The next NYC Promstuck is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best ever - however, due to unforeseen circumstances, the event organizers have found themselves short of the money they need to pay for the venue. At the NYC 4/13 meet up, over $1700 was raised in registrations, donations, and bake sale/raffle proceeds. That is big!!!! But in order to meet our goals, we need to make that kind of magic happen again!

As of current, around $1800 still needs to be raised by May 3rd in order to pay for our venue. We have a GoFundMe account set up where you can help donate to our cause! To help say thank you, IF WE REACH OUR GOAL BY MAY 3RD, we will be throwing the names of everyone who donated into a hat, and drawing at random for some cool thank you gifts. Everyone who donates $5 or more gets their name in, and we’ll throw it in an extra time for ever $5 you give. This is ONLY if we reach our goal! Check out the swag:

- A commission by saccharineSylph, known for Ask The )(eiress!
- A commission by runesby, known for Soldierstuck!
- A custom choker necklace by cowbuttcrunchies!
- The seerpak Dark Squiddles Tote!
- A pair of Squiddles crocheted keychains made by effycrush! (other examples of her crochet work shown here, the squiddles are being made as I type this!)

MAJOR thank you to all our donors, you guys rock! <3

At Waystationstuck this Thursday, the 25th, there will be a raffle for one of cowbuttcrunchies’s necklaces, and for another pair of squiddles keychains by effycrush. The winners will be drawn at the bar that night and there is no limit, the prizes will be sent to the winners regardless of the results of the GoFundMe drive. If you are going (which unfortunately I will not be) please contact hazelxfaerie because she’s gonna need some help! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO PROMSTUCK AND FUTURE EVENTS!

At Waystation, you are also welcome to donate in general and have your name placed on the Go Fund Me donor list, so that you get a chance at having your name drawn for a thank you gift as well!

Remember, you can also help by simply registering for the event, too! It’s going to be a swag party! ::::D! Thank you for everyone’s help! Let’s keep this thing moving! <3!

Do You Like Homestuck? Do You Like Proms? NYC PROMSTUCK

Or do you at least tolerate each enough to attend one last Promstuck? You’re in luck, because we are organizing one for this September!

We are currently trying to determine the size space we need to fit those of you who want to come to this event, so here is the post to gauge attendance!

If you want to come to a Promstuck even in New York City, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! Even if you are not quite sure, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! Even if it is a slim chance, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! 

More information on the way, so please track the “nyc promstuck” to stay posted!

(picture from lovejoker; ceriene is the Karkat in this photo)

Also, I have to share the story of this beautiful sign. Me, Jenni, Steph, Zippy, and Frecklez were sitting around eating mac and cheese outside of a restaurant waiting for the rest of our group to get their food and just talking amongst ourselves when all of a sudden this old guy comes up to us and goes “All of you ladies are just so beautiful. Just so beautiful.” and all of a sudden this sign is shoved in my face and I just kind of stare at it. He looks at me very insistently and goes “Take it, take it! You’re just so beautiful!” and then he leaves it in my hands and walks away.

I’m still confused.


HEY EVERYONE! Do you like DANCES? Do you like HOMESTUCK? (Of course you do.) Can you get to NEW YORK CITY? Do you love it when ALL OF THESE THINGS COLLIDE INTO THE BEST PARTY EVER?


Check below the cut for sweet info on where, when, tickets, and MORE! As a note, for those of you who went to our first Promstuck, some things are DIFFERENT this time, so please read EVERYTHING!

And as always, SIGNAL BOOST!

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NYC Promstuck 2012 - Eridan & Feferi

This is all I’ll post till I get home, but! Promstuck was wonderful. ;v; Thanks for including me, NYC Homestucks!! XOXOXO

Credit for photo to: volvere, Lu! (This is especially incredible considering that she was so drunk while this picture was taken that she had decided to become a curtain.)

Help Save NYC Promstuck - 4/13 Bake Sale!

(Artwork by Nada! <3!)

I have not seen a lot of discussion about this, but in case you did not hear - NYC Promstuck is in danger of being canceled! They need to raise $4,000 from preregistrations and/or donations by May 3rd, or the venue will be lost, refunds granted to everyone who registered, and the event canceled. This is a large amount of money, and they are really going to need some help raising it. More info about this can be seen on the facebook group.

