nyfw summer 2014

Hello sweethearts, it’s almost weekend! YAY! 

I wanted to create an inspired look today. I had a free day from school today and I was watching the New York Fashion Week on Vogue US and the Victoria Beckham Spring - Summer collection of 2014 caught my eye. 

I really liked the sophisticated looks, now you see black - white colors, but there’re also some bright pink, citron yellow and green items. All the pieces are amazing, I love it! (Sadly the items are extremely expensive!)

So I wanted to create an inspired outfit by the first look that entered the Catwalk! 

More information about the clothing: 

I’ve created an outfit where all items are from starbazaar. You can search them and buy them in the bazaar OR you can look for the items I searched for you guys in Starplaza that look similar! 

Silk Ribbon Tunic - Elle (not available, check starbazaar)

You can find lots of basic white dresses and tunics in Starplaza: 

1. Graduation dress - Voile (120 Starcoins)

2. White Long-sleeves dress - Velvet Orchid (14SD)

3. Heart imprint dress - Evil Panda (8SD)

Classic white blazer - Archive (not available, check starbazaar)

There are lots of white blazers in Starplaza now:

1. White blazer - Decades (10SD)

2. Euforia blazer - Nelly (24SD)

3. Stan sweater - Killah (18SD)

Michael Stage trousers - Royalty (available, 9SD, only for Royalty)

Also for the trousers, you can find black cropped trousers:

1.Cropped Audrey pants - Film Theory (84 Starcoins)

2. Studded jeans - Fallen Angel (40 Starcoins)

3. Goswin trousers - Miss Sixty (16SD)

Leather bag - DKNY (not available, check starbazaar)

Favorite red bags you can find in Starplaza: 

1. Pleather bag - Rio (6SD)

2. Bowler bag - YSL Tribute (32SD)

3. Basic redwood tote - Basics (22 Starcoins)

Cut out platforms - Archive (not available, check starbazaar)

Other similar platforms I’ve found in the stores: 

1. Moddy shoes - Diesel (11SD)

2. Colbie platforms - Rio (50 Starcoins)

3. White wedges - Film Theory (7SD)

Leopard print scarf - Bonjour Bizou (not available, check starbazaar)

There are no leopard printed scarves in Starplaza, here are others I like:

1. Sorbet scarf - Wild Candy (62 Starcoins)

2. Scarf - Diesel (7SD)

3. Black scarf - Fallen Angel (40 Starcoins)

I hope you like it! :) 

Have fun shopping, my dear sweethearts! 

Lots of love, 

Luna x