nycc avengers gambling night cosplay

OK, I have decided! Three costumes are going to NYCC!

  • Clearly, I’m wearing Captain Marvel to all the CM events (So Friday afternoon, most of Saturday, and Sunday afternoon)
  • AIM Henchwoman is happening Sunday morning with a bunch of classy looking Avenger ladies.
  • And I’m tossing USO Girl in my bag and it shall be deployed sometime on Friday or Saturday (who knows!)

There will also be a sneak deployment of my Captain Marvel running outfit (see below) for Geek Girls run in the park Sunday morning.

I have no ideas what I’m going to other than the Night Vale recording 7:30pm Thursday evening and the party in the Jazz with KellySue Saturday evening (I’m really tired, I can’t remember what it is called. I’m sure it’s on KellySue’s schedule).

So if you see me, say hi!  And feel free to pet my dinosaur. Or punch it. That’s what Captain Marvel would do! 


If you’re trying to find me: text, send an email (tehnakki at gmail) or tweet me (@tehnakki). Don’t bother sending an ask because half the time those don’t show up on my app.

Happy NYCC everyone!

To Wig or Not to Wig

Okay friendly-friends I need some advice:

My NYCC (slash Geek Girl Con) cosplay lineup is going to be Jessica Drew Avengers Gambling Night on one day and Captain Marvel the other two days. Dilemma being: my hair is Quite Short and Not Blonde, which means I’ve got half-accuracy for Jess and zero-accuracy for Carol.

I have already spent a fair amount of money on cosplaying in the past month and therefore am not gonna buy two wigs for this con season, so the question becomes: if I am choosing! Do i go with a blonde wig for Carol or a long brown wig for Jess? Or do I do no wigs at all? Things I am considering:

-Blonde hair and my skin tone DO NOT DO WELL TOGETHER. 
-i could probably justify Lack of Blonde for Carol with her badass Kree-influenced hair-changing powers
-But it would be nice to go all the way with this costume, so to speak?

-Since it’s Gambling Night, the Jess costume is kind of obscure in that not that many people will get what I’m going for on my own. So the wig might help?
-But I will be in a group cosplay for Jess which might make it more obvious even without the wig.
-It might be nice to have a long-haired brown wig on file for the future on days when I devolve into “I wish I had long hair again D:”