nylon bust

Do you remember how exciting it was to get a new magazine? I’d come with my mom to the grocery store just so I could beg for one at the check out line. Sometimes she said yes and I chose which magazine so carefully, weighing thickness vs. content. My first magazine subscription was American Girl. Then Girl’s Life. Then Cosmogirl. In high school, it was Nylon, Bust, Spin, and Under the Radar. Fashion, feminism, and indie music. When I got a new magazine, I would lie stomach-down on my comforter, on my smoothly-made bed, and go through it methodically, page by page, devouring the thing.

I like thinking of my blog as the magazine I would want to read now. I try to make it a place I would want visit for inspiration. Not inspiration in the sense of motivational speeches and refrigerator magnets – although maybe those, too – but inspiration in the sense of what will get me out of bed today, what will make me excited to put on clothes and construct a self, what will I write about, what thoughts will shape my afternoon, what images will fill me with joy, what books should I be reading, how do I want to decorate my home? I am so interested in things and people. I want my blog to inspire me the way people inspire me the way good conversation inspires me the way a really satisfyingly cluttered store inspires me.

I love that blogs have become such a place of exchange. We swap diaries here, we share makeup tips, we pull books out of our purses and ask “have you read this one yet?” Tumblr is another way of cutting out magazine pictures and taping them to our walls. It is the mixed CDs I burned for my best friends in high school, the fashion shows we staged in my bedroom. I want to see everything – what do you find beautiful these days? What writers are knocking you sideways? What quotes keep churning through your mind on your worst days? How are you coping? What does your face look like when you are pleased with yourself? What do you hope and where did you get that dress and what are you cooking for dinner? I want to hear it all. I’ll be here – voracious, methodical, devouring. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.