Hey, New York City friends: You’re going to want to download NYCLU’s Stop & Frisk app

Stop and Frisk Watch” is a free and innovative smart phone application that empowers New Yorkers to monitor police activity and hold the NYPD accountable for unlawful stop-and-frisk encounters and other police misconduct.

The app is available in English on both Android andiPhone devices and Spanish in the Android version, thanks to a translation by Make the Road New York. Stop and Frisk Watch allows bystanders to fully document stop-and-frisk encounters and alert community members when a street stop is in progress.

It has three primary functions:

  • RECORD: This allows the user to film an incident with audio by simply pushing a trigger on the phone’s frame. Shaking the phone stops the filming. When filming stops, the user immediately receives a brief survey allowing them to provide details about the incident. The video and survey will go to the NYCLU, which will use the information to shed light on the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices and hold the Department accountable for its actions.
  • LISTEN: This function alerts the user when people in their vicinity are being stopped by the police. When other app users in the area trigger Stop and Frisk Watch, the user receives a message reporting where the police stop is happening. This feature is especially useful for community groups who monitor police activity.
  • REPORT: This prompts the survey, allowing users to report a police interaction they saw or experienced, even if they didn’t film it.

The app includes a “Know Your Rights” section that instructs people about their rights when confronted by police and their right to film police activity in public. Stop and Frisk Watch is intended for use by people witnessing a police encounter, not by individuals who are the subject of a police stop.

To uninstall be sure to uncheck “Lock Screen on Trigger” under the app’s “My Settings” tab. You will then be able to uninstall by accessing your phone’s application settings.

The NYCLU developed Stop and Frisk Watch with Jason Van Anden, a Brooklyn-based visual artist and software developer who previously developed the Occupy Wall Street app, “I’m Getting Arrested.”

You can download it for your iPhone or Android here.


Check out this video that Celia and I made for the New York Civil Liberties Union - NYCLU: Broadway Stands Up For Freedom Concert. Your favorite Broadway stars chatting about civil liberties, freedom, politics and…Beyonce?


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This isn’t anti-police as much as it’s pro-young people… It’s about what to do when kids are put in a position where they feel powerless and uncomfortable.

East Side Community High’s principal, Mark Federman.

As I reported at The Week this morning, Federman invited the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) to train students in how to interact safely with police. The high school requested the hour-long training session in light of the city’s history of profiling young, minority men for disproportionate police scrutiny.

It’s sad that this sort of class is necessary, but good on the school for offering it. Indeed, any high school with a local civil liberties/“know your rights” group willing to provide this type of training should avail themselves of it—at the minimum students will leave better informed about their rights, and in more extreme circumstances it could save lives.

NYCLU and NAACP Organizes Father's Day March in NYC Against Stop-and-Frisk Abuse

The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices overwhelmingly target young men of color. Indeed, black and Latino young men between the ages of 14 and 24 simply cannot walk in any New York City neighborhood without risking an intimidating and unjustified police encounter.

On Father’s Day, tens of thousands of New Yorkers will hold a silent march in Central Harlem to protest the NYPD’s unconstitutional and racially discriminatory stop-and-frisk practices. Please join us as we stand in opposition to the NYPD’s racial profiling.

The march will begin at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 17 at 110th Street between 5th Ave. and Lenox Ave. at the northern edge of Central Park. We hope to see you there!


“Fuck Your Shitty Town, Bitches.” - A Lesson In First Amendment Free Speech Law

Courtesy of New York Civil Liberties Union:

In 2012 Barboza was pulled over for speeding in the Town of Liberty, located in Sullivan County in upstate New York. He pleaded guilty by mail, and when he paid his fine expressed his frustration by scratching out “Liberty” and replacing it with “Tyranny” and writing “fuck your shitty town bitches” on the payment form. His payment was rejected, and he was instead ordered to travel the two hours from his home to make a court appearance. At that court hearing, two police officers acting on the orders of an assistant district attorney arrested Barboza for allegedly violating the state’s former “aggravated harassment” statute. He was fingerprinted, handcuffed to a bench, and then driven to a different court in a separate town, where he was arraigned without a lawyer. He was then taken to the county jail in another town where he had to pay $200 in bail and was only released hours later. With the NYCLU’s help, he sued, AND WE WON!

New Yorkers should not be afraid to protest or complain about a speeding ticket – or any other government action – because they might be dragged to jail for using a few harmless words. The First Amendment protects people’s right to express their opinions about the government, and our government is better for it.

