High fives for everyone running the NYC Marathon.

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A quick summer girl! You can’t take a step in any direction right now in NYC without running into a super cute super stylish lady, and it’s INSPIRATIONAL.

The Many Aspects Of Newt Scamander’s Hair

A brief observation of Newt Scamander’s Cinnamon Fluff.

In other words, my obsession with Newt’s hair is out of control and I had to write a list of head canons just to satisfy my desire to touch it. 


Working Hair

“Honey? Are you coming to dinner soon?”

“I just need to finish these last few lines.” Newt’s feather quill was writing swiftly, as his eyes focused on the manuscript before him.

You stood behind his chair and ran a hand across his collar. “You’ve been working all day.”

No comment.

You began to massage the back of his neck.

He moaned softly and you could literally see the tension in his neck and shoulders from being hunched over a desk all day.

You moved your hands to each side of his head, your fingers tangling in his hair, and massaged his unspoken discomfort away.

Sick Hair

You were sitting in bed, reading, surrounded by candles.

“Darling? I don’t… feel well. Can I come lay by you?” Newt’s weak voice broke the silence as he shuffled toward the bed.

“Love, come here." 

Concerned, you rested your hand on his head to sense if he had a temperature. 

You ran your hand through the side of his hair and discovered it was very sweaty and curlier than normal.

"Aw, love. You’re burning up. Let me cool you down." 

You grabbed a hand towel, soaked it with lukewarm water, and sat with your back against the pillows. Newt curled up against you in the fetal position and laid his head in the middle your lap.

One hand held the towel in place against his forehead while your free hand smoothed the sweaty curls at the top of his head.

"You don’t have to take care of me. I’ll be fine. It’s just a smidge of a headache.”

“Shhh…just sleep, my sweetheart.”

Sexy Hair

Newt has a fetish with your hands – in his hair. To him, it is the one of the most sexy and euphoric signs of affection you can gift to him. He never openly admits it, but he loves it when you pull his hair gently as you kiss him passionately. You rake your hands throughout his curls, completely tangled in each strand and he yearns for it. You can tell by the way he moans against your lips and his heart races. You love earning that response from him. 

The after effects are the best, when he gets up to go to the bathroom and you glance over at him – his curls are sweaty and disheveled. You laugh gleefully and he has the cheesiest, most pleasured smirk on his lips.

Love drunk, you call it. It’s the most attractive expression you’ve ever seen.

Fancy Hair

On the rare event that you were going out at night to a party or for dinner, Newt would attempt to “slick” his hair back. It was a special occasion after all and he wanted to look his best for you. It would always make you giggle. He looked so grown up. 

“Darling? Am I going gray?” He inquired, a slight look of terror in his eyes.

“I don’t see any gray.” You smirked and turned away quickly, how could you admit it to him? 

“Newt, I think it’s sexy.”

His eyes brightened, “Well then, nothing to worry about. Come love, let’s go.”

Case Hair

Wind blown. Always. 

Newt scurried about the habitats almost as quickly as the Niffler stealing a coin feeding each creature their evening meal.

“Slow down, Newt. They’re not going anywhere!”

“There’s no promise of that!”

A moment later.

“Oh bugger! Where has Dougal run off to?”

Shower/Bath Hair

Every night, whether in the shower or the bath, Newt would sing. Sometimes, you would listen from the sitting room. Sometimes, you would listen at the door. Then on those very special occasions, you would storm into the bathroom and just stare at him.  

“Did you hear me singing?” He blushed.

“How could I not?”

His hair was sopping wet, his bangs flat against his forehead, practically covering his eyes. 

“Have you come to join my choir?” He winked.

“Absolutely! What part shall I sing?” 

Sleeping Hair

Perhaps your most favorite was when Newt was laying next to you on his feather pillow, falling asleep. His face looked so serene and calm. The worries of everyday life fading away to dreams.

You kissed his lips lovingly and he stirred, reaching out for you with closed eyes. 

As you scooted into his arms, your fingers found their way to the side of his head, and you spent several moments affectionately stroking his hair.

He let out the softest hum of contentment as his hands slithered around your back, pulling you closer to his chest.

Comfort Hair

Sometimes, Newt would be feeling insecure about life - whether it be memories of Hogwarts or his irrational fears of annoying people. 

