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Saloua Raouda Choucair is considered Lebanon’s first abstract sculptor and painter. She passed away in January 2017 at the age of 100 leaving behind more than half a century of her work.

Poem of Nine Verses | 1966-1968, Aluminum

Straight lines | 1971, Plastic & Nylon Threads

Module | early 1980s, Wood (With Choucair)

Dual | 1990, Aluminum


Notable examples of suspended art installations, 10 images.


Ken Unsworth, Suspended stone circle II, 1974-1977, 103 river stones, wire, 400 cm diameter
Dominique Blain, Missa, 1992, 100 pairs of army boots, metal grid, nylon string, 276 x 276 in
Isa Barbier, Dome, 2008
Seon-ghi Bahk, An Aggregation 20131101, 2013, acrylic beads and nylon thread, 150x35x230 cm
Damián Ortega, Controller of the Universe, 2007, found tools and wire
Eva Hesse, Right After, 1969
Cornelia Parker, Mass (Colder, Darker Matter), 1997, charred remains of a church destroyed by lightning strike
Jacob Hashimoto, Armada, 2011
Urs Fischer, Horses Dream of Horses, 2004, plaster, resin paint, steel, nylon filament - 1500 raindrops, dimensions variable
Chris Burden, All the Submarines of the United States of America, 1987, 625 miniature cardboard submarines


Summary: You’re the new nurse at the Avengers tower, and you have one patient who just can’t seem to get enough of your expert care.

Word Count: 4,258

Warnings: Mentions of blood and injuries

A/N: First of all, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA but I think I’m gonna try and post something new at least once a week which should be totally doable with this new job I’ve got and also I LOVE YOU GUYS k bye  (not my gif)

You stared up at the looming tower, the enormous ‘A’ at the top inevitably drawing your eye. The Avengers Tower. In New York City. You were way in over your head.


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If you're accepting writing prompts, then maybe a scenario where Sportacus got himself hurt but powered through the day anyway and Robbie found him later, pale and shaking from the worsen injury. Takes back to the lair to get it checked out. Maybe some you don't have to pretend you're strong all the time from Robbie. Thanks a lot in advance!

It’s a little bit intense, blood warning!!

Sportacus dashed through the town, his breath quickly flowing in and out of his lungs. He was almost on his tenth lap, just before the sun went up. He came up to one of the half-walls, preparing to vault it once again. As he did, his foot caught on the bench just behind it, and he tumbled and fell to the ground. He grumbled, attempting to sit up, when a sharp pain in his left side shocked him back down to the ground.

He reached his hand to the spot just inside his vest, and withdrew it to see his fingers covered in blood. He gasped, pulling his vest back farther to see a tear in his shirt, where a raw wound bled just below. He stood up, applying pressure to it.  He attempted to lift his left arm, but shuddered in pain. “Today’s gonna be a long day… he sighed as he saw the children approaching.

Robbie had been watching through his periscope. He hadn’t woken up until around noon, but he had noticed immediately something wasn’t right about Sportacus. His movements and expressions were strained. As a master actor himself, he knew right away Sportacus was putting up a facade. For what, he didn’t know. But he kept an eye on him.

When the kids went inside for the day, he immediately saw Sportacus sigh in relief. He watched in shock as Sportacus limped to just out of sight of his periscope. Without thinking, he immediately ran outside, already out of breath when he emerged from the bunker.

He ran to where he had last seen Sportacus, and panicked when he was nowhere to be seen. His stomach dropped when he hard a familiar voice wheezing, “Ladder…” The rope ladder fell down, and Sportacus attempted to climb it. The second he pulled on his left arm, he shouted and crumpled on the ground.

