u know it hasnt really settled in that im on a fucking netflix original series. it wont hit me until it comes out and i see my face on my tv. all those months preparing and filming and living the dream in new york city dont feel real. im sitting in my underwear eating pasta and running a fan blog.
god save my soul


Ready to GO?

Tickets are up for Café PokéStop! Check out the ticket link here to buy! We are considering at-the-door ticket sales for another floor of the cafe, but only based on interest after these tickets sell out!

Want to staff the cafe? Check out our Cosplay Wait Staff auditions, due August 10:

What is Café PokéStop? Café PokéStop is a one-day, pop-up cafe by fans and for fans at Hanamizuki Cafe in NYC, where guests can catch ‘em all, meet new friends, and be served themed food and drink by character staff! Goodies are abound, and a conveniently placed PokéStop nearby will be lured all day, courtesy of CosCafe NYC! Check it out, bring some friends, and take a pit stop before you continue onto your journey to be the very best!