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A quick summer girl! You can’t take a step in any direction right now in NYC without running into a super cute super stylish lady, and it’s INSPIRATIONAL.

Happy summer!!!!

I celebrated by walking all 3 of my pups!!!

I start officially training for my marathon in just over a week!

For those who don’t know I’m running the NYC Marathon with Team in Training!

I’m hoping to get 1 donation of 21$ today in celebration of the summer solstice!

Thanks so much😘


Meet the black woman who will run from NYC to DC to raise money for Planned Parenthood

  • The Republicans’ plan to defund Planned Parenthood along with repealing the Affordable Care Act won’t come without a fight — or a long, frigid run.
  • Alison Mariella Désir is a New York City-based running coach and founder of the Harlem Run running group. 
  • On Jan. 16, she’s teaming up with at least three other women to run 240 miles over five days from New York City to Washington, D.C., to raise money for Planned Parenthood. 
  • Just so it’s clear: That’s the equivalent of running two New York City marathons each day.
  • Désir hopes to raise $44k to support Planned Parenthood, an amount that honors the 44th president, Planned Parenthood ally Barack Obama. 
  • Less than a week out from the start of the run, she’s already brought in close to $30,000, according to her GoFundMe page.  Read more

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anonymous asked:

break up anon from before - i hear you, all that is def possible. i differ b/c i think m would rather be the beard than the ex. she just wants whatever will allow her to exploit connection w/ d as long as possible. if they spin it as her being a friend, she stays publicly in the good graces of d & his people. she gets credit for helping. she won't get sympathy as the ex, b/c of ben. fans will think he's a homewrecker, blame her, turn on her instantly. if she doesn't know this, ben&d def do. 1/2

*2/2 i don’t think they’ll bother w/ a intermediary beard b/c it’s just more work for no gain. the (definitely planted) blinds from last month, plus the promo that d has been allowed to do w/o m recently, makes me think even his team is learning that. but maybe not? time will tell. in general, though, i think the process might be more simple than it seems. i feel like fandom should be prepared for a bunch of stuff only we really care about to not be addressed or explained at all.            


Hi Break Up Anon!  If you were to ask me.  And what I think is the best plan moving forward.  No question in my mind.  The truth. I would love for Darren to be able to come out.   With Chris by his side.  And soon.  And to get the TLOS6 dedication we all know Chris wants.  (Perhaps too optimistic?   July is around the corner).  

I guess I’ve been warned by so many people that a new beard is happening.  I have to rationalize it in my head. It’s what I do with everything that’s happened. I go through stages.  First the gut reaction. And to the idea of a new beard that was a resounding NO.   No more lies.  Do not exacerbate a situation that is already a complete mess by adding more lies. Whether overt or implied.  

And then I try to prepare myself for what may be reality.  And in this case it was by looking at it from the outside and developing the only scenario that makes any kind of sense.  A bridge.  

Because I agree. It isn’t all that logical to hire a new beard.  Miarren was so poorly executed. That even the most faithful have doubts.  If they didn’t.   They wouldn’t be reading my blog.  And they do.  And I think I have been very clear.  I don’t waiver.  I am a believer.  And nothing they can say.  And no picture they can send.  Or video will make me change my mind. 

If Team Beard wanted any chance of selling this relationship as reality. It should have ended the minute Ben entered the picture. Because all of the other missteps can maybe be overlooked (not really). But he cannot.  The fact is Mia Swier has a live in boyfriend named Ben Hudson. And that fact precludes miarren from existing.  

So if even the most faithful don’t believe in this public relationship Darren’s had for 6, 7, 10 years (seems to recently been implied she was around for AVPM?)- the natural question  is “why is he pretending to date her?”   And the only conclusion. Darren is hiding something or someone and likely is not as straight as sold.  And if the straight narrative is no longer selling.  There is absolutely no logical reason to employ a new beard.  It’s an utter waste of time with little gain. Except for some press.  And my bridge scenario.  

And the fact remains.  Even if they stage a break-up.  Mia is naive if she thinks the truth will never surface. It will.  It’s just a matter of when. So there will be a staged break-up that will be uncovered as an utter and complete lie. Just adding one more to the pile.  And whatever sympathy she earned.  Will be completely undone.  Especially if they uncover exactly what kind of person she is and how much she has hurt and manipulated Darren.

And you are correct.  How long can she continue to hide the truth of the nature of her relationship with Ben?  A month?  Two at most?  Ben has been more patient than any person should ever have to be.  But he’s barely hiding their relationship now.  He’s not going to sit in the background and let her mourn miarren for too long.  He’s going to want to be open and honest and free.  And no way are her fans going to believe it was platonic all along and suddenly evolved into more once Darren exited. Any chance of that was ruined when Darren dropped the roommate bomb. And our fandom went in overdrive to expose the truth once the door was open.

