nyla shepard

Shepard loves teasing Garrus since he’s a little awkward. Plus it’s her birthday.

Guess what’s in the present…

So this is my shepard, Nyla. Her character is pretty much what the game has given. A strong leader, kind (paragon road), loving, sexy, yeah all that and more. She’s everything that I hope to be one day, I seriously love her!! She’s a colonist who was exposed to element zero while she was in the womb thus becoming the only biotic in the colony. She survived the batarian slavery attack because of her ability but couldn’t save her parents because they were used as hostages and the killers never kept their word on letting them go. She then joined the alliance, in honor of her parents, to fight for the helpless and to protect everyone from threat! Anywho HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEPARD!! AND ALL YOU OTHER SHEPARDS!! :D

… it’s fish. lots of fish. and they’re alive.

Speedpaint of my Femshep Her name is Nyla Shepard: Vangaurd-Colonist-Warhero. I attempted to make that biotic glow effect as you can see didn’t really work out. She’s who I’ve been putting in the comics and I’ll be using her for the rest of the Mass Effect comics, unless personally requested otherwise.


So like i know there’s not really any unrequited stuff going on here but let me tell you!! (because i got too lazy to draw) So Shepard, despite her toughness and strength and power and her.. commander-ness, she surprisingly has some moments where she’s cute. For instance her not being able to open the jar. When Vega usually catches these moments and it definitely makes him crush on her more. Anyway, thank you to the anon for this cute idea! Although i didn’t really plan it out well…. forgive me.

Part 1 (1-6)

1. Take a picture of your workspace

I’m so very poor….

2. Show your pencil case and whats inside.

Im kinda too lazy. It’s an owl pencil case with markers and pens and my exacto knife

3. Show the thing you last drew no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

I’m making a mini comic with my Nyla Shepard :) It’s going to take forever. Also drawing Garrus is hard.

4. Lineart or Coloring?

I really like both! I guess I’m better with lineart though. I suck at coloring

5. Who/What inspires you?

I dont know! All I gotta say is when I have ideas in my head and it actually pulls through on paper I’m happy. And when I’m not feeling lazy.

6. Draw a sim pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.