An important note about me, NYCC, and the (good) fuss over my cosplays

I cannot begin to say how surreal this all has been for me and how much I appreciate the overwhelming compliments and support. I was expecting to go to NYCC to catch a glipse of the stars, and I left feeling like one. That being said, it has not, and will not change who I am.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from observing “tumblr famous” people (both Homestuck and non-Homestuck) at cons, it’s how NOT to act. Given, I don’t mean every single one that I’ve come across, of course. But there have been enough spoiled, entitled, condescending bad apples to spoil the bunch. So in light of all this really awesome support and feedback, I want to make sure everyone knows that I am approachable (like please don’t be afraid of me I’m derpy and shy too sometimes and fhdskfhsjdf). What it comes down to is I am just like any of you. I’m not your senpai, I’m not your queen. I want to be your friend and if you admire my work, that’s great.

God damnit now I sound like I have some special snowflake LOOK AT ME I’M HUMBLE syndrome, which is not the case either I just hfsdjkfhdskjfhds really want people to feel like they can approach me. I try to reply to all the asks and messages I get, and I’ll help anyone who needs it in any way that I can. I overthink things and I’m a nervous wreck and sometimes I am bad at taking compliments.

That being said I openly welcome and urge anyone who sees me at a con to come up and say hi or ask me questions without feeling like I’ll judge you or bite your head off cause really, I love cosplay because of the people I meet. I am not trying to make money, or show anyone up. Cosplay is about fun and friendship.