The Empire State Building Pays Homage To Endangered Species & Honors Cecil The Lion

When the majestic lion Cecil was killed by an American dentist, Walter Palmer, on the outskirts of the Zimbabwe national park Hwange, a worldwide outpour of outrage was immediately ignited. 

The devastating act coincidentally drew attention to animal rights, conservation and the protection of endangered creatures. To bring focus and honor the loss of endangered animals, the Empire State Building lit up the New York City skyline with a reminder of stunning images of 160 different threatened species for three hours. 

To light up the monumental New York skyscraper a total of 40 projectors were used to remind humanity of the impact and danger inflicted on nature. Organized by the Oceanic Preservation Society and the filmmakers of “Racing Extinction,” the project revolves an upcoming documentary, which will discuss the impact of society on endangered animals.

Among the list of insects, sea creatures, mammals, and birds, Cecil the lion was featured. 


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