#KOLONY has finally landed!! I’m so proud of this album. This is the wrap up of our epic NYC album release party x @dimmakcollection #ParadiseFound runway show. Big hugs to @buildseriesnyc for fulfilling my dream to throw this on the streets of NYC, all the artists and performers that rocked the stage @rsvpmase @sonnydigital @boknero @ogleloo @shmateo_ @bkunitedmb @badroyale. @kolonyofficial

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Looking back

“If I could tell a 15‑year‑old self something, it’d be to try not to care about your appearance. Besides that, I think to always hold on to that sense of childhood wonder, that excitement. I always try to make sure I remember to put that back into my work, to remember that from doing it because I love it, and it’s not just a job, and doing it for play. As an artist, I think it’s incredibly important to hold on to the fearlessness that you have as a child. It helps you take risks in your art.”

In honor of International Women’s Day this week, we are posting quotes from our latest Creative New York interview with Petra Collins, highlighting important issues relating to body image, openness and collaboration, and health care access as an artist. Read the entire interview at

Join us on 3/18 for PopRally’s Petra Collins: In Search of Us, an evening of performance, music, and digital art conceived and developed by Collins and artist Madelyne Beckles. Tickets and more info at

[Portrait of Petra Collins by Nguan]