Firstly, a big thank you and hello to all of my new followers!  The New York Botanical Garden reblogged one of my posts last week and all of a sudden I have over 100 followers (Thank you NYBG for making me so popular!).  It’s great to have you all on board to follow along with my succulent growing adventures.

I wanted to show a picture of the first cacti that I grew from seed.  When heading off to college eight years ago, someone in my family gave me an all-in-one, grow-your-own cacti kit.  I definitely didn’t think of it back then, but I really like the idea of starting to grow a plant at the same time as you arrive in a new place.  Then, the plant’s growth is sort of a record of all of your time since arriving.  So, there in my dorm room, I skeptically planted the seeds in a little egg shaped terrarium.  I remember that when they first started to germinate my roommate tried to convince me that it was just mold.  Luckily I ignored her and let them keep growing (because even if it was mold, it was contained in a terrarium which is better than I can say for many freshman dorm rooms).

Now, eight years and two repottings later, the cacti are still alive and doing well.  They are laughably small for eight years old (less than two inches tall), but I think that is my fault as I have been timid about upsizing their pots.  When I started this Brooklyn cactus growing experiment two months ago, I repotted these guys and they have already gotten bigger.  I don’t know what they are, but I’m bringing them to this month’s New York Cactus and Succulent Society meeting to get some help figuring it out.

It’s funny to think how a weird gift eight years ago has led to a full blown succulent obsession!

You know, the people that usually write those things are those creepy older men that still live with their moms and have an ever growing collection of Star Wars action figures, so… Not that collecting Star Wars action figures is a BAD thing, but you know…
—  Taylor Swift giving me advice at the NYCSS on how to look at the anonymous commenters on my YouTube channel

Six months ago I met I met my hero and the person who saved my life. She trusted me and I trusted her with my story. Thank you for the most magical day of my life, Tay. This day changed my life for the better. Thank you for letting me listen to your music. Thank you for inviting me into your home and thank you for not judging me when I told you my story. I’ll love you forever!! taylorswift

Jumping up and down like a giddy school girl because once is back and it was amazing and pregnant Snow and Emma being a cutie and well she grabbed the leather jacket and omg I died and everything with them playing video games and when she CALLED HOOK KILLIAN AND WHEN SHE SAID ‘DRINK THE STRANGE DRINK THE STRANGER GAVE ME? NO THANK-YOU’ AND OMFG WHEN REGINA WAS BURYING HER HEART I WAS TEARING UP OMG I AM NOT OKAY. THIS EPISODE.

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