DA Character Reference Chart: aka. ‘Underwear I would like to own’

Left to right: Elspeth ‘Wren’ Lavellan, Rosalyn Adaar, Ilynwe Lavellan, Nydha’sa’nalinaë (Nydha), Jocelyn Hawke, Kestrel Mahariel, Ysobel Surana

Respective class: Mage (Arcane Warrior), Archer, Mage (Rift), Mage (Weird fade shit), Mage (Force), Rogue (Dual-wield), Mage (Entropy)

I’ve been meaning to draw all my ladies together in one picture for ages, and here they are in all their glory. This started as a height and body type exercise, and finally got finished. Underwear was picked to reflect their personalities and tastes, though if this was truly accurate Wren and Nydha would be going nude. Nydha is technically Arlathan era, however she has a fic of her own so she gets to join the team. 

Warmth (A Solavellan Fic)

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Cold. That was just one of the words to describe the vast snowy land that was Emprise Du Lion. Miera and her companions seemed to have been trekking through the thick snow for what felt like days. The party offered their aid to the devestated town of Sahrnia. There was so much to be done.

They turned their focus on capturing Suledin Keep. It was a large enough structure to maintain a foothold in the area. It would be vital to their mission, but yet it was a lengthy trek through the treacherous environment of Red Lyrium and groups of Red Templars. From sealing Rifts to taking back small camps, the group grew weary.

The cold and exhaustion were setting in. A shiver wracked Miera’s body. The frosty air bit at her exposed flesh. She could feel her hands and feet steadily beginning to numb from the cold. She pulled her cloak tighter as she continued walking. Miera was very determined to cover as much ground as she possibly could for the sun was beginning to set.


Dorian groaned loudly. “Fasta vass! It is bloody cold!” He hugged himself as he walked. He glanced over at the Iron Bull, who not in the least seemed to be bothered by the chill. “How can you be trekking around in weather like this wearing barely nothing?” He exclaimed, teeth chattering slightly. The Iron Bull bellowed out a deep laugh. “Qunari are warm natured. We don’t get cold easily.” All Dorian could do is roll his eyes.

Miera laughed softly at the exchange between her friends. She could tell the exhaustion was setting in. Solas was being unnaturally quiet, Dorian was quite irritable, and Bull wasn’t making as much lewd commentary as usual. She decided it would be best to stop and make camp for the night. “I think it would be a good time to set up camp. We are clearly cold and exhausted.”

Everyone was in agreement and began to unpack the essentials for setting up camp. It didn’t take them long. The group of four were quite eager to settle down by a nice fire with a hot meal before retiring to their bedrolls. The party worked together to set up camp and finally got dinner started.


Miera and her companions sat closely around the fire as they enjoyed their much needed meal. Dorian glanced up at the starry night sky, wrapping his cloak around him tightly. “By the Maker…I will be so glad when we finally leave this awful place. I can barely feel my toes or anything else for that matter.” The Iron Bull couldn’t resist but lean in closely. “I can think of a way to warm you up.” Dorian smacked his shoulder and huffed. “Shut it. You always have your mind elsewhere.”

Bull simply laughed. “Well you know where to find me.” The qunari stood up and glanced over at Miera and Solas. “See you in the morning, boss. Solas.” He nodded his head to the unusually silent apostate.“Goodnight, Iron Bull.” Miera bid the qunari goodnight as well before glancing over at Solas. Dorian soon followed after the Iron Bull, leaving the two elves alone by the fire.

At that moment a slight breeze blew through their small camp causing Miera to pull her cloak even tighter around her. Her shoulders trembled slightly. Without a word, Solas wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her against him. She was caught by surprise. Her clear blue eyes glanced up at him curiously. “Vhenan….You have been unusually quiet today. Is everything alright?” She spoke softly.

Solas gazed at her, expression softening when he could see the concern she had for him. “It’s been a long day, Vhenan. I’m quite exhausted. No need to be concerned.” He used his other hand to brush the blonde locks from her face, tucking them gently behind her pointed ear. She gave him a small smile before laying her head upon his shoulder.

