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The Joys of Revenge

It’s only the first night and he’s already regretting it big time. Whatever made him agree to take up on his sister’s offer to live together…

Another moan resonates through the house and Ayato presses his pillow harder onto his ears in an attempt to block out the horrifying noise – fucking hell he doesn’t need to know how his sister sounds while doing the nasty! Because it’s been too many years since they’ve been living together he stays, but he is sorely tempted to leave.

“Slept well last night?”

If his eyebags and wrinkles were anything to go by, that question is redundant. “Yeah, best night ever. Didn’t know there was a lullaby service in this house.”

Touka at least has the decency to blush unlike her husband who just continues to stuff his mouth with the day’s hunt. She clears her throat, trying to gain Kaneki’s attention but the dude is too oblivious to anything but food at the moment. A pinch to the thigh works well enough. “What?”

“Ayato wants to say something.”

Kaneki’s eyes turns to the younger ghoul, and because his bones started to hurt, Ayato mumbles, “Nothing” and stares at his breakfast like a defeated puppy.


She walks with a slight skip in her steps and her pace picks up when her nose smells something familiar and warm. Hinami opens the door and greets the new occupant with a sweet smile, “Ayato!” Without any warning, she lets go of her bag and run towards her old partner and tackles him with a tight hug.

“H-Hey, Hinami. Long time no see?”

It’s awkward and stiff after years of not doing it but he raises his arms to hug her as well. How long has it been since she last been in his arms? After the disbandment of Aogiri, Hinami decided to go to :re and join her family. Even though she had assured him that all of them would welcome him, Ayato left the very next day for fear he may cave in to his true feelings. Excluding last night’s disgusting audio, he’s glad to be home because she is here.

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