So I concur.  The truth is the best option.  And there is absolutely no question. His team has been testing this. This is why we got a 2 minute story about a gay porn star.  The 20 articles that followed and multiple blinds. Not to mention Darren freely running around NYC for a weekend going on dates with Elvis and hanging out at well known LGBT+ bars.  Seeing how the fans react.  And I do believe they’ve realized.  The world isn’t going to end if Darren is anything less than straight.  And quite frankly.  That free and vibrant Darren is a much stronger product to sell.  Because this is the Darren all of the fans fell in love with.  This is the Darren we were introduced to so many years ago. And that part of him has been repressed for too long due to a web of lies and the people he’s surrounded by.  

So I too conclude.  The truth is the best option and it absolutely shines the brightest, most sympathetic light on her.  We here in CC land. We know the truth about exactly what kind of person she is. But the GA think she’s a good person.

So the scenario that works best.   Darren posts his Facebook video (how I always see this happening. But I’m good with whatever method).  Tells his truth.  And in doing so makes a very clear statement.  Thanking Mia for being the best friend in the world. Supporting him through this journey.  Even hiding her own relationship.  And wishing her and Ben a lifetime of happiness. 

And with that statement.  She wins.  She hailed as a hero by her fans.  

Time will tell how this goes down. I want to again be clear. I will support whatever decision is made. I have to place my trust in Darren and Chris that they will make the best choice they can. It’s their lives. They are the ones that have to live with the consequences of any decision made.  And no matter what. There will be consequences.  For everyone involved.  But these two are just too damn talented for any long term negative impact. I truly believe the world is theirs to conquer. Both as individuals and as a couple.  And nothing will stop me from getting tickets to opening night of that brilliant musical they create together.  

P.S.   on the questions never addressed.  I think we all expect that.   I’m fully prepared to only get the partial truth.  I just hope someday we get the skating riot photo we all know Darren has framed in their house.  

Graphic Sweatshirt Friday

It’s chilly here again so I’ve had to dig out my hoodies and sweaters all over again. Thank goodness I have so many. This is from one of my favorite coffee places in Reno–a gift from my dad from last Christmas.

On that note, in about two hours I’m heading up to NYC to spend the weekend with my dad. It’s weird, I was in Reno a week and a half ago and now I’m seeing him again. Not used to all this father-daughter time! I’m happy to do it though: he’s been really really lonely this year since my mom and youngest sister are in Germany until August. Luckily, my other sister is coming home from college this weekend so he should be good after this trip.

My dad is doing the Five Boro’s Bike Ride on Sunday but that means I am going to run around Central Park while he’s out! I’m excited, I’ve been there but haven’t run it yet. I assume I’ll be the only person in the city to think of this so it’ll be totally empty, right? 

Speaking of running, we got absolutely hammered with rain last night into today and I ran through it this morning. It was raining hard as soon as I got onto the porch and then just…got worse. I felt EXTREMELY hardcore but came home completely bedraggled. I’ve run through heavy rain but near the end, it turned into something else. But I’ve been riding that smug runner wave all day so…worth it? At least it wasn’t cold. I don’t mind running in the rain that much but cold and rain, no thanks.

On Wednesday evening I went on a bike ride and a thousand gnats died from impact upon my body. It was so gross. How do people do it every day? I just tried to keep my mouth closed the entire time but still, ew.

Marathon training, week one starts in two weeks. I think I’m ready. September is the earliest I’ve run a fall marathon so I’m definitely training ALL summer long. Combined with two triathlons, I’m going to be doing all sorts of sweaty athletic things this year. Yay?

10 musings in costume:

1. If you can hail a taxi in full Glinda, you can hail a taxi at any time.

2. To the dudes drinking Capt Morgan straight out of the bottle and not even trying to hide it, who made fun of me on the street - screw you…  Also, I hope you get arrested because you’re not even smart enough to put it in a brown bag.  Come on. You can make fun of me all you want but how sad is your Saturday when all you have to do is walk the streets of NYC and you can’t even afford to drink in a bar.  Or top shelf.  XD  Or be smart enough to at least hide it… o_O Had you been nice I’d have totally done the Captain pose with you in princess costume and had a fun old time.  I am the tebowing Star Princess after all.

3. I had a Giselle moment running through NYC because my friend forgot her Wicked tickets and ran back to the hotel to get them.  She blended in with the night; I – well, – I stuck out like a sore thumb running three NYC blocks behind her. :P

4. Because of point 3 I was immensely grateful I wore tennis shoes under my dress.  But so sad I didn’t get a photo of them …

5. Close your boning channels.  Close your boning channels.  CLOSE YOUR BONING CHANNELS.  Because I was rushing TWO costumes for Broadwaycon certain things had to be skipped.  One of them was closing my boning channels.  After being in full corset & boned bodice, where the boning wasn’t closed, I had welts under my arms from all the boning that poked me all day.  Not fun!

