nyfa alumni

Letter of Gratitude From a Former New York Film Academy Student

Received: May 10, 2011 

Dear Mr. Sherlock,

I recently completed an 8 week filmmaking course in December in 2010 and I felt compelled to write and express my deep gratitude and satisfaction of the course and of your staff.

Prior to enrolling in the course I had the distinct pleasure of being assisted by Albert Cheng. Albert was so helpful and pleasant that I knew I would have a wonderful experience at NYFA. Even though I was not a student yet, he made sure I had the opportunity to sit in a class and accommodate my personal schedule. His welcoming attitude was a factor in my decision to enroll in the program. Once I became a student, Albert always greeted me with a smile, knew my name and gave me the attention I needed as a new student. He is the perfect ambassador for your academy and his presence at the front desk is a warm welcome.

I also have to commend the academy for the instructors and other staff members that made my experience a complete joy. First, Barron Myers, who was my admissions counselor, on his knowledge about the program and assistance on my enrollment. Secondly, Ben Pope and his assistant Jen on always helping other students and myself all day with issues, and always doing it with a warm and genuine smile. They never seemed to be annoyed with the line of students who would wait for them for film, permits, etc.

Lastly, my instructors, Billy Tyler Smith, Arsenio Assin and Peter Hobbs. Each teacher encouraged and motivated the students with the knowledge and the desire to create. I was so inspired by their passion and knowledge that I looked forward to my classes everyday. I never missed a class in those 8 weeks and the time seem to have flown by.

In closing, I feel the academy not only fosters an excellent program but also employs admirable people who create and foster the perfect atmosphere for future filmmakers. I thank you and your staff for one of the most amazing experiences of my up to date life.


Rosanna D.