Photos from Biophilia Tour - Feb 15, 2012 - New York Hall of Science.  We were standing pretty much in the drum kit (as you can see), and we got to follow along with the set list.  I didn’t want to be a jerk, so I didn’t take any photos during the performance, but we got a lot of the set up.  

I’m seeing Bjork at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, and can’t wait.  



As a NYSCI explainer “alumni” pursuing a career in informal science education, I’m pretty psyched to find this blog and thought you might be interested in a recent post of mine: http://realcleverscience.tumblr.com/post/4606155011/surveys-confirm-enormous-value-of-science-museums

Ari @ RCS

Hey! Thanks Ari, I’m psyched you found our blog. I just started yesterday so it still needs work … good to know we have alumni out there keeping an eye out for us. Keep in touch!



Check it out, the New York Hall of Science - my “alma mater” - has a tumblr! (And I found it on its second day! That’s either awesome or creepy!)