AIA Names Seven Winners in the 2016 National Healthcare Design Awards

Projects by the Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign, EwingCole, NBBJ, Stephen Yablon Architecture, ZGF Architects, and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill won awards across three categories. 

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Today’s RAD CREATIVE is Oakland-raised, NYC-based photographer and documentarian Brittani Sensabaugh.

 “My Overall Mission is to Document Communities that have been forgotten and people who feel they have no voice. I Shoot to bring awareness towards the individuals living inside and Outside these areas by showing that WE all share the same Struggle and Love.”

Shout out to Brittani Sensabaugh, a talented Black photographer, who devote her truly stunning and powerful works to Black people. Representation matters.



Manhattanhenge, July 11, 2016. Four times per year, the sunset aligns itself with the grid map of Manhattan. People stream into the streets, united by the rare moment when the streets are washed in the last breaths of the summer sun. Traffic stopped- unwillingly, as people blocked 42nd Street, cheering as the sun moved slowly to the horizon line. Seeing this spontaneous celebration, you are drawn backwards through the generations, and you can imagine those who came thousands of years before us, standing in awe of the golden light in their own rare moments. 

Behind the scenes on Snapchat: davekrugman

Photography by Dave Krugman.

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Transcendents is a collection of ink illustrations of people whose popular personas have influenced my way of thinking and fired my imagination.

Looking beyond the surface and the visible world, these portraits are a study of the wonder of a human body and mystery of the life force itself. Rather than focusing on shading and depth to define each person’s face structure, I use lines, shapes and colors to create a sense of energy movement. These people, more than half of whom are already deceased, are not represented as icons frozen in time, but as pulsating forms that echo their vibrant and intricate personalities. Their visions, ideas and creativity transcend the ordinary; and in the case of those who have deceased, still continue to resonate and inspire many today.

Having lived under brutal siege in my hometown of Sarajevo for 20 months, I have seen the darkest side of a human nature at an early age.  But I was also one of the lucky ones who have survived that horror, immigrating to New York at the age of 14, after escaping the city with the help of a UN convoy. The experience of being given a second chance at life has served as an example of the other, more luminous side of life. It’s shown me the kindness and fortitude of a human spirit. This paradox of life is evident in the works of all of the illustrated personas. Although the extent of their contributions varies, each one has dedicated much of their time and talents to influence a positive change in the world; raising consciousness, urging equality and making people laugh and dance.

Using a limited palette of colors, the boundaries of ethnicity and skin color are blurred. While these portraits honor each person’s admirable characteristics and achievements, the colorful patterns also serve as a unifying force. They aim to remind us that beneath the visible layer, beyond our skin color, beyond our gender or sexual orientation, beyond our political or religious beliefs, we are all the same. We’re all just one kind, human.

                                                                                    - Vedran Misic

Transcendents: Psychedelic Ink Portraits by Vedran Misic is on view at the Adjacent to Life pop-up gallery housed in Ninth Street Espresso (341 E. 10th Street at Ave B, New York City). Curated by Mark Roth.


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