To help out, I am organizing a bake sale of sorts at the 4/13 Washington Square Park meet up, but I am going to need help! It is customary to bring food to meet ups for everyone to share pot luck style - What I am asking is that people who can, bring some kind of extra special goodie for our bake sale section! These items will be available for a donation, and all proceeds will go towards Promstuck! There will still be free food, of course, but this would be a help towards raising that extra 4k we need. Here’s the details:

- Please if you can bring something for the bake sale section! You can still contribute to the pot luck section of course! This would be separate. As with any potluck event, if you can list ingredients, it would be helpful to anyone with allergies!

- I will be at the park around 1:00, dressed as a genderbend Kankri. Friends of mine will handle organizing the bake sale food before I arrive. If absolutely necessary they may even be able to start things off, though i would prefer if the money exchange can wait until I am present.

- Because selling things in a park might lead to tricky legal issues, we are keeping this LOW KEY. The items will only be available to those attending the gathering, and there will be NO signs, so don’t try to make any!

- We’re going to make this as easy as 1, 2, 3 - small items will be available for a donation of $1 (or in some cases several for a dollar, depending on the item!) larger items for a donation of $2, and extra special larger things (if there are any) $3

- PLEASE BRING SINGLES AND SMALL BILLS. That way, you can just stick your donation in the jar! It’ll make everyone’s lives easier!

- All proceeds will be given to the Promstuck organizers and put towards paying for the venue. If the event is canceled, the bake sale proceeds will be put towards a future Homestuck event or given to charity - no matter what it WILL be put to good use.

- Please consider registering for the event and/or making a donation via paypal if you can! Alex and Charlotte, two of the event organizers, will be at 4/13 if you need to reg in person, or want to just make a donation directly to them!

Remember, if the money is not raised, NYC Promstuck will NOT be able to happen as planned! So if you can help, please consider bringing a food item, making a donation, reging for the event, and/or spreading the word!

Thank you muchly! <3


HEY EVERYONE! Do you like DANCES? Do you like HOMESTUCK? (Of course you do.) Can you get to NEW YORK CITY? Do you love it when ALL OF THESE THINGS COLLIDE INTO THE BEST PARTY EVER?


Check below the cut for sweet info on where, when, tickets, and MORE! As a note, for those of you who went to previous Promstucks, some things are DIFFERENT this time, ESPECIALLY CONCERNING RSVPS, so please read EVERYTHING!

And as always, SIGNAL BOOST!

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(This campaign post should be read with this majestic background music!)

Promstuck is nigh. Once again the realm of the New York Homestucks is divided as they seek a new Queen to sit on the the hypothetical throne of their prom.

While there are many candidates who have shown great valor and fineness, who is the one who will win this game of proms?

Ginny of House Seta, known through out the realm as snowchildhero, has a reputation of honor, and would bear the weight of the crown with both humility and majesty.

- While her plays of costume have not been as well distributed through the realm as others, she has paid her respect to many of the characters of Homestuck.

- She has brought the New York Homestucks the joyous festivities from the Stuck of Fifties.

- She played a role in the Battle for the Promstuck, which was a group effort. Many in the realm contributed, and ALL should hold their heads high in pride!

- Her courageous banner men are willing to rally from near and far to support her claim. Note the fair maiden on the upper right is running for Prom King.

As you can see, only the noblest of houses ally themselves with House Seta.

- She has direcats. Nuff said.

The realm is depending on you. If you shall be attending the Promstuck festivities, make haste and send your ravens with word of your selection of “snowchildhero” to Grand Maester Alex and her committee of nobles at:

Remember the Seta Words - PROMSTUCK IS COMING.

(Srsness under the read more)

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HEY EVERYONE! Do you live in/around/are going to come to NYC? Do you like Homestuck? Do you like prom? Do you like it even more when all of these things happen AT THE SAME TIME?


Check below the cut for ALL OF THE SWEET INFO on how you can attend, the costs, when, and where!!!! Please read the WHOLE POST before asking any questions, and please SIGNAL BOOST!

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