“Instead of protecting freedom of speech, government officers in Liberty handcuffed me, arrested me for a crime and almost sent me to jail because I harmlessly expressed my frustration with a speeding ticket,” said Willian Barboza, who was 22 at the time of his arrest. “The people I trusted to uphold the law violated my most basic rights. I hope that by standing up for myself, other Americans will not be treated like criminals for complaining about their government with a few harmless words.”

More details on the case:

400,000 (Mostly Brown) People Stopped And Frisked Last Year in NYC

The stop-and-frisk policy allows the NYPD to conduct random pat-downs of those they deem suspicious.


Stop-and-frisk is whack. That was the essence of a 27-page briefing that the New York Civil Liberties Union released on Wednesday.

The New York Police Department’s controversial tactic allows cops on the street to pat down those they deem suspicious at random, with the aim of reducing crime. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg say that the policy has played an integral role in reducing the city’s crime rate.

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We’re #3 in Stop-and-Frisks by the Police
External image

From Yasmine:

AJ posted this article about the top 10 places to get s&f by nypd with jh/e elmhurst @ 3rd… 

Gothamist: “Top 10 Places To Get Stopped And Frisked By The NYPD”

1. 75th Precinct, East New York Brooklyn, 31,100

2. 73rd Precinct, Brownsville Brooklyn, 25,167

3. 115th Precinct, East Elmhurst/Jackson Heights Queens, 18,156

4. 40th Precinct, South Bronx, 17,690

5. 90th Precinct, Williamsburg, 17,566

6. 23rd Precinct, East Harlem, 17,498

7. 43rd Precinct, Southeast Bronx, 17,281

8. 103rd Precinct, Jamaica Queens, 17,152

9. 44th Precinct, Bronx, 16,903

10. 120th Precinct, Staten Island, 16,490

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A bit long at 13 minutes, but an important expose on the fucked up racial profiling that occurs due to the stop-and-frisk program initiated by Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, a program that disproportionately  targets blacks and Latinos living in areas like Harlem or Hunts Point.  17 year old Alvin was stopped multiple times in 2011 and was able to record one encounter on his iPod.  He was pushed around, and when he questioned their behavior, the officer told him to shut the fuck up or he’d get slapped.

An officer was told by his captain,We’re going to go out there and violate some rights.”  That’s what this is: a violation of the rights of New Yorkers.

If anyone reading this in NYC has ever been profiled for a stop, or just happens to be a black man or a Latino in the city, the New York Civil Liberties Union offers a free app that you can use to record the incident as evidence of police misconduct.

NYCLU Demands RochesterPD Stop Harassment of Peaceful Protesters

NYCLU Demands that Rochester Stop Police Harassment of Peaceful Protesters 


February 2, 2012 – In response to last night’s police harassment of Occupy Rochester’s encampment in Washington Square Park, the New York Civil Liberties Union today demanded that the City of Rochester stop sending police officers into the park to harass peaceful protesters.

“Last night’s harassment was pure harassment and an outrageous affront to free speech,” said KaeLyn Rich, director of the NYCLU’s Genesee Valley Chapter. “There is no good reason for police to be harassing peaceful protesters in the dead of night.  It flies in the face of both the First Amendment and the agreement between the city and Occupy Rochester that allows the demonstrators to camp in the park.”   

According to reports from witnesses in the park, police officers entered the park after 2 a.m. and began rousting sleeping protesters and demanding to see their IDS. They further demanded to search the protestors’ tents and other personal property. The police officers said they were acting under orders of the Rochester Police Department’s “deputy director” and that they would return nightly to conduct similar identification checks and searches. The officers also said they would return nightly from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.

In a letter sent today, the NYCLU calls on Mayor Thomas Richards to instruct the Police Department to stop harassing peaceful protestors and to comply with the terms of the agreement the city signed with Occupy Rochester in November.

The NYCLU brokered that agreement between the city and Occupy Rochester protestors to allow the demonstrators to camp in Washington Square Park subject to a set of rules to ensure safety and allow the public access to the park. The demonstrators have complied with their obligations under the agreement.

NYCLU representatives will visit the park tonight at 7:30 p.m. to distribute “Know Your Rights” materials.

To read the NYCLU’s letter to MAYOR RICHARDS, visit
Don't Spy On Me! The NYCLU's Spy Files Campaign

via New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) - American Civil Liberties Union of New York State

The NYPD is watching us. Here is your chance to watch them. Find out if you are under government surveillance for your political or religious activities. File a Freedom of Information request today.

DO IT. Me, I’m pretty sure I’ve been on a watch list since my junior year of high school. All those library checkout lists about Islam.

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NYPD Kicks Door Before Shooting and Killing Unarmed Teen Ramarley Graham