nylon thread

Another Update on my Karl Sculpture

I thought i’d better show how he looks like with texture and extra details before i bake him.

How do you prefur him? ;)

The whiskers are made from 0.35mm thick nylon thread. Ofcourse i’m going to remove them before baking the sculpture, i doubt it would survive 130°C for 15 minutes. I’ll glue them back in when i color him. :)

Soooo, what do you think now? Constructive critque and suggestions are welcome. :)

hippymckenna  asked:

how does one body stitch safely?

1. Use clean needles, never use one that’s dirty or rusty. Personally I’ve never had to sterilize since I don’t pierce life flesh and if I do end up bleeding some how I wash my hands. Don’t share your needles with anyone!
2. Know your limits don’t try to force the needle if it hurts because you’ll just end up doing damage to yourself. Some really hardcore body stitchers do force it through live skin but by “safe” I assume you mean without hurting yourself.
3. Make sure the thread you’re using isn’t irritating your skin. Cotton and wool threads tend to be more irritating try using nylon thread (never used silk but this one might be less irritating too.) It’s a bit difficult for me to tell you which make your skin rlly itchy since I have a skin condition (Dermatographia) which makes everything itchy (lol) but if any other stitchers know what thread is best let me know!
4. Don’t leave it in for TOO long (8hrs is my record). I usually can’t leave it in for too long because my skin hates anything foreign (and I’m quite impatient) but others have left their stitches in for almost 24 hours? I think? If your hands get dirty while wearing them, take em off because they’ll get gross and unlike skin gross stuff would soak in the thread.

But basically that’s about it! I’m giving all this advice that I usually forget to follow myself so you should be fine have fun~~


Trying out some different lighting - these were taken on my desk, using the desk-lamp for lighting. The first two are manual mode, the third is that random mix setting, and once again, I need to figure out how to do that on purpose. I really like the muted tones in that random one.

Draculaura isn’t my favourite MH character, but I do like her music festival outfit. Of course, she’s taking Clawd along, and Rockseena as well. I didn’t have a bit of wire handy (or the time to find one) so you’ll just have to imagine Count Fab is flying alongside. (So there’s another thing for me to try! Suspending things on wire, or perhaps nylon thread, I should have some beading thread around somewhere that I could use…) Also this car is pretty small, Draculaura can’t help elbowing Clawd when she shifts.