Nanda was giving me her headcanons of Meyer and AR’s pocket contents

and I think this shit is really fun so here are those and also I added mine~

Meyer’s pockets: one chewed up pencil, two packets of heroin, a brand new pencil, a notebook that looks like AR’s but is brand new and very neatly written in, two day old lists that make sense only to him and a large amount of cash…more then 500 less then 5k

AR’s pockets: one very beat up note book with pages missing, old receipts and torn articles from newspaper that are either about him or have been turned into IOUs (tucked into said notebook), one of Carolyn’s rings (either to front as collateral or for a momento remains to be seen), in the opposite pocket a pair of cufflinks that might belong to either boy, bag of figs, two hard toffees never eaten, his bankroll- more then 5k less then (but only barely) 100k, a gun

Charlie’s pockets: Gold lighter and matching cigarette case. Two packets of heroin, one bottle of opium (5mL) with dropper. A spare set of cufflinks, not necessarily his own. Apartment keys. One pocket knife, two bobby pins. A woman’s silver bracelet, stolen. Roughly 7k in cash, rolled, and a folded IOU (possibly Rothstein’s handwriting). Four quarters, one nickel. Extra revolver shells. One pack spearmint chewing gum.