6. Kids can be charming - sometimes.  One highlight of my trip is when a little boy came up to me in the Javits Center (non-BroadwayCon-area) and asked me to grant him a wish.  He said he wanted to be rich (!!!!!) with lots of enthusiastic exclamation points.  I told him I did too.  And that I hoped it came true for both of us.  Maybe a true fairy would’ve said some crap like “but we’re already rich in health and love and blah blah blah”.  I feel your pain kid, and I understand XD

7. You can spend hours and hours and hours on a retractable, collapsible wand that’s supposed to be super convenient to carry around, and it’ll break the SECOND YOU ENTER THE CON.

8. Don’t expect BroadwayCon techies to have, or even know, what a leatherman is.  Or have pliers, knives, or gaff tape.  Techies, I’m a little disappointed.  Or maybe they were just baffled Glinda the Good was asking for a leatherman to fix her wand?  (like what the…? how the?)

9. People can be mean but people can also be really nice.  I met so many nice people at the con.  I just love that someone can sit down next to me and chat about costumes and theatre like we’ve known each other forever.  I’m awkward and untrustworthy and don’t fit in ever, so things like this mean a lot to me. It was great going to my first con and being around so many kind people.

10. We had a line at Wicked.  We. had a LINE.  I laughed so hard.  We were taking pictures in the Wicked lobby, random people were coming up to us, and it was hectic because it was 10 minutes to curtain.  Someone jumped in and tried to get a photo and the people in front of us were like, “EXCUSE ME we were in LINE!” – and we looked at eachother and laughed and we were like, “we have a LINE? people are LINING UP to take photos with us?”

The kicker: the next day at the Disney Store in Times Square, someone stopped my friend (who was wearing a Wicked hoodie) in the bathroom and apparently they were chatting about how her kids got to meet Glinda and Elphie last night at Wicked – and my friend’s like, hey, that was us!  Ahahahaha.  Small world, even in NYC….


11. Take your own photos – I didn’t take any photos and thought there’d be a million photos of me out there!  I can barely find any :( I hope more surface soon.  Maybe.  I might NOT want to see what I looked like.  Eeep.

As far back as 2 years ago, I can find myself in these Nike Vomeros. I’ve had a couple pairs of Pegasus and also a pair of Brooks, but I’ve continued to purchase this style because they just work for me. I’ve run NYC and Chicago in them and I can’t even tell you how many other races (maybe like 30? - half, 10k and 5k). I most definitely wore this brand when I beat @chrisontherun. I love them.

When Nike did its annual update, they made some noticeable changes. Sadly, the changes don’t work for me so much anymore. Unless I can keep finding them at outlets, I’ll have to retire from wearing my beloved Vomeros.

This first world problem is real for me. I’ve had so many changes lately, I just don’t know how to get over this one too. Life is an evolution, and I’ll take this one in stride eventually.

But first, I’m gonna go pout.

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Found this clip from our NYC Jeep run. Who thinks I should do another one for the summer? Comment below. #jk #tj #jku #xj #jeep #jeeps #wrangler #cherokee #jeeprun #jeeplife #4x4 #jeepflowfamily #takeover #JEEPFLOW

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i really don’t talk enough about my jazz age ocs which is a shame because they’re my most developed and some of my favorite characters? so here’s some sketches- arthur (wearing the bow tie), max (guy w/ short hair and glasses), liam (redhead), dottie (curly hair + cute glasses), josie (yellow dress), and aurora (wavy hair)

some more about everyone under the cut

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OTP Prompts


  • A is at an art museum, douchily explaining the ‘hidden meaning’ of a painting to an increasingly growing crowd. B clears their throat after a particularly personal insight into the artist’s life and says, “sorry, but not really?? At all??” (Bonus points if A is drunk and has no idea what they’re doing)
  • A owns a flower shop and one day B just kinda stumbles in, looking for the coffee shop that used to be there like three years ago. B buys a flower anyway, and comes back the next day and the next. A learns that B is a rather reclusive writer in between visits, and that he’s been stuck in a particularly nasty slump of writer’s block. Two weeks later, B bursts into the shop with the sudden realization that A is the one who’s been getting rid of his writer’s block, not the flowers.
  • A is a California kid looking to run away to NYC, B is a NYC kid looking to run away to California. They meet in a crappy diner somewhere in the middle, and they find home from there.

Lil snippets of dialogue to help you get started!!!

  • “Oh, so now it’s my fault?” “It was always your fault!!”
  • “I wanna be one of those old couples on the train that make other people want to be one of those old couples on the train!” “I’m more of a subway kind of guy, if I’m gonna be honest.”
  • “So what, you’re just going to stay here and sit on your ass?” “Is there any other way to sit?”


  • A is going through the grass looking for ladybugs with a lil magnifying glass and bug habitat and everything, and B accidentally tramples one and A just looks so heartbroken that B stays and helps him find roly polys for the rest of the day and listens to A rattle off bug facts.
  • “I thought my 64 pack of crayons was going to win over the whole class but you have a 96 pack and are we going to have to fight?? Oh my god no you’re crying I’m so sorry I moved for the third time and I just wanted to fit in”
  • A gets in trouble because they were supposed to make valentines for the whole class and they only made one for B “because it was more special that way”