Robbie rushed over, kneeling beside him. Sportacus’ body trembled, his clothing damp with sweat. Robbie pulled his hat off, pushing his curls back and gripping either side of his face. His skin was pale and burning to the touch. “Sportacus, what happened?” he asked, his voice trembling. “R-Robbie..?” Sportacus barely whispered. He rolled Sportacus on his back, and saw his hand clutching his side. He grabbed his wrist, and upon seeing the blood on his fingers, pulled his shirt up. The cloth was coated in dried blood and  platelets, and scraps of blood clots that couldn’t stop the flow. Right by his ribs was a large gash, with red blood smeared all around it, with streams of crimson beginning to travel down his side.

With all of his strength, he hauled Sportacus to his feet, taking special care not to put him in any unnecessary pain. After what felt like forever, he had Sportacus on the floor of his lair.

He straddled him, carefully unbuckling the clasp on his vest and pulling his shirt off. He balled up the shirt and pushed on the wound, looking around frantically. “Hold that there,” he said, placing Sportacus’ hand over the cloth, though he was barely conscious. He ran around his lair, opening boxes and drawers and finally coming back with his sewing kit, some stretchy cloth, and a toolbox.

He covered his fluffy chair in a bedsheet, afraid the fluff would get in the way, and hoisted Sportacus onto it. He was completely out of breath, but didn’t waste a single second. He dragged a chair right next to him and looked at the wound. There were a few pebbles lodged inside of it, but he couldn’t count them before the wound filled with blood again. He looked up to Sportacus, whose eyes were half open. “Sportacus, when did this happen? You should’ve gotten this patched up! You only made it worse,” he tried to scold, but he choked on his tongue. He pressed hard on it for awhile, but it just wouldn’t stop bleeding. He bit his lip, knowing what he would have to do.

Out of his toolbox, he grabbed a pair of pliers, a screw, and his blowtorch. He held the pointed edge of the screw in the pliers, and heated up the flat end in the flame. He furrowed his brow as it became red hot. “Okay Sportacus… hold still..” he said softly, dabbing the wound one last time and locating where the vessel was located before pressing the screw to it. It made a horrible sound upon contact, and Sportacus screamed and jolted. “I’m sorry, Sportacus, I’m sorry!” Robbie wailed, withdrawing the hot screw when the bleeding stopped. Hot tears streamed down both of their faces, and Robbie quickly cleaned out his wound. When it was finally cleared, he could see why Sportacus had such a fever.

“Sportacus.. This is getting infected! Why didn’t you treat this??” Robbie asked frantically. Sportacus shook his head slowly. “This happened before the kids came outside, didn’t it? Sportacus, you have to take care of yourself, especially if you want to be a role model for these kids! This is serious! You can’t just do this to me!” At his last statement, Robbie stopped himself, choking on the lump in his throat. He aggressively dabbed the wound with disinfectant, stopping when Sportacus tried to speak, but he could only wheeze. He took in a breath through his mouth and opened his sewing box, grabbing his smallest curved quilting needle and his nylon thread. He quickly stitched the wound, only handling the needle with the pliers. Every time the needle pierced his skin, Sportacus’ breath would hitch, but he would try to hide it. Robbie twisted the thread around the pliers, pulled the other end through, and repeated until he had a tight knot, and snipped it with his thread scissors. When he was done, he wrapped the stretchy cloth around Sportacus, making it snug but not too tight.

He hadn’t realized he was leaning over Sportacus when he spoke. “I’m sorry, Robbie,” he said, and Robbie realized that was what he was trying to say earlier. Tears were still streaming down his face, and Robbie cupped his cheeks with both hands, resting his forehead against Sportacus’.

“You scared me… don’t do that again,” Robbie whispered. He delicately kissed Sportacus’ lips, and rested his forehead against his again. “I love you.”


