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1970 Citroën DS 21 

Speaking of design triumphs, the iconic DS is nothing if not one of the best designs in automotive history. This handsome example was parked conspicuously outside the Baccarat Hotel on West 53rd Street. It sports two-tone paint, gold badges and a whimsical “Louis XV” vanity tag, and was not among those Dee Esses that gathered for the French car rally we covered back in 2011.


Golden beauty… @devwindsor is sublime for the new @frenchmagazineparis

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Went to the Kodansha comics event today (November 15th 2015) at Kinokuniya in NYC. The editor of Noragami , Yohei Takami, gave a presentation and showed early concept drawings. At the end we were allowed to ask questions. Someone asked about the romance between Yato and Hiyori and if it will go further.

I recorded the answer as you can see. In sum he said he didn’t expect them to be so romantic as it is so it surprised it. He doesn’t know, but he thinks it could only go further. :)


Hey Cassie!! Love love LOVE everything you write! I had a couple of quick questions I’m hoping you may be able to answer! 1) When will a cover be revealed for The Copper Gauntlet? 2) Do you know the titles for the rest of the Magisterium books? (Are you able to tell us???) Thank you for sharing your stories with the world! They mean so much to me and millions more! :) Thanks!!! — lovindembooks

Thank you! I don’t know when their plans are to reveal the cover for TCG (glad it has different initials than The Iron Trial) but Holly and I saw a draft of it when we were in NYC with our editor David and it looked awesome. I love Alex Chaudret’s art. Call, Tamara and Aaron were all on it, and Jasper, which pleased me, though who knows if he will stay.

Holly is much stricter about spoilers than me. I can only say that the titles for the Magisterium books follow the metals that represent each year, so: Iron, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold.