nyeh see

One thing I love about the Ghost fandom is that sense of sharing that you don’t seem to get in other fandoms. In a lot of fandoms, when a fan has a fave, then they can get pretty viciously possessive, as if another fan isn’t allowed to like their favourite - and that’s quite scary and sort of becomes a competition saying ‘I liked them more than you, nyeh nyeh’… You see it all the time with crap like One Direction. We never seem to snipe at eachother, apart from maybe one situation I can think of in particular… I’m sure most of you know what I’m referring to.

Then again what we get is just this big massive orgy of ‘hnnggg’ and ‘ffffff’ at varying band members and I think that’s something really quite beautiful.

I love that we’re the lesser evil of a lot of fandoms, there’s no evil in this fandom I don’t personally think. Only in the lyrics and the occasional ‘oh my lucifer’ and the ‘hail satan’s. We’re not actually evil. We’re just lusty fuckers. But we’re completely unified in it, damnit! 

Can I get a nemA up in here right now?