seriously please read this...

so at the new york secret session, my best friend, Fiona (as some of you may recognize as the ginger with crazy dance moves), asked for taylor to sing the chorus of “Forever and Always” with her, but Taylor said that she couldn’t do it for specific reasons,


Taylor promised that she’d sing “Forever and Always” at whatever show fiona & I were going to (METLIFE, JULY 11TH) 

so if you all could reblog this to get taylor’s attention, I know that Fiona and I would truly appreciate it because this was the only thing Fiona had asked for during the session. Obviously the promise was made months ago, so I don’t expect Taylor to remember, but that is what this post is for!! please reblog, thank you to everyone in advance!! you guys all rock so much. thank you <33 taylorswift 

You know, the people that usually write those things are those creepy older men that still live with their moms and have an ever growing collection of Star Wars action figures, so… Not that collecting Star Wars action figures is a BAD thing, but you know…
—  Taylor Swift giving me advice at the NYCSS on how to look at the anonymous commenters on my YouTube channel

Six months ago I met I met my hero and the person who saved my life. She trusted me and I trusted her with my story. Thank you for the most magical day of my life, Tay. This day changed my life for the better. Thank you for letting me listen to your music. Thank you for inviting me into your home and thank you for not judging me when I told you my story. I’ll love you forever!! taylorswift