Say hello to our Cranberry Chocolate Chip Crumble flavor. Here’s the story behind this one:

We were invited to participate as a featured chef at the Food Network Wine and Food Festival. Pretty cool! We were a part of the SWEET celebration, hosted by the one and only Sandra Lee, that took place last Friday night. Since the sponsors of the event were Godiva, The Cranberry Marketing Committee (yes, there is a larger entity responsible for the marketing of all things cranberry), and POM - what better than to create a fresh cranberry ice cream with chunks of Godiva chocolates? Nothing. Except, I guess, to pair it with our hay ice cream - the fan favorite.


Possibly one of the best things we have eaten this weekend - pistachio honey ricotta gelato on a toasted brioche bun from High Road Craft Ice Cream. #nycwff

A sample of the Jon Jon Deragon Dog from Crif Dogs (NYC Wine & Food Festival)

Fried hot dog, a schmear of cream cheese, scallions, and everything bagel seeds - tastes like breakfast!

(On a sad note, I had more pictures on my phone, but my purse was stolen this past weekend while I was out in the East Village, so I guess I’ll have to eat/cook/bake some more to make up for the lost content…)


day two in nyc started with h&h bagels in bed (i miss GOOD bagels so much). 

then we headed over to nyc’s wine & food festival grand tasting at pier 94. this was the main event my company was scoping out to see if we want to be sponsors next year so our main goal was eat and drink everything and get a real full experience of the event to see if it was a good fit for my company. 

one of my favorite bites was the aloo tikki chaat (sweet potato fried cake( from savoury. it was spicy and delectable. i wish indian food was more of a thing. like GOOD indian food like that. i also really liked the bison carpaccio from fossil farms and the strawberry ricotta sundae from steve’s ice cream.

after stuffing our faces, we went to see paula deen do a demo. she made her new chocolate chip cookies which she handed out and were fabulous. she was also just plain hilarious. she had her husband come out and she was cracking jokes all over. 

after we were fully FULL, we went back to the hotel and just lounged until huff had to go home. it was sunday and she had to work on monday :( 

meghan and i decided to go see a musical. we both love musicals and hadn’t seen one in a while so we were both excited. i chose hedwig & the angry inch really not knowing anything about it other than NPH had won a tony for it and it was supposedly awesome. 

like meghan said in her recap, about 5 minutes in i was like, ‘oh god, i should have chosen something safer.’ but i’m glad we stuck it out because it ended up just being fantastic despite our last row seats. michael c. hall was really hilarious but also very raw. i feel like he was very exposed as this character and man can he sing. also lena hall - i have a girl crush on you. 

after the show, we headed downtown to the spotted pig to only find out that they had run out of their famous burger. le sigh. so we ended up ordering the ricotta gnudi, the skirt steak special and their famous shoestring fries instead. we both agreed that it was a blessing in disguise because the food was all fabulous and instead of getting two of the same thing, we each got to sample different insanely good bites.

day two of nyc complete.

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For more information on the Bank of America Dinner Series from the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival (NYCWFF) click here.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

BEEF 101

Besides the cooking demos and endless amounts of food and drink to be had… the Grand Tasting also had learning booths.  I happened to stop by this one:  Beef 101 with Phil Bass, PhD, Meat Scientist and Chef Michael Ollier.  

Wait… ummm….  what?!


The audience asked a bunch of questions and these guys basically spoke and cooked some knowledge to us.  From how to cut a piece of beef, what and what not to do when handling meat, how much time it takes to cook different parts and even how much time you have to wait after you take it off the grill and before you devour it.  Sooo many little things that one doesn’t even think matters but really… it does! 

Damn… raw meat!