MakerFaire @ the NY Hall of Science!

So, as luck would have it, I was fairly sick on Friday and Saturday, which meant I missed the first day of MakerFaire. Very, very unfortunate =(

Thankfully, I was feeling better by Sunday and went off with some friends to check out the amazing DIY festivities at the NY Hall of Science.

Some of you may have seen some of my photos and posts from yesterday, but I’ve still got a bunch up my sleeves (since I couldn’t get my camera to work at the computer yesterday, so all I uploaded yesterday was from my friend’s smartphone!). So, hopefully today and tomorrow I’ll be posting some more photo highlights from the MakerFaire.

Also, if you weren’t there, you honestly missed out. This is my second MakerFaire at NYSCI and all I could think as it was ending was, “wow, can’t wait till next year!” (And definitely go for both days! There’s just so much to do and see and not nearly enough time, even with two days!)


Photos from Biophilia Tour - Feb 15, 2012 - New York Hall of Science.  We were standing pretty much in the drum kit (as you can see), and we got to follow along with the set list.  I didn’t want to be a jerk, so I didn’t take any photos during the performance, but we got a lot of the set up.  

I’m seeing Bjork at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, and can’t wait.  



As a NYSCI explainer “alumni” pursuing a career in informal science education, I’m pretty psyched to find this blog and thought you might be interested in a recent post of mine: http://realcleverscience.tumblr.com/post/4606155011/surveys-confirm-enormous-value-of-science-museums

Ari @ RCS

Hey! Thanks Ari, I’m psyched you found our blog. I just started yesterday so it still needs work … good to know we have alumni out there keeping an eye out for us. Keep in touch!



Check it out, the New York Hall of Science - my “alma mater” - has a tumblr! (And I found it on its second day! That’s either awesome or creepy!)