third and final husband was Ser Davos Dayne the Sword of the Morning, I do wonder if the Sword of the Morning will play a role in the books as it has been mentioned a lot. And whether Jon will use it or not. Jon does have a connection to an actual Sword of the Morning in Author Dayne. And of course, there is the whole War for Dawn thing going one. 

Sorry, I hijacked your asked but yeah, Dany doesn’t need to wield a sword to be kickass, just look at her very kickass ancestor Nymeris. 



The Signs as Pre-’Game of Thrones’ Characters (Part I)

Aries//Theon Stark

Alias: The Hungry Wolf
Title: King in the North
Royal House: House Stark

Theon Stark defended the North from the Andals in the Andal invasion. After he defeated Argos Sevenstar in the Battle of the Weeping Water he sailed across the Narrow Sea to the coast of Andalos with Argos body put up on the prow of his ship for everyone to see. Then he continued his revenge by burning Andal villages, displaying the spiked heads of his victims on the coastline as a warning for future invaders. Theon Stark was a superb conqueror and a wise strategist in times of war. In the crypt of Winterfell he is displayed as thin, with long hair and a skinny beard. 

Taurus//Artys I Arryn

Alias: Winged Knight
Title: King of Mountain and Vale
Royal House: House Arryn

Artys I Arryn is a legendary hero, born of true Andal blood. The moon and the falcon were displayed on his shield and falcon’s wings adorned his silver war helmet. He is known as the greatest warrior of his time, cunning, resourceful and loved as well as trusted by those following him into battles. The Andals found their leader in the Winged Knight and fought under him against Robar II Royce, leader of the First Men. In the Battle of the Seven Stars, he possibly killed Robar himself and after their victory, the Andals made him King of Mountain and Vale and thus the Arryn dynasty was born.

Gemini//Shiera Seastar

Allegiance: House Targaryen
Culture: Valyrian

Shiera Seastar was the last Great Bastard of Aegon IV Targaryen and known as the most beautiful woman of Westeros. She had long silver-gold hair, a heart-shaped face, two different coloured eyes (one green and the other blue) and was a great seductress. Lady Shiera was a skilled reader, maintaining a huge library and speaking many languages. People even suspected her to master dark arts. Shiera never married but many suitors fought battles in her favour, the most famous amongst them being Brynden Rivers and Aegor Rivers. It was rumoured that she bathed in the blood of maidens to maintin her beauty.

Cancer//Garth Greenhands

Alias: Garth the Green
Title: High King of the First Men
Culture: First Men

Garth Greenhands is a mythical king who supposedly wore a crown of vine and flowers and made the land bloom. Some legends picture him as the High King who led the First Men across the Arm of Dorne. According to other songs, he was the first human in Westeros or a green god that demands blood sacrifices from is worshippers to ensure a fruitful harvest. It is told that he taught men how to farm, giving them seeds and helping with their harvest. In old lore, he carries a canvas full of seeds with him to fill the world with trees, fruits and flowers. And he did not only bring fertility to the land but to women, making barren ones fruitful, gifting mothers with twins or triplets and making young girls flower at his smile.

Leo//Daena Targaryen

Alias: Daena the Defiant
Title: Princess
Royal House: House Targaryen

Daena Targaryen was the eldest daughter of King Aegon III Targaryen and Queen Daenaera Velaryon and the most famous amongst the three daughters. She was widely admired for her fierceness, her daring nature and strong will. With her striking Targaryen looks and her wild and fearless personality she was definitely one of the most attractive women in Westeros. Daena was a refined horsewoman and very skilled in hunting and archery but she was never allowed to take part in a  tourney even though she wanted to desperately. The Princess admired her father and her brother and always wore a three-headed dragon pendant given to her as a present by the king.

