nye fun

Hey y'all I’m going through some major artist’s block atm so I’ll be posting a bit more of my traditional art I’ve been doing in class.
These are my Pokemon gijinkas (minus two more members of the pyukumuku family)
From left to right we have
Melanie: A pyukumuku gal from a real big and powerful family who ran away due to the distasteful way her manipulative older brother is now running the family. She’s stubborn and has a hard time saying what she means and is often mistaken for being hostile as she looks much more threatening than she is or knows. She’s currently crashing at Iggy’s place to avoid being tracked by her brother Terry. She cannot stand him in the slightest and is hoping to run into her younger sister who had left long before Melanie did.

Terry: He is the eldest of his family and now the leader of his large family business due to the sudden “tragic” death of his father. He is a very manipulative soul and keeps his allies close through basic emotional manipulation. Any honesty this family had left is now gone as their hiring process is nothing more than actually hypnotizing the unemployed with his newly employed hypno gijinka guards. He has a larger plan and feels that even one missing piece in the puzzle could send his castle of cards crashing down. That’s why he wants his sister back so desperately. He’s trying his best to track her down so he can make his next move.

Iggy: Iggy is a Zubat girl who’s pretty average. Nothing really eventful had happened to her untill she opened her door and found Melanie looking for a place to stay. She’s a energetic gal and she’s always looking to try something new, especially if it gets her adrenalin pumping in the end. Iggy does not know when to shut her mouth and this can end up leading to a lot of trouble. Melanie fears what would happen if Terry ever gets a hold of her.

Larson: Larson is a luvdisc and the life guard and basic care taker of his family run beach. He’s a no nonsense guy and is trying his best to keep Iggy from breaking all the god damn rules on his beach. He’s a flirt when he finds a cute guy though this never ends well due to fact that pretty much every one mistakes him as a female with all the pink and all….
He is just casual friends with Melanie and Iggy though if things keep going the way their going chances are he is going to get tangled up in Melanie’s “family issues”