And it’s later! Here’s a drugstore haul from today!

Got2Be Beach Trippin’ $6.99
Batiste Dry Shampoo $9.99
Essie nail polish x3 $9.99
Loreal nail polish $6.99
Sally Hansen Xtreme nail polish $3.49
Sally Hansen complete salon nail polish $8.99
Covergirl nail polish $5.99
NYC nail polish $1.99
Nyx Matte Lip Cream $9.99 x4
Rimmel Eyeliner $7.99 x2
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation $8.99
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer $7.49
Revlon Nail polish $6.49
Loreal color infallible $10.99
Ardell individual lashes $8.49
Loreal BB Cream $17.99
Rimmel BB Cream $9.99
Melatonin $9.99
Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express $59.99
Crest 3D White Luxe $74.99
York peppermint patties $4.99

Total: $350.73
Total +tax: $403.34

The whitestrips were my Crown Jewels 😍 also almost $20 for a drugstore bb cream? As if, loreal, as if.


Cabbit Aoki 1 *Halloween Special*

*Bunny Ears: Hot Topic
*Bra: Online
*Leggings: Walmart

*Red Glitter Liner: Blackheart for Hot Topic
*Black Glitter: Warpaint for Hot Topic
*Liquid Liner: Rimmel in Black
*Pencil Liner: Blackheart for Hot Topic
*Lipstick: Manic Panic in Raven
*Lipliner: Rimmel in Eastend Snob
*Mascara: Revlon in Blackest Black
*Nail Polish: NYC Long Wear in 134 French Tip White, NYC In A NewYork Color Minute in 202 Grand Central Station, & Wet n Wild Wild Shine in 407c Matte Top Coat

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Don’t look too closely at the mystery bubbling and cuticle-overspill.

Let’s just enjoy the disco sci-fi colour combo of Emily de Molly’s blue glitter jelly extravaganza “turbulence” with my shonky hand made decals* NYC’s “Full Metal Jacket”.

Full metal jacket is a serious contender for M y  F a v o u r i t e  P o l i s h  O f  A l l  T i m e. It’s a soft pale gold metallic. A bugger to remove but worth the effort for a metallic gold for all occasions, right?

*Paint at least 2 coats of polish on a plastic sandwich bag, let it dry for several hours+ and then peel it off (good luck!) and cut it into shapes.

External image
After a week of having my pale glitter manicure I decided to remove it and repaint …

I wanted something more dark since I’ve been too much into nude/pale polishes, so I decided to use my nars purple rain polish. I added glitters of course, you can never go wrong with glitters :P.

It’s my cousins wedding this Saturday & I really need to get my brows done… Last time I got them done was

External image
2 months ago or something … I really can’t be bothered plucking them myself hahah … =.=

Anyways 64 days till my

External image
External image
, hrmmmss wish me luck =P

External image
P.S work really needs to call me , If not I might start stripping for money
External image
External image

External image

Product Review: NYC "Matte me Crazy"

For all of you out there looking for at mattifying top coat that will work well, and not break your bank try looking into NYC’s “Matte me Crazy.” I recently found this at my local Target, and knew I had to take it because it was the last one.  I paid about $2.50 for this product, and it is amazing.  Do take into account that most matte nail polishes or top coats easily run from $7-12’s, and for trying this product for the first time I highly recommend it.  Quck Tips: If you want an extremely matte look I suggest applying 2 coats, but some people may think that one coat is enough.  Give this product a try and let me know how it goes, personally I really like NYC nail polishes, they are definitely worth more than what they are sold for! 

           NYC: MATTE ME CRAZY #274



This stars and stripes manicure was done to celebrate this holiday weekend, and to honor those who have served our country.  Thank you.

Stripes:  El Matador (Cult) and French White Tip (NYC)

Stars:  Bomb Shell (PIcture Polish) with stamping in White (Konad) and with Sci-Fi 3 plate from MoYou London.

Glitter:  Base of Laguna Bleach (Octopus Party Nail Lacquer) and three coats of Boys of Summer (my custom polish from Literary Lacquers).

Enjoy your weekend!

Feeling Vampy: NYC Nail Polish A/W Collection

Budget friendly favourite NYC are gearing up for a very vampy Autumn/Winter as their newest trend collection has just been released consisting of the deliciously dark shades currently trumping the more sheer tones of summer after being seen at designer runway shows like Salvatore Ferragamo and Catherine Malandrino. 

What’s on offer: From the “Expert Last” series there are; Boundless Berry, City Blackout and Fine Red Wine (above) whilst in the “In a NY Minute” range there are 3 new shades in the shape of Chelsea, Manhattan and Bowery Black as well as the Rock Muse Smokey Top Coat for those who want to shake things up a bit. 

Keeping on trend is never easier than with a splash of nail polish but as we know, buying designer can put a dent in your weekend spends - thankfully the price point for these is a very lean €1.29 - €1.99, making them a treat you don’t have to feel guilty about! 

 NYC is available in selected stockists including Penneys and pharmacies nationwide. 

Budget Babe: The Gray That wont Put You in the Red!

This seasons hottest nail polish color: GRAY! It’s the perfect color for the girl who may be over wearing black or thinks black is too dark of a shade. With MANY high-end polish companies putting out their versions of gray, Essie’s “cocktail bling” seems to be the front runner.

It’s a perfect blend of ash and periwinkle.  However, it’s the perfect way to go broke at $8 bucks a bottle! And if you’re like most girls in this economy, $8 is making you nervously bite through your already chipping manicure. But never fear, Nichole’s here with a budget babe friendly version! 

Introducing NYC New York Color’s “Sidewalkers.” For a $1.99 a bottle, this shade is practically a dead ringer for Essie’s “Cocktail bling.”  NYC’s “Sidewalkers” is also the perfect blend of ash and periwinkle.  The only difference, NYC’s is a pinch more ash, than periwinkle.  In layman’s terms; it’s a tad more gray. It’s unrecognizable to the untrained eye though. And that’s really all that matters. 

What do you think?

Email me at with any questions and I’ll gladly answer :)

so I’ve been on a hunt for the blackish-green polish.  Not teal, black which is what I saw a lot of.  Let me tell you, this is love.  The picture doesn’t really do the justice but this color is dope.  For those of you who feel black polish is way too blunt, having a color mixed with black is the best way to go.  I haven’t been reaching for my black polish for a while.  I’m still on a hunt for a pink/black & a purple/black - after that my collection will once again be happy. haha!

yay =]