Virgo//Nymeria of Ny Sar

Alias: Nymeria of the Royne
Title: Princess, Queen
Allegiance: House Martell

Before the Valyrian Freehold came and conquered the Rhoyne, Nymeria was the ruler of Ny Sar where her palace stood. She led those of her people who had survived into exile from Essos and lived with them for a while on the Summer Islands as refugees. She then decided to take her fleet to Dorne to strike an alliance with the Martells of Sunspear, marrying Mors Martell and burning the Rhoynar ships. She conquered the rest of Dorne together with the Martells and defeated six Dornish kings. Today she is known as the Warrior Queen and widely admired for her bravery and loyalty towards her people. She’s an idol and inspiration for many women, such as young Arya Stark who even named her direwolf after Nymeria.

House Martell fancast

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What Druselka, a Rhoynish Priestess, would have worn

Druselka took part in the Rhoynar migration, when Princess Nymeria took her people to flee from the Valyrians. 

Nymeria led the Rhoynar first to the Basilisk Isles, where they were attacked by corsairs. She refused the corsairs’ offer to settle on the Isle of Toads, and the Rhoynar continued on to Sothoryos, where they struggled to survive at Basilisk Point, Zamettar, and Yeen. After an unsuccessful year in Sothoryos, the Rhoynar set sail and travelled again, this time for three years. They were welcomed at Naath, but left when they become afflicted with a deadly illness on the isle. Nymeria led them next to Abulu in the Summer Islands, which became known after as the Isle of Women, but they were unable to grow enough food on the isle. When they realised they had to leave Druselka split form Nymeria, claiming she could hear Mother Rhoyne (the gogdess and creator of the Rhoyne) calling her children home. So the people split some choosing to return home to the abandoned and ruined Rhoynish cities, and the others to continue searching for a new home with Nymeria, who eventually arrived in Dorne.

However when Druselka and her followers arrived home they found the Valyrian’s waiting for them to hunt them down and enslave them.


A LONG TIME AGO: Nymeria’s journey was not an easy one. Many of her people turned back and were made into slaves, and hundreds more were lost between the Isle of Toads, Sothoryos, the Summer Isles, and the Stepstones. When at last she landed in Dorne her party was severely depleted. The Lord of the Sandstone, Mors Martell, found himself quickly enamored with the Rhoynish princess. She was beautiful, strong-willed, powerful, and ambitious. The two were wedded soon after. Hundreds of Mors’s men took followed his lead and took Rhoynish women for wives or mistresses. Nymeria set her ships aflame to cement a new truth: Dorne was her home and here her people would flourish. 

(TWOIAF PGS 24-25)

My personal GoT modern!AU headcanons (1/5)

- Cathelyn Stark/ Ned Stark
- Robb Stark/ Theon Greyjoy
- Jon Stark/ Ygritte Wilde
- Sansa Stark/ Margaery Tyrell
- Arya Stark / Gendry Waters
- Bran Stark/ Jojen Reed
- Rickon Stark/ Shireen Baratheon
- Danaerys Targaryen/ Khal Drogo
- Tyrion Lannister/ Shae Essos
- Lyanna Stark/ Rhaegar Targaryen
- Samwell Tarly/ Gilly Craster
- Jaime Lannister/ Brienne Tarth
- Oberyn Martell/ Willas Tyrell
- Renly Baratheon/ Loras Tyrell
- Davos Seaworth/ Stannis Baratheon
- Tywin Lannister/ Olenna Tyrell
- Thoros Myr/ Berric Dondarrion
*(alternative Ships)*
- Robb Stark/ Jane Westerling
- Sansa Stark/ Sandor Clegane
- Arya Stark/ Myrcella Lannister
- Rickon Stark/ Lyanna Mormont
- Danaerys Targaryen/ Yara Greyjoy
- Oberyn Martell/ Ellaria Sand
- Tommen Lannister/ Shireen Baratheon
- Margaery Tyrell/ Robb Stark



Character stories
Ned Stark:
-married to Cathelyn
-politician (big or small)