You were sitting on the couch in front of the fire, drinking a cup of tea, when in comes Newt - silently, he lays down on the couch facing the fire. He rests his head in your lap and exhales.

Your run your hand through his fringe, kiss his forehead, and continue to stroke his hair back for at least an hour.

When he finally stands to go to bed, his hair is all stuck up on one side.

Morning Hair

Somewhat similar to sexy hair - it is the ultimate bed head. It’s the leftovers from however he was feeling or whatever you were doing the night before. 

“Oh love, you might want to look in a mirror before you go to work today.”

“What is it?”

“Erm,” You smirked, “Let’s just say… you or I got a little too carried away last night… and I’m pretty sure the creatures will even be able to tell.”

“Time for a shower, then?”

“Yes, please.”

Thinking Hair

Sometimes when Newt was really deep in thought or trying to solve a problem he would bite down on his wand or run his wand through his hair. You were always kind of afraid he would say a spell out loud and turn his hair green or light it on fire but he seemed to manage well enough.

“Be…uh, be careful Newt!”

“Wha - what? What’s wrong?”

He was tapping the wand against his head, staring down at the book in his hands. 

You inhaled sharply, “Nothing, darling.”

Typical Hair

The normal every day Newt hair. Beautiful, perfect, cinnamon fluff. 

“I love you. Have a wonderful day, sweetheart. I’ll see you tonight.” 

You kissed his cheek and used one finger to peek under his curls.

He smiled affectionately, pulling his scarf tighter around his neck and reached down to grab his case. 

“I’ll miss you all day.” He blushed, with a crooked smile.

On The Run Hair

Chasing creatures around NYC. Running around his case trying to get everyone fed. Trying to save the world. You were constantly wondering how he managed to even see as he did these things but when he came home at the end of the night, covered in dust, with remnants of meat from feedings, and pieces of grass interwoven throughout his textured hair –  it made you all the more proud he was yours.

“Rough evening?” You smiled as he climbed next to you on the bed.

“Merlin’s beard! I’m never stepping foot from our bedroom again. Quiet life for me from now on.”

“Yeah, right!” You teased, as he attacked your neck with kisses.

If I think of more, I’ll add them. :)

I just have to give a shout out to Eddie who literally inspired this today because when I saw this pic…

It was over for me.

The touch of gray.

The Newt Hair.

The pure cinnamon fluff.

I was a goner.

@MingNa_Wen : Me and 6 month old Michaela visiting NYC. This photo was taken on 6/11/2001. Who could’ve imagined that in 3 months time, we would all witness the horrors, the tragic events of 9/11? 😪😢 I remember being in bed the morning of 9/11, just hanging with my baby girl, when my husband yelled out for me to turn on the news. I couldn’t believe the images of the plane hitting the North tower….and then to actually witness the second plane hitting the South tower. The news anchors and reporters confused and in shock, the towers crumbling, the lives lost. We sat there stunned. Numb. I couldn’t take my eyes off the devastation. News of the Pentagon and another plane down in PA. All a total nightmare. Surreal. I will never forget holding my baby, my sweet darling Michaela, and fearing for her growing up in this new era of terrorism. This photo reminds me a time of greater innocence. My love for NYC is boundless and runs deep. I still consider myself a New Yorker. Remembering the victims/heroes & their families. If you can, visit the 9/11 Museum. We must #neverforget. #911 #americastrong
#i❤️ny 🙏❤️

Trying to soak up the post marathon life while it lasts
-due to some changes our classes aren’t starting until 10 (!) today so I got plenty of sleep, finished 90% of a hw assignment, and had a nice breakfast this morning
-I brought back bagels for everyone as a thank you for putting up with my incessant running talk for the past two months lol, also I had to introduce them to the beauty of bagels from the northeast
-this afternoon I’m being interviewed for my school’s paper about shalane’s win/my experience running nyc!!!

Legs still aren’t 100% but damn I’m impressed by how quickly my body seems to be recovering, already stoked for round 2

dessa @ National Sawdust, NYC (11.11.17)

Jump Rope

you sterilize a needle with a lighter and a prayer
you sew your empty pockets
you cut off all your hair
you trade up all the mountaintops
to weaponize your blood
you bring your body back to sea level
to see what body does does
and it runs
and it runs
and it runs