nyfw ss 2011

Katya Kulyzhka (in) Models Street Style

When I saw this image in my perusing, the line from Flo Rida’s song “In the Ayer” came up: “OH hot damn!" OMG! I am so glad I do not drive during fashion week. Can you imagine all the crashes I would end up in because there are just so many stunning women within less than a mile radius from me! But the even more serious issue here is the question, is she even legal? How old is she?

And my worries about young girls often being taken advantage of in the industry resurface when it hits me that many of the models I photograph are so young, and so many miss out on their childhood in pursuit of this realistically unglamourous life…

Mick Szal & Jourdana Phillips (in) Models, NYFW SS 2011

I met Mick during Resort season and told her that we would see each other during NYFW. And we did by chance on Day 1. She is a very friendly and beautiful girl with a rock n roll attitude. And this is my first and only time photographing Jourdana so far. She is quite a beauty.

Karlie Kloss (in) Models, NYFW SS 2010

After Derek Lam. It was raining and sweet ol’ Karlie asked for us photographers to promise her we would go inside and keep out of the rain to not get sick. I think anyone, who has been following me for over 3 months now, would already know how I feel about Karlie.