/- company owner
/- police force boss
- (ex)business partner of Robert Baratheon
- best friend: … Reed
-despises the Lannisters (except Tyrion) for their corruption, but comes to kinda respect Jaime Lannister
-especially close with Jon, Arya, Rickon
Cathelyn Stark:
/-interior designer
/-life manager
-traditional type of design
-loves her children over all
-especially close with Sansa, Robb, Bran
Robb Stark:
-was class best
-very grown up and reliable
-gentle soul
-will protect the ones he loves at any cost
-logical and calm
-utterly in love with Theon Greyjoy
-good listener
-his best friend is his boyfriend (and Jon)
-great big brother
-always worrying
-only Theon can make him reckless
-bi (and accepted himself pretty fast)
Sansa Stark:
-gentle and soft
-but has a deadly fire inside her
-happy, but also melancholic
-past abusive realtionship(s), Joffey (, Ramsay)
-used to be naive and a little bit cruel (with words)
-is annoyed by and loves her little sister to death
-looks up to Robb (and also Jon)
-is very protective of her siblings, especially in front of their new romantic partners
-found happiness in the form of Margaery (she is her best friend and the best fiance she could ever hope for)
-bi (and didn’t know it till Margaery)
Jon “Snow” Stark:
-wants to join the criminal investigation police special force (nicknamed the Nights Watch) like his  big idol uncle Benjen Stark
-has a very snarky releationship with kinda mob girl Ygritte
-is sceptic of Theon (but respects him for Robbs sake)
-loves his siblings and knows how to let a body dissappear
-goes nearly no where without his dog ghost
-feels kinda responsible for Arya becoming so reckless
-is her partner in crime
-but is far more oberthinking
-his best friend is Sam
Arya Stark:
-doesnt take shit from anyone
-will probably never admit that she likes Gendry
-even if they have been dating for over two years
-knows how to sword fight, break in, parkour, and pickpocket
-her crew are Gendry, Lommy and “Hot Pie”
-idolizes freestyle wreslerin Nymeria Rhoyne (and Jon)
-loves her sister (but will not admit it out loud)
-was responsible for Joffreys black eye and sprained wrist
Bran Stark:
-since an accident (or failed suicide attempt/murder) disabled
-used to love climbing
-loves to read
-has strange dreams
-has gotten used to his wheelchair
-best friends: Jojen and Meera Reed
-got together with Jojen after 4 years of friendship
-is the gentlest soul to ever exist (except maybe Shireen)
-but isnt as innocent in every way (*hrmpf* Jojen *hrmpf*)
-is class best
Rickon Stark:
-almost wilder than Arya
-her apperentice in pranks
-is Brans personal bodyguard
-loves (and always borrows) his big brothers comic collection
-loves and protects his Shireen
-his best friend is Lyanna Stark, she is the only person that can put him in his place
(Shireen could too, but she’s too soft)
the Starks family dogs:
Greywind - his name is certainly in no way a refrence to a certain Greyjoy, nope (it totally is)
Lady - died far too young (through Joffrey)
Ghost - drug search dog (not official)
Nymeria - put her bite marks on Joffey
Summer - best therapy dog
Shaggy -the scariest/wildest


Princess Nymeria named Mors Martell the Prince of Dorne, in the Rhoynish style, asserting his dominion over “the red sands and the white, and all the lands and rivers from the mountains to the great salt sea.” Such supremacy was easier to declare than to achieve, however. Years of war followed, as the Martells and their Rhoynar partners met and subdued one petty king after another. No fewer than six conquered kings were sent to the Wall in golden fetters by Nymeria and her prince, until only the greatest of their foes remained: Yorick Yronwood, Warden of the Stone Way, Knight of the Wells, King of the Redmarch, King of the Greenbelt, and King of the Dornish. (TWOIAF PG 25)

What Nymeria Princess of the Rhoyne, Dar Sara

Nymeria ruled in Ny Sar a city on the River Rhoyne. When the Valyrian Freehold conquered the Rhoyne with their dragons, Nymeria led the surviving Rhoynar into exile from Essos. For a time Nymeria and her refugees lived on Abulu, one of the Summer Islands now known as the Isle of Women. She then brought ten thousand ships across the narrow sea to the shores of Dorne in southern Westeros. She struck an alliance with House Martell of Sunspear, taking Lord Mors as her husband and burning the Rhoynar fleet, to signify the end of their roaming. The Martell-Rhoynar alliance conquered the rest of Dorne.Nymeria sent six defeated Dornish kings to join the Night’s Watch. Nymeria became the first Queen of Dorne