A Nonprofit's Tumblr Strategy


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. Affordable. Sustainable. Extensible. Powerful.

As product manager of NYC ARTS, Zeke Digital Group’s founder, Joe Harrell, needed (with the help of others, of course), to figure out how best to leverage the world of Tumblr in an effort to assist NYC ARTS in meeting its larger objective of getting more people (New Yorkers and tourists alike) to experience more art more of the time.

(Simple.) The approach the team ultimately took was to employ a very simple and free template (Affordable.), prominently and consistently branded with the NYC ARTS orange logo square, with a maintenance plan of posting existing assets of beautiful photography of some of most exciting and innovative cultural institutions in the world (Sustainable.), that ultimately drive traffic to the cornerstones of the portfolio: and Photos are then tagged appropriately as to show up wherever Tumblr users are viewing feeds connected to relevant topics.

One of the many beautiful things about Tumblr is that you’re not stuck in a design, architecture or any other aspect of a solution, really. Content is written to Tumblr’s database and presented at anytime in whichever context (i.e., design template) you choose. As the use of Tumblr evolves so will NYC ARTS’ presence on Tumblr, perhaps by simply selecting a different template and clicking “install”. (Extensible.)

ROI? Over 100 new visitors to NYC ARTS and NYCkidsARTS resulted from only ten posts in fewer than 30 days. That’s ROI in terms of direct traffic alone. An additional benefit includes an increase in brand visibility to a demographic of those hard-to-reach tech-savvy, design-driven cultural pioneers. This will come over time, most likely evident in anecdotes and new relationships. (Powerful.)

So Tumbl on, nonprofits, and let us know if we can help.