Welcoming a new member...
  • Ahmedz (Raindrops Answers):Are you guys okay with adding a new guy to the group?
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):That's okay
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):Who is it?
  • Ahmedz (Raindrops Answers):Nyerpy
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):Cool
  • Ahmedz (Raindrops Answers):he does Ask Allie Way and Poofdoodle Action Force
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):'Allie' make sure he gets treated the right 'Way'
  • Bak:oh
  • Bak:i will ensure that
  • MXC (Hothlonian Ponies):That was a pun, Bak
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):Yes it was
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):A wonderful one at that