Hello friends I was this roxy at fiftiesstuck last night and it was, let me tell you, HELLA BITCHIN’.  You may have noted me as that one roxy who dances a lot.  Also, I was the roxy in the ALPHA SQUAD, HOO HA.  That was fun.  All the people I met were really awesome and cool and friendly and nice and awesome and etc.  So many cool people.  All of the cool people.  Many thanks to Ginny for organizing this awesome event!  

Also if anyone has pictures with me in them it would be super cool if you could tag me in them or message me that they’re there or just tag them nycfiftiesstuck idk but that would be cool! thank you!  or just message me because I like to talk to people! yay people! cool friends.  wow. so cool.

I’ll shut up now.  

NYC Sock Hop 2 and NYC Promstuck 4

the-special-child replied to your post “If we were to hold a second (multifandom) Sock Hop next spring, which date works better - May 24 or 31?”

What about Promstuck?

I can guarantee that Promstuck, if it happens, will NOT be either of those dates. I have spoken to Alex and while she mentioned wanting to do one possibly the same date as last year (5/10) nothing is definite yet.

While we’re on this topic, I think it is important to point out that the Homestuck fandom is not the same now as it was earlier in the year, and in previous years. People have been moving on to SNK, DR, Night Vale, and other fandoms - some still are interested in Homestuck, others have lost interest completely. This is completely fine and natural - people move on! But when it comes to running costly events, if you do not have enough people interested, it makes it extremely difficult. Case in point - This Sock Hop. I was not able to get enough Pre Regs to cover the minimum for the venue. Thankfully, we made it back and more at the door of the event, which is the reason why I am considering holding another! However, at the end of the day, attendance was a LOT lower than anticipated when planning this event. And I do not see things growing for the Homestuck fandom any time soon.

The TL;DR to this is that is why the next Sock Hop is going to be open to all fandoms. And end of May is time that is a good lull for me personally with grad school, as well as a lull for most local convention goers. Because these things take time to plan and can book up, that’s why I am starting the ball rolling now with feeling out dates. A date we wanted for this Sock Hop got booked up before I could take it - I don’t want to see that happen for the next one.

As for Promstuck, my personal suggestion, if it does happen, would be to hold it close to 4/13. With the decline in the fandom, I am not sure how many people are going to turn up half a year from now as people are in the throws of other newer fandoms, but if you set it as a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the webcomic, you might be able to pull more people out of the wood work than just holding another prom. And it would put a nice space between the Prom and Sock Hop, so that people don’t get fandom danced out. But that is JUST a suggestion and I am NOT in charge of that, so you’ll have to wait and see what pans out!

Bottom line, though, Promstuck will NOT be the same weekend, and will be at least 2 weeks apart, if not more!

NYC Fiftiestuck Sock Hop Playlist!

As requested by an anon earlier, here is the playlist from the Sock Hop. Please note that I ended up skipping some of these songs due to time constraints (the dance off and limbo took a bit longer than we thought) and other song requests, but hey, now you can look them up and listen on your own! Also, if anyone can tell me an easy way to export the files onto 8tracks or something via iTunes, let me know and I’ll throw it up!

Note that a good chunk of the songs on here are by a group called the Baseballs - I cannot recommend them enough! They are a doo wop cover band for pop songs, they’re German, sound amazing, and aren’t bad looking either ;-) Definitely check them out!

Any other questions about the list let me know!

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The best photos of my 50stuck adventure! Ginny did such an AMAZING job running it and it was so great to meet new people!
Odhran and I also got 3rd place in the dance off!
Thank you Ginny for putting on such an amazing event! For my new friends, I can’t wait to talk to you more!
With a week until Odhran and I’s two year anniversary, I don’t think we could’ve celebrated any other way