Ten Things I Love About New York City

In no particular order, here are 10 things I just love about this city. Naturally, I could go on and on. For an extensive list of things that will make you love the city too, visit or Time Out New York, 

1. The fruit cart. It’s like visiting a portable market! This is my go-to spot for grabbing fruit before or after yoga, and sometimes veggies. 

2. The Subway. Although people criticize the MTA like there’s no tomorrow (yes, I know, all the trains are not on time, but what can you do?) we would get nowhere fast without it.  

3. Bikram Yoga NYC. I love, love, love my yoga studio. Bikram is in my opinion, the most challenging yoga out there. You gain so many wonderful benefits, burn a ton of calories and gain an overall improved quality of life. Who knew a hot room could do such a thing?

4. Cheap eats! In this city, everything is on the go, I get coffee, breakfast sandwich and banana for less than $5. No spending a fortune here! 

5. There is ALWAYS something to do. No matter the time of day, or night, something is happening, from comedy to theater, events run the gambit.  

6. The Coffeeshop. As if Union Square wasn’t awesome in it’s own right, The Coffeeshop makes it better. Great food and drinks at the right price. Live it up! 

7. Legends. Located across from the Empire State Building, Legends broadcast all LSu football games. It’s the perfect place to meet Louisianas’ who are NYers now. 

8. Bar None. Awesome because it’s a Saints bar, WHO DAT! This 3rd ave and 13th street bar is a ton of fun. I’m there weekly cheering for the Saints and dancing to New Orleans beats and enjoying cheap drink specials. 

9. Green spaces i.e parks. In the concrete jungle it’s nice to see some foliage, if I’m not on my way somewhere, I’ll stop and sit, taking in all in. Naming Central Park (though it is nice) is a cliche and isn’t at the top of my list. Fort Tryon Park is beautiful and a whole lot closer to where I live.  

10. Cultural Capital of the World. In a matter of hours I can ‘visit’ multiple countries sampling food and browsing stores. It’s easy to see how some say there is no other place they’d live. Most of what you need is usually literally around the corner.