Happy Friday ppl.. im up early hitting nyc.. running some needed errands.. man.. I wish I can stay in bed just a lil longer.. but hey.. gotta work hard to play hard..


The Captain Comes Back with Cookies?!?

On Monday, David Wright returned from the disabled-list to play in his first major league game since April 14. He was so excited to make his long awaited return, he decided to surprise for his teammates when they arrived from their long flight from Colorado. The team got to the hotel in Philadelphia at 12:30 a.m. on Monday morning and was greeted by Wright who was waiting in the lobby dressed in his full uniform (all but his spikes) with cookies for his teammates.

If his baked good distribution wasn’t enough to show the team he was geared up and ready to go, in his first at-bat back he went out and crushed an upper deck home run. His home run was the first of a team record eight home runs hit on Monday night. We are not sure which motivated the team more, the cookies or the home run, but either way we are glad to have David Wright back in the lineup.  

Chicago Marathon Training Check In

Happy Monday people! It never hurts to start a fresh week with a motivational quote, right? Another week of training is in the books and it was a decent one. Of my three scheduled runs, I did two of them, a 5-miler and a 16-miler. I skipped out on the speed day because I had a fitness event that I wanted to attend. Yes, I absolutely could have and should have found time to fit that run in and my goal for the weeks ahead is to better plan my weeks so that I’m not stuck skipping 1 of 3 runs. 

Three runs a week is not a lot to ask of me and my excuse for skipping one is I didn’t want to run the day before or after my long run and that led to flat out skipping a run (fyi I did teach 3 cycling classes, took a conditioning class, a yoga class and ran twice, so overall not so bad). Looking at my full schedule (here), I need to stick to the way these runs are mapped out to ensure they happen. So as we welcome a new week, let’s make this happen! 

But first, let’s look at my 16-miler from last week. I didn’t have a plan in mind and I also didn’t have anyone to run with, which made this run a bit (ok actually VERY) boring. To keep myself entertained I listened to Death, Sex and Money podcast. A friend recently recommended this and it was more engaging than music for a 2+ hour run. 

First I ran a weird 10-mile loop through Central Park…

And then over to the West Side Highway…

For a final route that looked like this:

I felt okay on the run but walked a bit, made a bathroom break and also was starving by the end because my Stinger gummies fell out of my run pouch which meant I only ate 1 gu during the run.

Once home I stretched and whipped up an egg dish (eggs, spinach, onions, tomatoes, avocado and basil).

Looking at the week ahead I have a long 19-miler on Saturday. I don’t want to run it alone. Along my run I kept seeing Nike Run clubbers so I’m interested in checking that out, or would be happy to meet up with friends or readers who are training (for either all 19 if you’re feeling crazy, or even a couple of those miles). 

So if anyone in any part of NYC wants to meet up for a run on Saturday morning, let me know! I will run to your apartment and pick you up! I really just need a destination and company in my runs to keep me motivated.

Other runs this week will be a Tuesday evening run and a Thursday evening run. I’ll also be attending the Lole Central Park Yoga Event on Wednesday, anyone else? Let me know below & have a great week everyone!


Colder weather means I can wear my cold weather running clothes!

These pants and this top have been through a lot with me over the past few winters, and I love love love them so much.

A breezy 40-degree day is way more enjoyable when your clothes keep you warm and comfortable, and make you feel light on your feet, too!

Happy weekend, tumblr!


The only thing I had on my agenda for today was to run. So I waited for the rain to pass, and hit the pavement.

Far fewer runners, a semi-cooler day, and an iced coffee after completion.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch endless Gilmore Girls on Netflix and be uber lazy for the remainder of this day.

Happy weekend!

NYC Marathon Training

I am in love with this weather! It is slightly harder to get out of my warm bed in the morning but the running in suburb! 

Today was an 8 mile run with 10X400 meter repeats. My goal was to keep it around a 7 minute pace. My fastest split was 1:35 and my slowest was 1:47. Not bad!

Harry out in New York City - August 30, 2015
This is the road
The road doesn’t care if I trimmed my ends,  if I got a promotion, if I cleaned my apartment if I bought a plant if I did my nails  if have the latest outfit and gear if I finally emptied my Inbox or the trash   The doesn't even care  if I just had a horrible meal if I don’t have the gear for rain or wind ready if I didn’t sleep enough in the last 3 days
if I am jetlagged from a trip if I just got bad news and can’t handle any more pain   It will still always do whatever it wants with me.  The only predictable thing about the road is its unpredictability. And I love it. I crave it. In exchange for my attention and dedication, some days it will get me a fabulously fun, endorphin-fueled, fast and easy as if I was flying adventure laced with runners high. Those are the lucky times; and I never know they are around the corner.   Other days, it will throw a slow, heavy-legs, can’t breathe, painful want-to-cut-this-one-short run my way; also for no reason and with no heads-up.   And as much as I like to plan everything about my life, I love that I never know what is going to happen on any of my runs. I have no control.
Well, I hated August!

Well, I hated August!

August Well, August was rough for me guys. rough. Rough. As happy as I had been with my training this past year, mostly in the last few months (before freaking August!!!) it all went sorta crazy fast. I did the Team Championships on August 1st, not a PR but it was a messy hot day so I was happy with my 7:02 pace. Plus, it was fun. Then the next day, I did something stoopid. You know, I am so…

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@vanessabone01 literally ran circles around me this morning. 🏃 (at Prospect Park)