FACULTY <3's Brooklyn

We absolutely love this article that BK Mag has published about Brooklyn’s 10 Eco Friendly Designers to Know!

We love getting to know the talent and environmentally friendly folks in our favorite city in the world! 

“Several shops now exist solely for the purpose of selling local, ethical designs—Modavanti,Young and Able, and Su’Juk, to name just a few—and Young and Able founder Rosa Ng tells us, “I thought it was important to give these designers a platform, and it’s great to work with people who are open to finding a different way of doing things.” The community is an unusually supportive one, but perhaps even more crucially, it’s been quietly turning out some truly incredible design. Out of an ever-growing roster of locals doing work that’s as sustainable as it is good-looking, here are 10 we think you should know about right now.” - BK MAG

Check out the rest of the article here!

Yesterday I took the L train to DeKalb and walked towards the water. I passed some graffiti covered trucks, plenty of bodegas and a group of cops questioning a man outside of a warehouse.

Nothing seemed quite photo-worthy until I hit the train tracks hiding behind a dead end sign and a pile of dirt covered snow. An icy pedestrian bridge ran over the tracks and flight path must have passed overhead, as plane after plane appeared in the same spot above the tracks.