Solas held her tightly as if he was protecting her from the world around them. He hated omitting the truth from her. It would be so easy to tell her everything. He had much on his mind today. They were getting close to the end. After they returned from Emprise Du Lion, it wouldn’t be long before they readied their troop for the Arbor Wilds.

His mind had been plagued with thoughts of telling her the whole truth about himself. The what ifs and the what nots. Would she accept him? Would she call him a traitor and push him away? He closed his eyes and tightened his arms around her. He didn’t want to lose her, but in the back of his mind he knew he may have to let her go.


Moments passed between the two elves before Miera broke the comfortable silence. “Solas….” She peered up at him once more. He returned her gaze, giving her a small smile. “Yes?” He answered with such tenderness. “We should get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” Miera took his hand within her own, intertwining their fingers.

Solas hummed in response, giving her hand a light squeeze. “Indeed.” He stood, gently pulling her along with him. He waved his hand towards the fire and used his mana to dwindle it to nothing but a small flame. She tugged his hand gently to lead him towards the tent.

When the pair got inside, they dressed down to simple tunics and leggings and pushed their bedrolls together. The two elves soon settled into their bedroll under a thick fur blanket, tangling themselves within each other’s arms. They laid there facing one another. Solas reached out to caress her cheek lovingly. “Ar lath ma. Never forget that.” His voice was barely a whisper.

Miera leaned into his touch, turning her head to lightly kiss his palm. “Ar lath ma.” She repeated. Solas leaned in to capture her lips in a loving chaste kiss. At that moment, it seemed like nothing else mattered in the world, but them. They lost themselves in one another’s kiss. Solas slowly pulled away to place a soft peck upon her forehead before pressing his own against hers.

They felt so warm and content within each other’s embrace. It didn’t take long for the exhaustion to consume them. “On nydha, ma vhenan.” Solas murmured softly before placing one last kiss to her forehead. “On nydha, ma lath.” Miera could feel her eyelids grow heavy. The pair soon drifted into the Fade wrapped in each other’s arms.

I was originally just going to start translating this during my break and ended up finishing it. I had to change some lines because of the limitations in vocabulary - which made it about 100% sadder in my opinion. 

Elvish Lyrics:

Ane vunlea, ma sa'vunlea
Himan shathe melahn mith'ma
Tel'eolasas, emas ma'lath'in
Sathan tel'ir'veras ma vunlea

Nydha i’ve, la'var uneran
Unemathan na in ma era.
Elvar'nas elgar'vhen'an unhar em
Unnuman, unmi'nas'sal'inan.

Ar uth'lath ma i lanan na nehn.
Sathan dirthas ane ma vhenan.
Tel'varas em. Tel'ha'lam'shiras.
Junulas var ha'lam sa'vir.

Ane vunlea, ma sa'vunlea
Himan shathe melahn mith'ma
Tel'eolasas, emas ma'lath'in
Sathan tel'ir'veras ma vunlea.
Sathan tel'ir'veras ma vunlea.

Translated Lyrics:

You are my sunshine, my one sunshine.
I become happy when you are near.
You do not understand, you have my heart.
Please don’t steal my sunlight.

The night before, while I slept
I embraced you in my dream.
The cruel Fade deceived me.
I wept, mourning the loss of you.

I love you eternally and give you joy.
Please say you are my love/heart/home.
Don’t leave me. Don’t abandon.
You will regret our end one day.

You are my sunshine, my one sunshine.
I become happy when you are near.
You do not understand, you have my heart.
Please don’t steal my sunlight.
Please don’t steal my sunlight.