The final sequence in Bonnie and Clyde, which includes sixty shots in less than a minute, took longer to film than anything else in the movie. [Arthur] Penn used four cameras for every setup, each one filming from the same angle but running at a different speed. He extended the gunfire from five seconds to twenty-five; he rigged Beatty and Dunaway with dozens of squibs and blood packets that would be set off when Beatty squeezed a pear Clyde was eating; he attached a piece of prosthetic scalp to Beatty’s head that an off screen makeup man would pull off using an invisible nylon thread (a subliminally fast moment designed expressly to evoke memories of the Kennedy assassination); he tied one of Dunaway’s legs to the gearshift of the car so that she would eventually be able to fall dead according to “the laws of gravity” without hurting herself; and he devised separate pieces of choreography for Beatty, who is quickly knocked onto the dusty road by bullets and Dunaway, who dances like a marionette behind the steering wheel, unable to even fall over as the bullets jolt her in every direction. “There’s a moment in death where the body no longer functions, when it becomes an object and has a certain kind of detached, ugly beauty,” he said. “It was that aspect I was trying to get.” Penn mapped out every shot in advance, including the fast, flashing sequence of close-ups in which Beatty and Dunaway realize what’s happening and lock eyes. The elaborate setup of the squibs meant that he had time to film the scene from only two angles each day. On the fourth afternoon, he was done. 

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ok so, in a post apocalyptic situation, what material would be best for stitches? i've seen about equal camps for heavy black thread and fishing line. is one better than the other? what sort of needle is needed? curved or straight, heavy or thin? are we talking a needle for buttons or a needle for a mattress? does it vary depending on the wound?

Fishing line is the best out of improvised sutures. It’s hypoallergenic, easily sterilized, cheap, and would be easy-ish to find in a postapocalyptic setting. Use it with any curved needle (a tailor’s round needle, for example) if you’re looking for an improvised needle, or bend a regular sewing needle around a round metal post to make it curved. Straight needles would be extremely difficult to use for sewing up people.

Other usable materials include nylon carpet thread (single-filament, looks very similar to fishing line), horsehair, and silk.

Cotton thread isn’t a wonderful idea, because cotton has short fibers that can end up stuck in the wound when the sutures are removed and breed infection. If its the only option, “ordinary sewing cotton, white, No. 30″ is the way to go. If the suture material needs to be smaller, black No. 50 is also usable. Likewise, though popularized by the Winchesters, regular (nylon) dental floss (even unflavored) isn’t a super great idea (only for super duper desperate emergency suturing) because it’s thick and can contain irritating chemicals.

Anything your characters would use would need to be sterilized, including the needles, the suture materials, and anything they’re going to touch (like if your characters are using hemostats or pliers as needle holders). It might be difficult to sterilize, but you can get close with boiling for 10 minutes. Alternatively, soaking in rubbing alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or even lemon juice can get them disinfected enough to work. If no anesthesia, though, residual disinfecting chemicals can be pretty painful when introduced to a wound.

Iserson, K. V. (2016). Improvised medicine: providing care in extreme environments. New York: McGraw Hill Education.

Make Your Own Rainbow Pride Shirt in 10 Easy Steps

It’s pride season! That means parades, picnics, community, celebration, and DIY crafts for all your pride gear needs (that’s what we all do… right?). Making a tie-dye rainbow flag shirt can be a fun Saturday craft to get you ready for your June festivities.

Materials Needed

  • Rit Liquid Dye. You’ll only need the three primary colors (rather than the entire rainbow), and you can get these for about four dollars a bottle at any craft store (and some grocery stores).

  • We used Cherry Red, Lemon Yellow, and Royal Blue. The cherry red turns out a bit magenta, but it works well for creating a fun, bright shirt. The yellow is really bright and perfect for this, but the blue is a bit dark. Feel free to experiment with other shades of the primaries!
  • A bucket for each color, a metal or plastic rod to stir with, a sheet to cover the floor, nylon thread, a rag to wipe your hands (or gloves), and scissors

  • Your shirt!

    Of course, we used a plain white shirt for this, but anything that is longer than it is wide will work. Rainbow tank tops, rainbow shorts, rainbow sheets… the possibilities are endless!

