nycc portfolio

NYCC portfolio recap

Matt Wilson likes my colors 😊gonna work even harder

Kieron and McKelvie were absolute sweethearts who went over my stuff with both nice and constructive things to say. Said I have good storytelling which is the most important part

I fearlessly, FEARLESSLY approached my art idol Olivier Coipel and he took the time to go over EVERYTHING and tell me what to work on and how to improve and how impressed he was that I have “good storytelling” which was mostly the theme of the day. Very constructive meeting! I did have to force myself not to cry over just being in his immediate presence though (I did that later) he’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet

Henderson of squirrel girl fame was also great to talk to! Lots of good composition pointers

Greg Pak, writer of the hulk series I’ve been following, took a lot of time to go over my stuff and offered some really good advice on what kind of stuff writers look for in artists. Very thankful!

stjepan sejic was impressed and told me to keep grinding because I’m already hireable, he was a big help in confirming portfolio content and was happy that I had a lot of narrative and knew how to tell a story

Pichelli was the only person who turned me down for comment (she was working on commissions). I missed Bennet though!

I’m exhausted !

But I love these guys! Hope to be a coworker someday

A study of Magik. Done to a cover level of finish, using mostly pencils, with a bit of acrylic wash for depth.

We’ll have this in the portfolio at NYCC.