Original Lyrics:

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Interview My OC

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Art by @blackberreh-art

1. What is your name?
“Niyera Lavellan.  If I don’t like you, ‘Inquisitor’ will do.”

2. What is your real name?
*Bland stare.*  “That is my real name.”

3. Do you know why you were called that?
“My mother was I’ve'an'virelan…I think what the shem call a somniari.  A Dreamer.  She once told me that she met me in the Fade before I was born, while I was still in her belly.  She said we were friends before we were technically mother and daughter.”  *Niyera smiles faintly, gives her head a small shake before she speaks again.*  “I believe my name is her creative manipulation of the Elvhen words ‘ni’ for friend, 'era’ for dream, and 'nydha’ for the quiet of the night.  I was her nightly dream companion, she said.”  *She smirks suddenly.*  “She also said I cried quite loudly as an infant…and she sometimes preferred me in the Fade as I was apparently much quieter there.“

4. Are you single or taken?

5. Have any abilities or powers?
“Well.  Aside from the Mark, I am a mage.  I seem most attuned to elements of the storm…wind, lightning.”

6. Stop being a Mary Sue.
“Should I know what that means?”

7. What’s your eye colour?

8. How about your hair colour?

9. Have you any family members?
“I have no blood relatives.  Only friends I consider close enough to be family.”

10. Oh? What about pets?
“Mm.  I have a grey cat named Fade.  She was given to me as a kitten by a friend, Cole.”

11. That’s cool I guess, now tell me about something you don’t like.
“Orleasian formal functions.  Spiders.  Being wrong.  In fact, I dislike being wrong so much that I never am.”  *She gazes on with an utterly straight face.*

12. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like doing?  
“I enjoy reading, herbalism…anything that’ll keep my mind occupied.”

13. Ever hurt anyone before?
“When I agreed to this interview, I assumed you knew who I was.  You do know who I am, don’t you?”

14. Ever… killed anyone before?
“Only the ones that deserved to die or were too broken to let suffer.”

15. What kind of animal are you?
“I think I’m a fox…a snowy fox.  I don’t mean that in the way it most likely sounds.”

16. Name your worst habits.
*Scratches the edge of her thumbnail lightly against her lower lip.*  “I’d tell you I have none, but then you’d just go ask Dorian, and he would make up all sorts of absurd things.”  *Her shoulder hitches in a shrug.*  “I brood.  Dwell.  I have a hard time letting things go.  Things I view as failings on my part.  It can make me a bit self-destructive.  Oh…and Josephine says I make obnoxious noises by sucking on my teeth.” 

17. Do you look up to anyone at all?
“There are many people I admire for various reasons.  Cassandra for her conviction, Abelas for his sense of devotion, Solas for his knowledge.  I could really go on at length.”

18. Gay, straight, or bisexual?
“I…am open-minded, but currently, my partner is male.”

19. Do you go to school?
“I was never formally educated.  I learned as most Dalish do, I imagine.  From our Keeper.”

20. Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?
“That escalated quickly…”  *She shifts her weight.*  “I would not be opposed to tying myself to another.  However, I’m not sure children would be right for me…or I for them.”

21. Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?
*Makes an incredulous noise.*  “I do not employ anyone to stand around and fan me.  Perhaps that’s something they do in Orlais or Tevinter.”

22. What are you most scared of?

23. What do you usually wear?
“Casually, I prefer leggings and a loose tunic.”

24. Do you love someone?
“I…love many people.”

25. When was the last time you wet yourself?
*Flat expression.*  “Really?”

26. Well, it’s not over yet!
“That’s a shame.”

27. What class are you? (High class, middle class, low class)
“Dalish don’t really have a class structure like that.”

28. How many friends do you have?
“I do not count them.  Enough, I would say.”

29. What are your thoughts on pie?
“My favorite part is the crust.”

30. Favourite drink?
“Hm…Once when Solas and I were at the Winter Palace, there was a small tavern in the surrounding grounds.  The bartender there made a delightful drink for him.  It was chocolate, with hints of cherry and almond.  It was quite delicious.”

31. What’s your favourite place?
“Almost any place other than the Western Approach.”

32. Are you interested in someone?
“What kind of question is that?  I find many people interesting.”

33. What’s your bra cup size and/or how big is your willy?
“Perhaps you would be better served by asking Solas his opinion on the size of my breasts.”  *Calls Solas over and repeats the question for him.*  *The arch of his brow and the disapproving look he casts you are all the answer you get before he walks away.*  *Niyera shrugs.*

34. Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?
“A lake.”