Dying Your Shirt

Preparing your shirt

  1. Lay your shirt flat on the ground (as shown above).
  2. Fold the sleeves of your shirt in so that your shirt is a straight rectangle.
  3. Loosely roll your shirt so that it is long and skinny.

    It is important that you fold your shirt loosely; if you fold it tightly, the dye will not reach the center of the shirt.
  4. Use long pieces of nylon thread to section off the shirt into area for the three primary colors.

    The top section will be for red, the middle section for yellow, and the last section for blue. Because we will get the secondary colors by mixing the other dyes, it is important that yellow gets the biggest section; it should be enough for three bands of colors (orange, yellow, and green). The section for blue should be large enough for two bands of colors (blue and purple).
  5. Tightly tie the nylon thread where you had sectioned the colors off and cut the excess thread off.

    (Blurry photo, and my toes! Sorry about that)

    The tighter you tie the thread, the less likely it is that the colors will mix unevenly or mix where you don’t want the to mix. Ideally, the places where there is not nylon will be very loose and flow-y, but it will be cinched tight where you have tied it. As you can see in the second photo, I looped my thread around multiple times and double knotted it to ensure that it was securely tied.

Dying your Shirt

  1. Prepare the dye as instructed on the bottle. Make sure that the yellow and red are very concentrated.
  2. Carefully dip the middle section into the yellow dye.

    As shown in the picture, dip right up to the thread, but no higher. This ensures the cleanest cut line possible for tie-dye. Also, make sure that you dip the shirt multiple time so that you have a strong, bold color.
  3. Wring the shirt out and lay it out on the sheet. Cut off the nylon thread that separates the yellow and red sections (the top one)

    Unroll this part of the shirt.

    By unrolling it and rerolling it, you ensure that the color is evenly spread.
  4. Reroll the top part of the shirt and tie it again, but about an inch and a half to two inches into the yellow, depending on how much orange you want in your shirt.

  5. Dip the entire top section into the red dye. Just like before, go just up to the thread, but no further.

    However, one or two dips will give you the orange you need; any more, and you will just have blood orange. ( ;) ) It is still important to make sure that you let the red section soak thoroughly.
    Tip: Be wary of letting your shirt rest on the side of the bucket; the dye of whatever color is in the bucket will splash on the side and potentially get that color in a section you did not want it.

  6. Wring your shirt out and lay it on the sheet. You do not have to cut the top nylon thread (in fact, leaving it on there will prevent unwanted bleeding between yellow and orange).

    Repeat the steps in number four to create your section for green and blue.

  7. Repeat the steps in number five for dipping the shirt into the blue bucket. The end result will look something like this:

    Starting to look like a rainbow! :)
  8. Just like in the picture above, section off the area you want purple in by tying it off from the rest of the blue.

  9. Carefully dip this final section into the red dye until you have the shade of purple you want.
  10. Unroll your completed shirt and let it dry outside!

    You’re ready to enjoy Pride in rainbow style!

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Could you please post a photo of your bracelets? Pretty please?

i’m guessing you mean the ones that i’m usually wearing…?  sure!  no problem.

i made all of these, but if you’re asking about different ones that i’ve made and maybe posted somewhere else, just say so and i’ll try to get you those photos!

here are the ones on my left wrist:

(from left to right) crocheted seed beads * cotton cord and a scarab bead i made using mainly polymer clay * double wrap bracelet made with cotton cord and various stones * nylon thread macrame with carnelian beads and a yellow magnesite turtle * 6mm bronze chain links and soft elastic

right wrist:

a hand-stitched tube 11/0 delica seed beads around two no-slip hair ties * 6mm bronze chain links and multicolored rubber o-rings * superduo and normal czech glass seed beads strung into an elastic mini-cuff * hand-stitched peyote tube with green and mottled tan seed beads with elastic and 4mm green turquoise rondelles

How, the sky as my witness
I had stitched last night my chest
with a needle, a thread of nylon,
quick hands as good as a surgeon.

