nyfw fw 2011

NYFW FW 2011: Thank You!!!

This has been a very heart-warming fashion week, and I don’t even know where to begin and how to write and share with you some of the beautiful experiences that a camera cannot capture and words cannot describe.

But let’s start somewhere… because I know there are people who read and follow this blog that appreciate the additional commentary. And I encourage all and anyone to go to fashion week and at least observe and be a part of the experience in whatever capacity fits your interests. Join the fun!

Anyway, there is one thing about being beautiful, but physical beauty is very subjective. So many women that I think are physically appealing are not appreciated by my friends in the same way, and vice versa. However, internal beauty and true kindness is something everyone can agree upon.

I just want to thank all the models who have been so kind and gracious to me!!! So many wonderful girls!!! THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH THIS ALWAYS HAPPY AND CRAZY GUY! I hope to make you smile as you have made me also! I mean honestly I just want to be around to make everyone smile and laugh! I’m not around fashion week trying to hook up with a model as you all know by now. Short guy and tall girl combo does not make for a complimenting romantic photo… There are no sketchy and perverted motives. I am around because I love photographing some of the most beautiful women in the world when they are all united in one area for a whole week. And I love people who appreciate beauty and fashion like I do!

And also, I want to thank the designers, publicists, and show organizers for your invitations and kindness. I want to thank my photography friends who have been so loving and supportive to me in the streets. I want to thank all the people that have said that they have seen this blog and followed it. So sweet of you to waste your time! I love making friends and I wish there were more people to talk to when I am free!

And finally, last but not least.. I want to tell you that today the street security guard that had a confrontation with me last fashion week told me he respected me for whatever I do because he saw that I was actually being effective and was a good guy. He had misjudged me and thought i was paparazzi or some random street kid trying to sneak into the tents when in fact I had credentials all along. I just don’t show off and can care less if people base their prejudice on me because I look so young and unbelonging. When people open their eyes to the world and just observe without prejudice, one can learn so much. I was almost late to a show because I had a bad run-in with a new security who was too ignorant to listen and understand what I was trying to tell him. His boss later came and apologize and then the guy that supposedly hated me last fashion week stood up and said that his coworker was just being stupid. I guess I somehow won over him without even trying. Weird, but he said he has been observing me throughout the week and he felt I really belong in this thing called fashion week. I guess my belief that you can soften and make people kinder when you show consistence genuine respect and kindness to the world works.

P.S. Someone very sweet and thoughtful bought me a gift today. Thank you!!! <3