35. What’s your type?
“If history is any indication, stoic and unassuming ancient Elvhen men.”

36. Any fetishes?
“Well.  Solas and I do have a number of interests.  He has this silken red rope that I very much enjoy.”  *In the background, Solas’s stare bores into Niyera’s back.”  “And I rather enjoy it when he’s a bit rough with me.  For him to wrap his hand around my throat when he’s taking me just makes me so we-,” and in the background Solas LOUDLY exclaims VHENAN! and Niyera’s voice trails off as she folds her arms with a smirk.

37. Seme or uke? Top or Bottom? Dominant or Submissive?
“I occasionally enjoy a bit of submission, but I could never ONLY be that.”

38. Camping or indoors?

39. Are you wanting the interview to end?
“It’s only just begun to get interesting.”

40. Now it’s over!
“Ah, well.  I hope you found what you were looking for.”

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Elvish Greetings and Farewells

I’ve had this stewing in my drafts for a few days now. I decided to throw up some Elvish terms of endearment to give you guys more room to breathe in your writing, cosplaying, roleplaying, etc. 

Most of these greetings were created by myself. I must again reinforce that this is a conlang of my own creation based upon the work of Bioware. I am not using magical linguistic ninjitsu to “figure out,” Elvhen. 


An'eth'ara || Greetings, My place is safe || Used with: anyone, informal
An'daran Atish'an || Greetings, Welcome, The place you go is a safe place || Used with: Anyone, formal
Tuelanen i'na || Creators be with you || Used with: Anyone, Formal or informal
En'an'sal'en || Blessings || Used with: Anyone, Formal
Savhalla || Salutations / Hello || Used with: Anyone, Informal
Savh || Hello, Hi, Hey (shortened form of savhalla) || Used with: friends and colleagues, Informal
On dhea || Good morning || Used with: anyone, morning
On dhea'him || Good afternoon, Good day || Used with: anyone, day/afternoon
On dhea'lam ||Good evening || Used with: anyone, evening/night
Thu ea? || How be?, How are you? || Used with: anyone, formal or informal
Th'ea || How be? How are you? How’s it going? (contraction of thu ea) || Used with: friends and colleagues, informal
Ga son? || Everything well? || Used with: Anyone, informal
Ea son? || Are [you] well? Be [you] well? || Used with: Anyone, informal
G'on || Everything well? What’s up? (contraction of ga son) || Used with: Friends and colleagues, informal
Nuvenan ma son || Hope you are well || Used with: anyone, formal


Dar'eth Shiral || Go safely on your journey / Safe journey || Used with: Anyone, formal
Dar'eth || Go safely || Used with: anyone, informal
Dar'atisha || Go in peace || Used with: anyone, formal or informal
Sal sura || Be here again, come again, visit me again || Used with: Anyone, informal
Tuelanen ama na || Creators protect you || Used with: anyone, formal or informal
On nydha || Good night || used with: anyone, nighttime, evening, informal
Sule tael tasalal || Until we meet again, Until Next meeting || Used with: acquaintances, informal
Sule sal harthir || Until we hear of each other again || Used with: acquaintances, informal

Elvish Greetings, Farewells and Responses

As a follow up to my previous post on Elvhen Greetings and Farewells, I decided to create a post detailing the various greetings and salutations, and the appropriate response for each. 

Elvhen, as a language, is very much focused on social standing in its words and phrases. This is coming from the information revealed in both Masked Empire and Inquisition that Elvhenan actually had a very rigid class structure, where social status was a very important part of society. 

Therefore, each major greeting, farewell, and response has a formal and informal variant. Some have more than one formal or informal variant, but they all have at least one, even if it is only in meaning (such as the similarity between an'daran atish'an and an'eth'ara). 

The reason I didn’t include this in my greetings post is two-fold: First, I wanted to think on it a bit more. Secondly, I knew it was probably going to become long, so I didn’t want to have this gigantic post that was hard to read through. I would rather present Elvish in bite-sized pieces that are easier to digest. 

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