But he comes and preparations
are lost, his presence adding insult
to a wound sutured and gauzed.
I am all the same, bloodied and wan.
Oh he comes and as soon, I become undone.

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Sorry if that's overly specific, but BASICALLY it's motorcycle Oliver + Nurse Felicity :3 It can be short and fluffy, take your time <3

also probably loosely based on this video….oops?

ficstalkers: arrows-and-fairytales, olicitykisses, smoakinamell, dumplingnooona, justanother90sbaby, flash-smoak-and-arrows, redpendreaming, lieutenantsmoak, amellthirst

Reaching for the chart hanging from the foot of the hospital bed, Felicity looked up at her last patient of the day. She was glad her shift was almost over, it had been exhausting. Even though the annual Charity motor race brought in a lot of money for Starling General, she didn’t agree with it. A lot of racers often got hurt because the event tended to get quite heated and violent. She had put in extra hours to help out wherever she was needed because today was the busiest of all days for the staff.

The tip of her pen traveled down the sheet. Broken arm, sprained ankle and a nasty cut on his head that needed stitches. Ah yes, that’s what she was here for, the stitches. Felicity had reluctantly taken over this patient from Sara last minute as the latter was rushed to the ER. Anyways, she was here for the stitches. The broken arm had been set and put in a cast by Doctor Merlyn earlier. Good, so at least he wouldn’t be in a lot of pain. She couldn’t have helped him with that. Well, technically she could, she knew how to reset a broken bone, but she wasn’t a doctor. She could probably be a doctor if she wanted to, but it just wasn’t for her. There was something about the nurse/patient relationship, a closeness if you will, that a patient and a doctor would never have. Felicity loved listening to all the stories her patients told her and seeing their faces regain color and moods brighter as they healed.

“Alright!” She said cheerily, clipping the chart back to the bed. “How are we doing today, Mr. Queen?”

“Pretty good considering I can’t ride my bike for two months. And, a little drowsy.” He sighed, the words slipping out of his mouth with a sleepy hum.

Felicity looked up at him, sympathy in her eyes.  She stared at him for a second, okay maybe a little longer than a second (she was a mere human, after all, and he was so gorgeous it was ridiculous). He had sandy blonde hair that stuck into a million different directions. He was tan with piercing blue eyes and just the right amount of scruff. Her tongue peeked out to wet her chapped lips and then it hit her.

“Wait. Why are you here, shouldn’t you be in intensive care?”

Mr. Queen. Or well, Oliver Queen. Motorcycling king of Starling —which she now realized not only rhymed but was also horribly fitting considering his last name—was sitting here barely untouched while Felicity had been so sure he would end up in a coma.

“How… I mean… You should be half-dead right now. I saw you crash. How are you even breathing on your own?” She hurried to his side, boldly taking his face in her hands looking for signs of trauma. She peered into his blue orbs, breath taken away from her for a split-second as she examined him.

“I guess I was lucky.” He smiled and it felt like her heart sighed. Gosh, he was even prettier up close.

He giggled and Felicity couldn’t help but stare at him a little dumbfounded.  Her eyes spotted the needle sticking out of his arm. Right, he was getting high on anesthetics. She smiled a little at the goofy grin and started prepping the suture equipment.

“Are you my nurse?” He asked.

She smiled softly and pulled on her latex gloves . “Yes I am.”

His head lolled to the side, goofy grin still in place as he looked at her. “What’s your name?”

She looked at him in surprise, hands stilling as she was soaking  a small piece of cloth in iodine. “Felicity.”

Chuckling, he scrunched up his nose a little. “That’s a pretty name.”

“Thank you.” She said, placing the suture kit on the bedside table. She sat down on the edge of the hospital bed and started prepping the first stitch.

