Yankee Stadium, The Bronx

In honor of the Twins playing at Yankee Stadium, here’s a shot of the garlic cheese fries I devoured there last week.

Whenever I go to baseball games, fairs, Coney Island, etc., I find the most disgustingly delicious food item to chow down. These fries were it, although I was hoping to also take down a Nathan’s dog (eyes > stomach). None of this newfangled sushi and gourmet deli stuff. The closest I’ll get to fancy baseball food is the buffalo chicken sliders I spotted someone carrying.

For a full list of Yankee Stadium food options, visit serious eats.

The Commodore, Williamsburg


Hot damn. Sorry, but that best sums up my reaction to this place. Actually, I think my exact words were, “This is the best day of my life.”

After reading this article in NY Mag, I knew I had found my mecca (especially since the chef described it as “Applebees, but better.” Bottom line: best fried chicken I ever had, biscuits with honey butter, perfect fries, potato salad that had a smokey paprika after bite, and the adult grilled cheese (pimento-and-poblano ooey gooey goodness). All that grub (much too much) and two-for-one beers (times two) til seven, and we were out of there just $36 short. Are you kidding me!?!

Spitzer's Corner, Lower East Side

Spitzer’s is quickly becoming my “go-to” spot on the Lower East Side. I love the casualness, the lack of pretension, the long communal tables, and the low lighting.

Although I wouldn’t chose the gastropub if i was looking for an incredible meal (each entree, while tasty, is served stand alone), it’s perfect when you want a casual bite, maybe sharing a main course and a few starters. Wash it down with one of 40 beers on tap, and you can’t go wrong.

This week I tried the three cheese truffle mac and cheese, which as you can imagine, was out of this world. Their fries are also some of my favorite in the city (seasoned and plump). The herb-roasted chicken is just ok—nothing special.

And their sliders might just win my “cutest food ever” contest.