Yankee Stadium, The Bronx

In honor of the Twins playing at Yankee Stadium, here’s a shot of the garlic cheese fries I devoured there last week.

Whenever I go to baseball games, fairs, Coney Island, etc., I find the most disgustingly delicious food item to chow down. These fries were it, although I was hoping to also take down a Nathan’s dog (eyes > stomach). None of this newfangled sushi and gourmet deli stuff. The closest I’ll get to fancy baseball food is the buffalo chicken sliders I spotted someone carrying.

For a full list of Yankee Stadium food options, visit serious eats.

The Commodore, Williamsburg


Hot damn. Sorry, but that best sums up my reaction to this place. Actually, I think my exact words were, “This is the best day of my life.”

After reading this article in NY Mag, I knew I had found my mecca (especially since the chef described it as “Applebees, but better.” Bottom line: best fried chicken I ever had, biscuits with honey butter, perfect fries, potato salad that had a smokey paprika after bite, and the adult grilled cheese (pimento-and-poblano ooey gooey goodness). All that grub (much too much) and two-for-one beers (times two) til seven, and we were out of there just $36 short. Are you kidding me!?!