“Felicity. Fe-li-ci-ty. F’licity.” He was smiling as he let her name roll over his tongue, savoring it like a fine wine. Then he laughed again.

She smiled at him in response and put a hand on his shoulder. She was trying to stay professional, but he was being so darn adorable. “Alright, now hold still for me. This might sting a little.”

Reaching up, she dabbed the cloth covered in iodine to the cut just above his eyebrow. He winced a little and then continued to blatantly stare at her. She attached the needle to the nylon thread.

“You’re so beautiful, Felicity.” He sighed. “I kinda want to kiss you.”

Felicity blushed, took a deep breath and moved closer to him so she could start patching him up. She held up the needle and put a hand against his forehead to hold him still.

“You ready?” She asked.

“For you? Always.” He said, smiling widely in amusement at himself and Felicity took that moment that he was a little distracted to drive the needle through his skin. She knew how nauseating the feel of someone tugging at your skin could be so she tried to do it as quickly and swiftly as possible. Oliver whined a little in protest but Felicity was positive he wasn’t in any real pain, only mild discomfort.

“So, Fe-li-ci-ty. You have a boyfriend?” Oliver hummed, chuckling a little.

Felicity shook her head and smiled. “Nope.” She said, popping the p. “How about you, Oliver?”

He started grinning again. “No, silly. I don’t have a boyfriend. I like pretty girls like you.”

She laughed, tying a knot in the medical nylon before cutting it off.

Your laugh sounds melodiful.” He sighed.

“Don’t you mean melodious?” Felicity asked as she pierced his skin with the needle again. She was almost finished and she was surprised by how little Oliver had complained.

“Ah, yes. Of course. I’m so silly, making up words and stuff.”

She lightly petted his cheek and smiled at him.

“We should get married.” He said.

Felicity raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Usually guys ask me to dinner or coffee before proposing.” She laughed.

“Then we’ll go have dinner or coffee. Or both if you want to.”

Smiling softly, Felicity finished up on the last stitch and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Alright, but only because you’ve been so brave today.”

She knew he probably wouldn’t remember much of this entire conversation so she lightly pecked him on the cheek. It was probably the only chance she would ever get to kiss Oliver freaking Queen on the cheek, so damn Hospital rules for a second cause she was taking that chance.

“Now. Go get some rest and let your body heal, okay? Can you do that for me?”

He nodded. “For you. Anything.”

She chuckled and stood up from the bed, lightly touching his cheek before taking the suture kit and pulling away completely.

“See you on our first date.” He called out after her. Felicity laughed and nodded.

“See you on our first date.”

Smiling, she walked out of his room, and just before she close the door behind her, she heard him talk to himself.

“Awh Man! I hit the jackpot!”

She closed the door and burst out into laughter. She got a tingly feeling inside, and she was a little ashamed to admit that Oliver Queen’s famous charms were having an effect on the butterflies in her stomach.

She saw him again the next day after her shift. He was up and walking around the halls. Okay, well more like limping. The color had returned to his cheeks a bit, it was obvious that if anything, he was well rested and happy.

“Felicity!” He called out when he spotted her.

She turned on her heel and smiled politely. “Mr. Queen. How are you feeling today?”

“Better. A lot less drowsy. But please, Call me Oliver”

She nodded and bowed her head a little. “Alright. Oliver.”

He smirked, “Listen, I have question.”

“Ask away.” She said smiling.

“How much do you remember of the conversation we had last night?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” She deadpanned.

He let out a breathy laugh. “Yeah, well, you see, I really do wanna take you to dinner or coffee sometime.”

Her eyebrows flew up.  “Oh. Really?!”

Oliver nodded. “Yeah. Really. What do you say?”

“Uhm. Well, I usually don’t go out with patients of mine..” Oliver’s face fell instantly, and she felt an excitement fill her stomach at his obvious disappointment, “But, it’s the end of my shift and I could really use some dinner or coffee right now.”