Ginny/Eridan (whilst suffering from plague) sings me my favorite love song and I make an idiot of myself and sing it back. uvu Darling creature.

((Team FefEriSol, listen in at around 1:45, lmao..))

Do You Like Homestuck? Do You Like Proms? NYC PROMSTUCK

Or do you at least tolerate each enough to attend one last Promstuck? You’re in luck, because we are organizing one for this September!

We are currently trying to determine the size space we need to fit those of you who want to come to this event, so here is the post to gauge attendance!

If you want to come to a Promstuck even in New York City, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! Even if you are not quite sure, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! Even if it is a slim chance, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! 

More information on the way, so please track the “nyc promstuck” to stay posted!


Hey everyone!

So there’s been some rumblings on the internet about a fourth NYC Promstuck- a final bash to end all bashes. A lot of you were clamoring for another after our last blowout in May (we got about 100 responses to our survey and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU wanted another event). It wasn’t feasible for us to do another one in December; not enough money and organizer time.

However, as stated above, we want to do ONE MORE BASH; something big and lovely so we can all come together and celebrate Homestuck as the comic is finally wrapping up. So we decided- why not around 4/13? ;)

Currently, the plan for the next Promstuck is for it to be on April 12th, from 6-10 PM. That IS a Saturday (for those who want to know). But here’s the deal- we need to know how many people think they can come, so we can plan for a venue! The last one we had was lovely, but most of you remember how hard it was to raise funds.

So here’s where you come in. Please fill out THIS SURVEY indicating if we did another NYC Promstuck on the date listed above, you would be able to (and would be interested in) going. We REALLY need a good idea of numbers to know how much to budget!

Thanks guys; hope to see you there. ;) And remember, we have a tag, nyc promstuck! Track it for further updates, and signal boost this to all your friends (even if they don’t have tumblr!)


Not totally sure what I am doing here. So this is all you guys are getting. But there you go xD

Ima copy the rules of importance for you to know from THIS INFO POST ABOUT VOTING AND SHIT


4) ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE CONFIRMED FOR NYC PROMSTUCK WILL BE ABLE TO VOTE. We will be checking your name on our list of confirmed attendees when you vote! This means no waitlisted people unless you hear from me that someone dropped out and you’re in.

9) To vote, please send an email to with your vote!!

oh my jesus I spent like two hours trying to get this to post last night, goddammit tumblr. anyways it’s not 1am here anymore but I didn’t want to re-record the video because my final is in an hour

I got nominated for Prom King for NYC Promstuck on friday but this is all I’ve had time to do. I won’t be upset if I don’t get votes, but it did make me really happy last year that anyone voted for me. ◡‿◡✿

Anyways, sorry if I seemed tired, but I am really excited to see everyone!! I’m gonna be in male!Kanaya, so I’ll sorta be incognito without a visible mohawk.

Hey Guys! Promstuck was absolutely amazing last night and I met so many wonderful and talented people that I would love to get in contact with! This is a picture of my friend Lola and I in our outfits we wore last night! I was eclectica jade and Lola was Jane and her freshly made tumblr is Please shoot us both messages if we talked! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!