Is our favorite playboy Broadway child star, Starchild finally settling down?

The famously flirtatious celebrity personality, known for his numerous and amorous affairs, seems to have finally found his better (and younger!) half after an impromptu a capella choir serenade by the handsome male group, The Warblers. In the middle of an unclassified Fifth Avenue clothing boutique, Starchild was seen receiving a steamy declaration of love via Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone”. Bystanders mentioned that there was “sparks flying” between Starchild and the leader of the singing brigade.

This nameless young man was later seen as Starchild’s arm candy at the local club, The Shindig at around 9 PM that night. Local NYDG reporters questioned Starchild about his new cute schoolboy lover, and if he was legal, but the enigmatic personality declined to answer our questions about his “relationship” with his “friend”.

However a source close to the actor who happened to be at the club said, “Starchild was very into this young, possibly underaged schoolboy, and bought him drinks. There was also lots of eye contact and touching involved.” Others reported that Starchild and the schoolboy teenage tag-along then sang a sexy and lust-filled song together. “They were having sex on stage with their voices,” a local clubgoer said.

More on this electric underage love drama as the story develops.